University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the March 22, 2011 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fetzer, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gardner, Gaunt, Golden, Izbicki, Niessen, Puniello, Winston (VC)

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Golden will be on leave July 1-December 31, 2011. Vibiana Cvetkovic will be acting director of Robeson. Announcement will be made to RUL Everyone.

The governor will be establishing a five-member committee to investigate the organization of medical education in NJ as a follow-up to the “Task Force on Higher Education” report. This committee is expected to complete its work in early September, and the assumption is that their recommendations are likely to be implemented quickly. Since we do know that there is a recommendation in the Task Force's report about a merger of Robert Wood Johnson with Rutgers, we should be preparing to identify any concern/issues/ramifications of this merger related to library collections and services. Each Cabinet member should send me their reports no later than June 1 so we can apprise VP Furmanski related to any Library concerns. Boyle has already posted some information to our Sakai site; please review this before providing any additional comments.

Salary Savings: Hendrickson has spoken with each Cabinet member and given an indication of salary savings for the rest of the year. We will have year-end funds and will need to know soon what your equipment or renovation needs are that cannot be covered by your own funds in priority order. Please copy Puniello on any renovation requests so we can compile this as a separate list. We need them as soon as possible in the next two weeks, so we can see the overall implications.

Performance Appraisals: The message has gone out for everyone to complete their self assessments and self appraisals. We do not know the status of funding for salary increases, but the process of annual reviews will continue regardless. Should there be salary increases, the reviews will be the basis for awards. Fredenburg will provide more details in her agenda item.

Gaunt reported on a draft article by researchers at Cornell regarding institutional spending after direct instructional support that has a major impact on student retention and graduation rates. Some of these additional expenditures could be for student services, academic support (IT, libraries, museums, etc.) and research support. While libraries were grouped in academic support and not as a separate item, that category only registered as having a significant influence at institutions where the students came from a higher socio- economic status and had higher SAT scores. Investment in student services had the highest impact overall.

Pay for Performance and Staff Compensation Program – Fredenburg

Fredenburg noted that P4P resources are posted on the Sakai site, and include the calendar and timeline. The philosophy is that everyone is entitled to an annual appraisal; it's also an opportunity to thank employees for their hard work. Libraries' Human Resources will be holding an information session on March 31 that is open to supervisors and employees; let Fredenburg know if additional sessions should be added. Any questions should be referred to Libraries' Human Resources.

Fredenburg reminded Cabinet to make sure everyone completes the sexual harassment tutorial; many of our faculty and staff have done it; we will be getting a listing from University Human Resources of those who did not complete the tutorial.

Deed of Gift Template – Boyle/Izbicki

Cabinet discussed the Deed of Gift template that Boyle placed on the Sakai site for consideration; Boyle noted that the Deed of Gift template originated from the NJVid project, and it has been vetted by University Counsel. The template resides as a fillable form on the Libraries' staff pages under “Forms.” After discussion, Cabinet recommended that Boyle and Izbicki do some minor tweaking of the template; come up with a process, discuss drop-off gifts; and consider a standard thank you/receipt. Gaunt will sign all deeds of gifts as part of the signatory authority policy for the Libraries/University. Copies of Deeds of Gifts could be kept in the Development Office.

RUL Partnership with the Beth Mardutho Library – Izbicki/Tehrani

Beth Mardutho Research Library (BMRL), formerly known as “Syriac Institute,” was established in 1992 at the University of Cambridge. In 1996, it was registered as a non-profit corporation in New Jersey and is located in Piscataway. Today BMLR is internationally recognized as an important center for Syriac studies and related fields. It also publishes an international peer-reviewed journal, “Journal of Syriac Studies,” which features acknowledged authorities in the field of Syriac Studies. In summer of 2011, it will also publish the first encyclopedia of the Syriac heritage. BMLR holds over 11,000 printed volumes, in addition to manuscripts, and other archival material. This library, which is highly regarded by international scholars around the world, lacks proper cataloging. Thus, they are seeking collaboration between RUL and BMLR to make their collections more accessible generally and to RU researchers specifically. We have endorsements from several faculty in three departments that they would benefit from better access to these collections, which would enrich availability of Middle Eastern Studies collections to RU. Because this collection is part of a separate non-profit corporation that is not part of a larger institution we would have to consider carefully the kind of options that are viable. After much discussion it was agreed that a digitization project that focuses on the collections of BMRL of primary interest to Rutgers researchers could be made available digitally through RUCore, simultaneously providing cataloging and preservation for BMRL. This would allow both RU and Beth Mardutho to have specific portals for accessibility. This follows the NJDH model – we assist other institutions by demonstrating how to do the metadata and digitizing, and then we would ingest the digital copies in RUCore. Because this is not our collection, we cannot do fund raising, but would recommend sources for grant proposals to Beth Mardutho. Gaunt and Izbicki agreed to prepare a response to the director of the BMRL outlining this potential collaboration. Gaunt thanked Tehrani and Izbicki for bringing this potential collaboration to our attention for increasing support for Middle Eastern Studies at Rutgers.

Draft of the 2011 Standards for Libraries in Higher Education (ACRL) – Boyle

Boyle asked Cabinet to read the draft standards for discussion. She proposed that the Libraries ascribe to the principles, and select for future assessment a few that are congruent with our new strategic plan. The outcomes statements in the standards are excellent; the real challenge is what measures you use to determine the outcomes. People struggle more with measuring outcomes; but this could give us a jumping off point. The ACRL values report does have a toolkit; might be more information there. There was a good breakout session discussion at the VALE Users' Conference about the values report; there will be a statewide meeting of interested parties to discuss it. Gaunt noted that VP Furmanski has developed a matrix of university goals and outcomes and has identified units that contribute to these goals/outcomes; he has not yet developed measures for each. It will help with our strategic plan to think about how we'll measure outcomes. Would be worthwhile to actually try to work with the Grad School of Education to think about how we'd measure some of these, especially information literacy; how would we go about gathering data?


Agnew: The NJLA College and University Section (CUS) Technology Committee announced that the NJLA CUS/ACRL-NJ Technology Innovation Award winners for 2011 are the NJVid Commercial Video Collection Team, a multi-institutional statewide effort led by Sandra Miller, Co-Principal Investigator, NJVid IMLS Grant (William Paterson U.), Grace Agnew, Co-Principal Investigator, NJVid IMLS Grant (Rutgers U.), Sujay Daniel, NJVid Manager, NJEDge Senior Information System Architect, and Jane Hutchison, Chair, VALE Digital Media Committee (William Paterson U.).The NJVid Commercial Video Collection Team will demonstrate their project at the Technology Innovation Forum on Tuesday, May 3, at the NJLA Conference in Long Branch, NJ. They will be joined by this year's nominees for the Award, who will also demonstrate their individual projects.

Boyle: Copyright candidates coming on March 28 and April 4.

Izbicki: The search committee for the digital archivist position is meeting this week; have been calling the references for the strongest candidates, and will assess the results of those calls.

Fetzer: The search committee for the digital user services librarian position sent a recommendation forward, and an offer has been made.

We received good grades on the GPO public access assessment report; appended recommendations; would like to see us to continue to retrospectively catalog the remainder of the un-cataloged collection; we also need to add the GPO graphic to the Libraries' home page; it disappeared over time.

With Haiping Li's departure, the project he started in Newark to bring Chinese librarians to the University for a leadership program over the summer is being transferred to New Brunswick; anticipate bringing 17 or 18 library directors from China to Rutgers July 17-31. They would like to spend time at Rutgers visiting the Dana Library, the Newark Public Library, Princeton and Princeton public library. They will then do a tour of other libraries outside of NJ on their own. Tao Yang will spearhead the steering group. Will assess for the future following this visit.

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