University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the June 22, 2010 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Cvetkovic, Fetzer, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Gardner, Puniello, Sewell, Winston
Mary Beth Weber; Haipeng Li, Li Sun, Ms. Zhuo Li, Mr. Daoyao Zhang, Mr. Zheng Wu, Ms. Yue Wu

Central Technical Services Reorganization Agnew/Mary Beth Weber

Agnew and Weber discussed changes within Central Technical Services that will streamline processes and introduce efficiencies. In particular, these changes will integrate acquisitions and cataloging more efficiently for a streamlined workflow, particularly to reflect the increasingly digital nature of the acquired resources and to ensure that all departments are engaged in both traditional and emerging digital workflows. Jane Otto's responsibilities have been revised to enable her to incorporate the ordering and cataloging of media resources for the Institute of Jazz Studies into the mainstream. She is also integrating the contents of IJS' Access database into IRIS. Staff have been reassigned within the department; the first stage has taken place. A staff member from Acquisitions has been assigned to Melissa De Fino and will assist her with the ordering and cataloging of e-books. Melissa will continue to catalog materials for Special Collections and University Archives. Another staff member has been reassigned to Carla Zimmerman and will handle the cataloging of electronic theses and dissertations and any remaining print theses and dissertations. Carla's section will also handle the cataloging of cartographic resources (maps and atlases). Lastly, a staff member from the Acquisitions Section will report to Fay Austin, who is the head of the Monographs Cataloging Section. Fay's section will have oversight for the backlog of newly purchased monographs. In addition, Elizabeth Leister's section will catalog Federal documents in addition to serials. Weber noted that she has not yet made this announcement beyond her department since staff are in the process of moving and she wants to provide contact information when the moves are finalized.

Agnew and Weber also discussed streamlining cataloging to incorporate full cataloging at point of need (first checkout), more efficient and cost effective use of OCLC, and testing use of the OCLC Gov Doc service, which is offered at no cost, for managing government documents cataloging. CTS will also use a new methodology for original cataloging that will result in increased credits for cataloging to offset OCLC costs.

Area Budget Plans: Access Services Gardner

Access Services has been impacted by the loss of additional permanent staff lines, a further reduction in part-time employee voucher budgets, no summer work study students, an anticipated reduction in work study allocations in the fall, and loss of the statewide services grant for interlibrary loan.

On the New Brunswick campus, permanent staff are closing ranks as responsibility for core services, such as article delivery and Rapid ILL, have been reassigned; staff have assumed additional part-time employee duties, for example welcome desk shifts and shelving; and finally, projects, such as collection shifts and Annex holdings, have slowed or ceased.

Voucher funds have been budgeted for hours' priorities: maintaining the 2 a.m. Sunday-Thursday closings for Kilmer and Douglass and expanded weekend hours at LSM and Alex that were requested by students and introduced last spring, and maintaining expanded hours for the Media Center and Fordham Lab. As a result, a reduction in branch library hours has been proposed for fall, including Saturday and Sunday closing for Chemistry and Physics; Saturday closing and later Sunday opening for SERC, Chang, Math, and Art.

Systemwide, the goal of planning for elimination of electronic reserves has been fast-tracked and assigned to the Reserves Group where staff have started to study experiences at Univ. of Michigan and Arizona and anticipate the earliest possible implementation date to be Spring 2011. Interlibrary Loan Services lost a line when the statewide services grant was not renewed, and we are waiting to learn about the future of ILL in New Jersey (JerseyCat, CD&L delivery) before planning for coverage, which may involve reassigning staff. The statewide services grant also covered part-time employees in ILS and Shipping who performed routine processing tasks, and a small supplies budget that provided packing supplies to all campuses. Preparing delinquent library accounts for the Delinquent Accounts office may slow or cease. And we are looking to reorganize the staff functional working groups for greater efficiency.

Good news is the article delivery service will be maintained, PALCI's new Relais system will be introduced in the fall, five new public scanners will be in place at Alexander, LSM, Dana, Robeson, and Art by the fall, and a new self-check machine is operational at Alexander.

Organizational Review Report: Summary Recommendations Winston

Winston led a discussion of the final report of the Organizational Review Steering Committee. The final report related to an analysis of the process that we used in the review of the three areas of Reference Services, Materials Delivery, and Grants Processes. At an upcoming Cabinet Meeting, the content of the individual review team reports of the three areas will be discussed. The process that was undertaken in this first round of review worked well in a number of ways. However, recommendations relate to the assistance that the Steering Committee can provide to the review teams and the time allotted for the review process. In addition, discussion of the next areas to be reviewed will be considered at an upcoming Cabinet meeting, as well.

Meeting with Chinese Librarians from IMLS Haipeng Li/Li Sun

As part of the Think Globally, Act Globally program a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library IMLS grant project partnered with the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) twenty-one library directors from various Chinese libraries are participating in the Professional Development Program in the US from June 14-July 2, 2010. Librarians visited the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library and then split into small groups to visit their hosting libraries over the U.S. This program will end with ALA annual conference in Washington, DC. These librarians focus on US academic library's systems and digitization processes. Haipeng Li, Chair of the ALA International Relations Committee/East Asia and Pacific Subcommittee, along with Li Sun, Myoung Wilson and Tao Yang were the planning committee that hosted four librarians at Rutgers. As part of the visit to Rutgers Libraries, the librarians met with Cabinet and learned about each Cabinet member's role and responsibilities.

University Librarian's Report Gaunt

Gaunt reminded Cabinet that they can send brief announcements of anything new in their areas that they want to communicate to the group at the time the call for the agenda is made or when the agenda is finalized. Anyone can ask to hear further details at the Cabinet meeting itself.

Annual Reports due September 6

Following the passing of Howard Dess, Gaunt noted that Cabinet members might consider a library-related gift in memory of staff members who are deceased. As in Howard's case, the family had ideas for memorial gifts, and we added contributing to the chemistry fund in Howard's memory as well. In cases where family members have specific ideas, we will honor those. The LSM librarians are planning a memorial service for Howard, but we don't have the details yet.

The de Chavez family has chosen to honor the memory of their son who was a Rutgers graduate with a naming opportunity at the Kilmer Library.

An article in today's Star Ledger indicates a state budget decision may be close, possibly signed by Wednesday. Another article said that next year's budget will be equally bad.

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