University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the January 12, 2010 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fetzer, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gardner, Gaunt, Golden, Puniello, Sewell
Videoconferenced: Cvetkovic, Winston
Tara McDonnell

University Librarian's Report Gaunt

Gaunt attended the VALE Users' Conference on January 8; the conference gets better every year. There were several poster and break-out sessions by Libraries' faculty and staff; Boyle had a poster session on Library Satisfaction Surveys at RUL; Agnew had a breakout session. The breakouts were very good; there was interesting information in reports or research related to assessment. The conference is to be commended as a way of networking with colleagues.

SCI is submitting two IMLS grants that the Libraries will partner on; one is on the role of libraries in civic engagement on which Gaunt will serve as co-PI with Jorge Schement. This grant will enable us to test tools developed by the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation to become more deeply and authentically engaged with our communities. Our role will be to test these tools in the academic library community. The several public libraries participating will test the tools with their communities. Should this funding become available, the Libraries might better engage the faculty on the issues surrounding the changing scholarly communication environment.

We are a participating member in the second IMLS grant, which is focused on developing a curriculum for leadership in the 21st century digital library environment. Our part is to provide one of several places where students would have internships over the summer to gain hands-on experience.

Agnew is working on a third IMLS grant; Linda Langschied is the PI and Agnew and Boyle are co-PIs. This is a research grant applying ethnographic research to the participants in the NJDH to better understand their beliefs in collecting research and how to integrate digitization into their work flow. Jane Otto and Isaiah Beard are involved in the work flow analysis and they will be asking for two full-time GAs.

Mid-Year reports are due to Gaunt by March 1; think of them as a precursor to annual reports. Use the same format as the annual reports, but narrative can be brief or use bullets. Boyle reminded Cabinet that the mid-year column in the action grid also needs to be completed; working toward a calendar so we don't have to send out any announcements.

Gaunt will be meeting with Executive VP Furmanski on Thursday for a planning discussion for the year. The main topic is to develop a budget framework that is more transparent and predictive and that is similar to the all-funds budgeting approach of the academic units, but that fits the non-revenue generating operations. Such a framework might include enrollment, tuition, grants, and the computer fee.

Boyle posted on Sakai the "Horizon Report 2010 Preview," which looks at new trends, challenges, and what is happening that will affect higher education and the libraries. The future is the constant demand for all things digital, and we need to think about the implication for us. We may want to do more with pilot projects as well as follow what is being done by our peers.

The ALA mid-winter session has many interesting programs and many librarians will be attending. We will follow up with a debriefing.

Winston noted that Newark will be receiving the final reports and recommendations from the American Council on Education project on the campus. There will be a report on the library.

VALE presented its request to the Presidents' Council Executive Committee at their meeting on December 14 asking for their endorsement to incorporate as a 501C3. They decided to set up a task force, of which Gaunt is a member, to make a recommendation to the full Council.

Review of Campaign Literature McDonnell

McDonnell distributed the latest campaign literature packet that highlights the things the libraries have identified for the capital campaign. The packet is designed to be flexible within the university and to potential donors' interests; each development officer uses the basic folder; the front slip and cards are unique to each unit. As new things arise, new cards can be printed and existing cards changed. McDonnell welcomes any feedback and is available to attend meetings to discuss the campaign and how to coordinate areas and identify ideas. Cabinet discussed with McDonnell using collections as a test for working on our marketing and outreach efforts, and then moving on to other areas; Agnew will bring it up at LRC. The campaign is looking to launch the public phase in fall 2010. Gaunt noted that we did better this year with fundraising; we are up $100K in cash gifts. The co-chairs of the campaign are confident that Rutgers can reach the billion dollar mark in the campaign. McDonnell will update Cabinet at a future meeting.

Update on the Organizational Review Process Winston

Winston gave an update on the three areas for review: reference services, grants, and document delivery services. The groups have been active in terms of research, interviewing, and consulting. The grants review team queried those who have applied and received grants over the last three years; the reference review team is active; expect to have their report later this week. Materials delivery will have its report by the end of January. Choosing only three groups on which to focus had a two-fold purpose: to gather information about the processes used in each area and to develop the whole process to conduct a review. The goal is not a comprehensive review but one that looks for cost savings and efficiencies. Agnew hopes that there will be an opportunity to give comments on issues that weren't covered in certain areas. In terms of interviewing, Winston brought up the point that those interviewing need to be certified to conduct human research. Based on the comments given, Fredenburg noted that Cabinet needs to think about the training given to people doing the process review and the independence that each group has; there are times when groups need more structure and more of a template to work from. After the steering committee meets to discuss the final reports, Winston will give another update to Cabinet.

Diversity Recruitment Gaunt/Fredenburg

Cabinet reviewed the draft charge to the Task Force on Diversity Recruitment Plan that was posted on Sakai. The task force will be charged with developing a five-year plan to increase the diversity of the faculty and staff of the Rutgers University Libraries. It is a follow-up to President McCormick's diversity initiative, and a recommendation in the Libraries' Diversity Plan. The task force will be charged to look specifically at what we are now doing in our processes so we might enhance recruitment. The task force should consult any existing documentation on library processes, diversity statistics of the university and nationally, and any other materials as necessary. The composition of the group would consist of a member from the Appointments and Promotion Committee, the Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee, the Planning and Coordinating Committee, the Chair of the Diversity Committee, the Interim Deputy Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services, and the Director for Administrative Services. Winston had questions on the composition and the target of opportunity proposal, which he understood was approved. Gaunt noted that the target of opportunity is but one way to increase library diversity, and identifies someone for a particular need. Cabinet has already been asked to identify people for target of opportunity positions, for which we hope to have a plan for three hires over three years. The task force will look at how we think more broadly about bringing in a more diverse pool of candidates in every area. Having the Director of Administrative Services on the task force would ensure that we mesh into the process a way of making sure the translatable skills are noted in the position description so that we can get a more diverse pool, and addresses the concern raised that the committee might not be able to understand the language needed for unique position descriptions. Gaunt noted that we are looking for ways to increase, not narrow, our candidate pools. Fredenburg noted that recruitment is an administrative effort; the task force should engage the faculty in the recruitment process. Golden noted that we all have roles in outreach need to ask colleagues to nominate people or talk to people they know. Boyle indicated that while the representation looks good, it might be a good idea to have the immediate past chairs serve. Gaunt will make all the necessary changes in the draft charge and move forward to the establishment of the task force with the comments given.

Library Contracts and Licenses Boyle/Fredenburg/Gaunt

Cabinet reviewed the discussion outline on contracts and licenses that was posted on Sakai. We need to regularize a process that make it easier for people signing licenses or contracts to have a general template where appropriate, to know who has authority to sign off, and where the final copies are kept. This is also an educational process and many cases, especially with digital projects, may be unique. We will start with three areas licensed resources, art loans, and digitization of collections that the Libraries own. Gaunt has asked Boyle and Fredenburg to spearhead this process and to involve small teams for each area that include those who are most involved and knowledgeable about the work in each of the areas; if you would like to be involved in certain areas, let them know. This is being done in part because of the university's audit. We need to demonstrate that we have appropriate processes in place to ensure good stewardship of our resources. Golden thinks it's a very good idea to have the contracts and licenses in one place where anybody in the library can find them, and we may want a sunshine review, possibly every three years, so that we know we're current; replace what we need to replace; take out what's no longer relevant.



Beginning Friday, Cvetkovic, Golden, Anderson and Gibson are entering a McArthur advanced collaboration grant to develop a game using LittleBigPlanet for high schools; if we are successful, will use it as stepping stone for the next grant to develop something at high schools as a way to teach bibliographic instruction in a gaming mode.

Compact shelving project is in phase II; will get final training Thursday. We have an architect scouring the first floor to determine if we can redevelop it to make it more open. All OIT labs will be moved into Robeson as well as having comfortable seating for people using wireless.


This past year we hit 50,000 downloads with RUcore. Ejournals have exceeded 150,000 users. Will invite Boyle to a future meeting to start thinking about what statistics we should be keeping. In recognizing downloads, we are talking to Glazer; time to start marketing RUcore more than we have.


The CSC hopes to finish the RUcore brochure this month.

Contract negotiations with major STM vendors continue.


Following the recent Cabinet presentation and discussion and Cvetkovic's recommendation, Boyle and Gaunt reviewed the Counting Opinions reports. They picked one of the small libraries that had small number of responses to look at the reports to see what kind of rubrics we might use to bring our satisfaction forward. Need to do a little bit of comments recoding and then will produce a report for each library and area. Boyle will attend a Counting Opinions workshop and user group meeting at ALA. Boyle and Alonzo are working on a marketing campaign with Glazer and Puniello for the spring; will produce the reports again at the end of the semester and start looking at other modules for entering statistics and reviewing comparables.


Michelle Oswell, the Music/Performing Arts Librarian, was introduced at the New Brunswick holiday party on Monday. She is being introduced at a reception at Douglass Library this morning.

The media move is progressing.

Next meeting: January 26, 2010 in Newark.

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