University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the March 9, 2010 Meeting

Agnew, Fetzer, Fultz, Gardner, Gaunt, Puniello, Sewell
Videoconferenced: Cvetkovic, Winston
Boyle, Fredenburg, Golden
Anne Butman

University Librarian's Report Gaunt

Boyle, Fredenburg, and Winston revised the retreat outline based on Cabinet feedback and it is now on Sakai. They are taking it to at least one, if not more, potential facilitators and getting some indication of the timing; would suggest you look at the outline; if you have questions, comments or issues, please send to the group. The retreat is focused on team building, leadership, and communication. As soon as we have a facilitator and times, we will get back to you; plan to make the time available.

Update from Deans Council: An Academic Leadership Program is being scheduled to consider Workplace Violence, Emergency Management and the role of department chairs and deans especially as such incidents are occurring on university campuses. Presenters will include Jay Kohl, Vice President for Administration and Public Safety, Kenneth Cop, Captain, Rutgers University Police Department, Dr. Kathleen Gaioni, Director of Occupational Health, Vivian Fernandez, Vice President for Faculty and Staff Resources and Jim Breeding, Director of Risk Management and Insurance. The program will provide guidance on issues you need to consider and institutional resources to assist you when dealing with particularly challenging issues.

The Information Literacy Planning Task Force, under the chairpersonship of Triveni Kuchi, has been making progress on an environmental scan in anticipation of developing an information literacy plan with the teaching faculty. The task force is looking at other a few other large universities' plans, including NJIT, whose senate has already passed an information literacy requirement, at identifying groups or committees at the university with whom we might partner in developing a plan, and at what types of assessment is being done by our librarians. The three campuses would be treated separately based on how curricular changes are implemented but the overall plan would be similar.

Gaunt asked Cabinet to review the university's draft contract signatory authority policy that was recently developed; it will be placed on a future Cabinet agenda. The policy is to clarify responsibility for the signing of contracts within the university and to document what is happening in each unit. Boyle and Fredenburg are doing initial work on a signatory policy.

Gaunt reviewed the "Diversifying Revenues" PowerPoint presented by Executive Vice President Furmanski at the Administrative Council meeting. The university can't depend solely on state appropriations and tuition to do academic planning or support university aspirations. The deans and Vice Presidents have to take a major role in bringing in resources. The presentation focused on where university revenues come from and major opportunities for revenue enhancement better manage and strategically enhance enrollments, grow new markets, increase external funding for research and student support, increase corporate and foundation support, increase fundraising, asset development, control costs, and maximize state support while recognizing limitations of this revenue source. Ideas from other universities and from units diversifying resources were noted. This will be placed on a future Cabinet agenda.

Gaunt will follow up with Cabinet and others who need to respond to the Cost Savings & Efficiencies Task Force grid; a number of things indicate further study is needed, and we want to make sure the final plans are there.

Zimbra Integrated Email/Calendaring Solution Agnew/Butman

Agnew explained to Cabinet that the impetus for looking at a new calendaring solution was better efficiency for scheduling meetings, calendars that don't interface with each other and have poor syncing to handhelds, competing needs for programming issues, and the need to update BookRoom. The biggest push was that many of us were on RULink and the university is moving to a new product. PCWG investigated a number of options leave calendaring to individuals/departments, move to external third party solution, such as Yahoo, Google, etc., host open source Zimbra for RUL, and migrate to Zimbra with RUL. Anne Butman is the leader in that initiative, and noted that several criteria were considered: public, internal, and events calendars; the ability to link room reservations to events, share calendars, poll for meetings, access via web interface, synch to PDA or phone, send automatic reminders, schedule multiple scenarios, import calendars from other systems, and support collaborative calendaring. It was decided that the OIT Zimbra Suite was the preferred software. The cost, which includes 24/7 tier 1 support would be $9,000 for the first year, and $3,000 thereafter. Before making a final decision on a system, the recommendation was made that Cabinet and others who would use the system heavily should have a chance to experiment with the product, followed by a demo where questions and issues could be discussed. Butman will follow through with arranging for Cabinet to experiment with the Zimbra suite and look into scheduling a demonstration of the product for a larger audience at a later date. Gaunt thanked Anne for her efforts.

Description of Instructional Technology Development Librarian Target of Opportunity Position Golden

In Golden's absence, Cvetkovic reviewed with Cabinet the revised position description for the instructional technology development librarian target of opportunity position. Following the discussion, it was recommended that the position title should be changed to reflect more clearly that this is a faculty position and not a technical position; the description should be shorter and at a higher level with less specific details on implementation; while the individual may do outreach or civic engagement , that is not the focus of the position and should be eliminated in the description; language that reflects a research-based position with a knowledge domain of information seeking, user behavior, or instruction/learning should be used; a statement on leadership role should be incorporated; and qualifications added. Gaunt and Fultz will document the comments and recommendations from the meeting and the team will revise the description as soon as possible. When the descriptions are ready, Gaunt will discuss the target of opportunity positions with Executive Vice President Furmanski.

University DRAFT Policy on Communications and Relations with the News Media Gaunt/Puniello

Cabinet reviewed the draft policy on Communications and Relations with the News Media that was distributed at Administrative Council meeting. In asking for deans' feedback, Kim Manning indicated that the policy codifies what the office of media relations is doing right now, and updates the things they think are important. Gaunt asked Glazer to review, and he had clarification issues related to timeliness of information directed to OMR, university spokespersons, and news releases. Gaunt asked Cabinet if there are areas in the policy where they need clarification or disagree; or areas that might require us to develop a library process. Any questions or comments should be sent to Gaunt; she will follow up with OMR.


Gaunt Nicholas A. Basbanes, the nation's leading authority on books about books, will give the twenty-fifth annual Louis Faugeres Bishop III Lecture. Entitled "Among the Gently Mad: Continuing Adventures Among Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and Book People of Every Persuasion," the lecture will be held Thursday, March 11, at 5:00 p.m. in The Lecture Hall, Alexander Library.

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