University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the April 19, 2011 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fetzer, Fredenburg, Gardner, Gaunt, Golden (VC), Izbicki, Niessen, Puniello, Winston (VC)
Fernanda Perrone

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Gaunt reminder everyone that the year-end funds for equipment and renovations have been distributed to the units. Please encumber the funds as quickly as possible, and try to expend them before the end of the fiscal year. Allocations were made based on the specific requests, so if you do not plan to use them for the items requested, please contact Nancy Hendrickson.

The faculty recruitments are going very well, thanks to all those involved in the process giving this priority time on everyone’s schedules. We have completed the Science librarian at Dana and the Digital User Services librarian searches. Copyright/Licensing librarian is awaiting a recommendation, Digital Archivist has one more interview scheduled, AUL/RIS is receiving resumes now, and the Associate Director of Dana Library and the Head of Archival and Collection Services at Dana have been posted.

Gaunt encouraged everyone to attend the upcoming faculty meeting. There will be a discussion of the role of liaisons, an update on the strategic planning process, and an overview of the ACRL draft standards for libraries in higher education. The open forum will be a discussion with users on e-books.

Sara Harrington and Gaunt met with the director of the Zimmerli Museum to discuss potential collaborations and shared priorities. A number of areas were touched upon – collaborative grants, managing and cataloging collections, digitization, and related exhibitions, among others. We agreed to continue the dialog and to look for areas of mutual interest, some of which might include the museums in Newark and Camden.

Plans for the potential Camden Public Library branch to be located in the Robeson Library basement level and managed by the county are being discussed with the county for final agreement.

Gaunt discussed leadership development programs for librarians that may be of interest to RUL. Those already known vary by focus and level of participants. Cabinet agreed that professional development opportunities should be offered to RUL faculty and that a process for doing so should be developed. Gaunt agreed to develop a charge to the Planning/Coordinating Committee for an environmental scan of programs appropriate for RUL, and a process for applications that she will share with Cabinet.

Update on Materials Budget – Izbicki

Izbicki noted that the big-ticket purchase with year-end funds have gone forward. He distributed a chart of the status of non-state funds and spoke of the need to continue to expend these accounts. While many selectors save non-state funds as a hedge against the loss of state funds in a given year, Izbicki noted that it is difficult to make the case for additional collection funds when our current funds are not encumbered or spent. While continuing to do a major review of funds towards year-end, he plans to do mid-year reviews to even out the expenditures over the year. Agnew responded that this is a better workflow for those in acquisitions, and will avert backlogs for the many orders that come at the end of the year. He is also thinking that we might consider combining funds in similar endowment areas to make a large purchase that would not have been possible for a single fund. He plans to update the calendar related to expenditure dates and do training for selectors.

Strategic Plan Update – Boyle, Fredenburg

Boyle and Fredenburg updated Cabinet on the results of the first phase of our strategic planning process. Approximately 127 individuals participated in 11 focus group discussions related to the four future scenarios for the Libraries. They reviewed the outcomes for each scenario listing the attractive and non-attractive aspects of each as indicated by all of the groups. Also included were three general themes representing comments at the conclusion of a few of the focus groups when there was time remaining. Our next steps are from Cabinet to develop goals and priorities from this data and the strategic priorities of the university and to have faculty, staff, and key committees respond to these related to their activities and potential contributions. There was a brief discussion of how we might frame the high level goals from which annual goals would be determined thereafter. We agreed to hold debriefings on the scenario findings on each campus, accept responses, and move on to the goals and priorities. Boyle and Fredenburg thanked Marilyn Wilt for pulling the data together in the charts and graphs that were presented.

Milton Digital Exhibit – Agnew, Perrone

Agnew reviewed the RUcore exhibitions service/portal and described its goals and operations. She noted that it really at version 0.9. Version 1.0 will include a dynamic Drupal portal and improved metadata events. Version 2.0 will be user service that is readily available for use by faculty to support primarily image-based organization and re-use. She noted that nothing is hard coded so that it can be re-used in other contexts. Perrone noted that the digital exhibition was very successful, but we need a way to capture the stylistic parts of the exhibition, such as italics in the text. Gaunt stated that the digital exhibitions are to elevate exposure to our special collections in a context and should be created for any major physical exhibition to extend its life beyond the few months that it is mounted. These exhibitions can also be created solely as digital exhibitions when we do not have the time or space to mount a physical exhibition. Izbicki suggested that w might also consider such exhibitions in collaboration with other libraries. Agnew emphasized the event-based metadata which pulls objects together according to their relationship. She noted that this could also be extended to conference proceedings, and Jane Otto is currently working on conference metadata. What is needed is a process by which we can determine how to assemble a team to create a digital exhibition and who would be involved. Gaunt also noted that a digital exhibition is something for which we could raise funds and recognize the donor on the website. The funds could be used for part time assistance on creating the exhibition. It was agreed that this area should be a priority for the new digital archivist.

Grants Process Update - Fredenburg

Due to time constraints, this agenda item will be deferred until the next meeting.

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