University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the October 20, 2009 Meeting

Agnew, Cvetkovic, Fetzer, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gardner, Gaunt, Puniello, Sewell
Videoconferenced: Golden, Winston

University Librarian's Report Gaunt

Gaunt briefly reported on the October ARL Board and Membership Meeting and the fall forum "An Age of Discovery: Distinctive Collections in the Digital Age" that Gaunt, Ron Becker and Ed Berger attended. Gaunt will do a later debrief on the ARL meeting and a brown bag lunch on the fall forum.

A new letter of support for the Federal Research Public Access Act (S.1373) has begun to circulate for signature by presidents and provosts of U.S. research and academic institutions. President McCormick and Executive Vice President Furmanski agreed to sign and invite others to sign.

Rutgers Against Hunger (RAH) Adopt a Family Program - Fredenburg

The response for the university-wide program has been enthusiastic; all the available families have been taken and there is now a waitlist for those interested. Following the discussion at the last Cabinet meeting, Georgina Alonzo adopted three families; we will get information about the family members, ages, sex, etc. The support is for more than just food. The administrative suite will adopt a family; TAS has a family, and the third will be determined later. Please let Fredenburg know if your unit is interested.

Budget Update Gaunt/Fredenburg

Gaunt thanked everyone for getting their scenarios to her on the additional apportionment of the budget reduction. The November 1 document will build on the document sent to Furmanski in April which planned for a reduction of $1.7 million. The number of positions affected, budget breakdown, and impact are similar for a single year reduction. We will keep the original positions identified and just add the others if units have identified them for their additional cuts. Other frozen positions are free for recruitment. When we know more information about next years budget we may have to change our scenario. The prime purpose of the document is to identify the number of positions that may be lost and the impact. Gaunt will share the letter with Cabinet for final review before it is sent to Executive VP Furmanski. For this year, units will be given back 40% of the salary savings on the lines that will be frozen for return next year. Hendrickson will give each unit their figures.

Everyone's reclassification requests have been received; the formal application for reclassification should be sent to the Libraries' HR office so they can be reviewed here before they are sent to University HR for approval. If the justifications do not support the requests, they will not be approved.

Diversity Plan Fredenburg/Winston

Fredenburg brought to Cabinet's attention the November 5 workshop for deans, department chairs, and members of faculty search committees on "Building the Faculty for the 21st Century." The email invitation from President McCormick will be sent to Library faculty; all are encouraged to attend.

Cabinet had been given two documents for review the diversity plan developed for the libraries and the draft document for deans and department chairs compiled by the diversity council of which Winston is a member. The University handbook is substantial and has several recommendations about how a search committee should evaluate candidates, assess the position, be aware of personal biases, increase the candidate pool through networking and outreach, and how to make sure the environment the individual comes to is welcoming.

In developing the libraries' diversity plan, general goals were chosen, and we hope to have continuity from year to year. Cabinet agreed that the libraries' diversity plan is appropriate and that the university's document should be cross-referenced in the libraries' document as a resource, and linked on the web page from our document. It will become part of the Libraries' action plan and organizational goals.

AUL for RIS Position Discussion Gaunt/Fetzer

Reviewed the academic position profile, the document prepared by the New Brunswick Libraries Faculty on "Leadership for NBL: Needs and Requirements," and a document prepared by Gaunt that distinguishes system-wide responsibilities and local responsibilities for user services. The size of the unit and scope of responsibilities might require more than one person's attention. It was agreed that we want to fill the position as soon as possible. Would like for Fetzer and Gardner to use this interim time as an opportunity to reflect on how the organization is working; should work together to make the position as functional as possible. Fredenburg will gather information on structures at other institutions related to an AUL for public services, and if there is a campus director on the main campus of any of our peer libraries in multi-campus universities. We also need to consider how our users understand the organization. How do we connect directors in Camden and Newark to the processes and committees that exist when their staff are affected by decisions made in committees? The AULs are on the councils and need to be in communication with directors about their issues and concerns, represent them in appropriate forums, and ensure that decision making processes within and beyond the councils represent direct involvement of the campus directors. The position also needs to be understood by candidates. Discussion will continue at future Cabinet meetings.


Cvetkovic thanked everyone for participating in NJLA snapshot day; would suggest that for next year, we start planning a way to capture online statistics.

Sewell announced that the Scholarly Communication Symposium went very well over 100 people attended; have about 26 evaluation forms that will give us direction on how we want to proceed with scholarly communication. We should do a debriefing at the Libraries' faculty meeting.

Agnew noted that commercial videos have been placed in NJVid; next week Agnew will participate in a review of the National Science Digital Library.

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