University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the July 21, 2009 Meeting

Boyle, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gardner, Gaunt, Goodman, Puniello, Sewell, Winston
Videoconferenced: Cvetkovic, Golden

University Librarian's Report Gaunt

Gaunt welcomed Caroline Caviness, RU/SCILS intern who is doing her rotation in Administration, and Judy Gardner, Deputy Faculty Coordinator.

University Update: Administration is putting together a faculty handbook for tenure track faculty to the university, giving an overview of the university; will check to make sure it's all three campuses.

Gaunt completed two workshops: Promotion/Reappointment and Promotion to Librarian I. To eliminate the paper process and make it easier for the university's Promotion Review Committee, the university is moving to an electronic process beginning this year. Rich Tedesco, Institutional Research, and Rhonda Marker talked about we can use the faculty survey and RUCore to create the electronic promotion packet. By completing the faculty survey you can automatically produce a form 1-L for the packet, and if you put your publications in RUCore it will automatically link to them from the faculty survey and on the digital version of the form 1-L. The faculty survey will also produce your CV in a customizable format. Marker and Tedesco agreed to help new faculty put their information in both databases.

Gaunt also reviewed some of the questions that arose at the workshops. Guidelines for the workshops will be revised to address these questions, and Gaunt will discuss the consultation appropriate with unit directors and the tenured faculty when candidates are considered for promotion and tenure.

The Diversity Education Summer Video Series is well received; Dr. Edward Ramsamy, Associate Professor, Department of Africana Studies, and Member of Graduate Faculties of Geography, Urban Planning and Policy Development will facilitate a discussion of the program's content following each of the three video presentations on the topic of "Race and the Power of Illusion."

Fredenburg noted that information will be forthcoming on family leave (FMLA) workshops in August; supervisors are encouraged to attend.

Marlie Wasserman was quoted in a recent issue of the Chronicle about a Mellon grant to investigate a digital platform for university press electronic publications in collaboration with several other university presses. The Libraries have offered to assist as needed.

Puniello is managing the carpet project in Alexander and Kilmer Libraries being funded by Facilities; new OSHA regulations are complicating things; want to thank everybody in Alexander and Kilmer buildings for bearing with work and disruption involved.

Golden noted that new shelving will be installed at Robeson in September; Next fall the student computer lab will be expanded to about 180 computers.

Budget Update - Gaunt

Have not received any news from the University on the budget; the university is working with the unions. There is a 3% cap on tuition.

Gaunt discussed with Cabinet recruitment priorities based on an unknown budget. It was decided to move ahead with the access Services librarian in Newark and the music and performing arts librarian in New Brunswick regardless of the budget and make adjustments as needed. We have identified frozen positions to meet our reduction targets and we don't believe they will be any higher than planned; will hold off on recruitment of other positions until we know more about our budget cut.

Discussion of Recommendation for Guiding Principles, Priorities and Functions for Organizational Review Agnew, Fredenburg, Goodman, Winston

Committee reviewed their charge with Cabinet that resulted from a recommendation in the cost savings and efficiencies task force to examine positions and units with the view to provide efficiencies and cost savings through process changes, staffing realignments, or reorganization in line with our strategic plan. The group met three times from late May through June. They discussed review processes used at other places and isolated guiding principles for themselves and the review processes. They extracted priorities for workflow analyses comprising the review process. They met with Gaunt who counseled them to focus only on those areas or functions within the libraries which are not currently engaged in self study and analysis. They identified nine general areas and identified stakeholders who would participate in the process. The last step was to develop steps for the review process for the nine areas. They recommended selection of a steering committee which would coordinate the nine reviews, and reviews with recommendations would be made by December 31, 2009. Following Cabinet discussion, it was agreed that we should start with a smaller number of areas (3-4) and proceed through the list based on priorities. Cabinet members were asked to prioritize the complete list and we would compile rankings. Descriptions of the areas and rankings were requested within 2 weeks. Nominations for the steering committee should be sent directly to Gaunt. Cabinet agreed that Gardner and Cvetkovic would be included on the Steering Committee. Gaunt thanked the team for coming up with the process and the guidelines.

Travel Policies Gaunt

Gaunt discussed with Cabinet the travel policy memos sent from Executive VP Furmanski. Any travel that was taken last fiscal year to be reimbursed this fiscal can be paid out of state funds; all receipts must be received within 30 days of taking the trip; the only other travel that can be paid from state funds is New Jersey travel; the university will not reimburse any overnight travel within the state; there is no reimbursement for meals associated with travel in state. All other travel must be paid from non-state funds. The university is proposing travel guidelines to the state for the university and there may be some adjustments made. The challenge for the Libraries is that allocations made for this year's budget have used state funds. We will be able to cover this amount of travel from non- state funds, but it will make all other travel more difficult as there may be very limited non-state, non-restricted funds this year, as $250K of unrestricted funding is going to collections.

Goals Update Boyle

Boyle reviewed with Cabinet the updated copies of the action plan 2009/10 with the themes of focus and integration, our definitions for action plan elements, and the CSETF decision workbook that had been placed on the Cabinet Sakai site. By August 30, action grids should be filled in with goals for the year. Cabinet members are responsible for input from the groups reporting to them for the items they think appropriate. Boyle will make lists of groups obvious to pursue the items. Not every area of activity needs to be included on the grid; consult with Boyle if you have questions.

Collections Update - Sewell

Sewell reviewed with Cabinet 2009 collection highlights, 2010 collections budget information, 2009 expenditures and 2010 allocations for the three campuses, and 2009 one-time database purchases.


Puniello: The merging of the Media Department at Kilmer with the Music Media Department at Douglass is being planned; construction should start in October; move will take place in December.

Agnew: Chris Sterback provided a list of the overlap between the physics, chemistry, and LSM collections; the study is in preparation for planning an eventual consolidation of those libraries into LSM.

Next meeting August 11, 2009

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