University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the August 16, 2011 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Cvetkovic (VC), Fetzer, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Izbicki, Niessen, Puniello, Winston (VC)

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Gaunt thanked everyone for the annual reports and reminded Cabinet members to discuss the draft strategic plan goals with their units and articulate unit goals that would advance the strategic plan.

At a recent meeting with Exec VP Edwards Gaunt asked about budgets for next year. Budgets for all units would be adjusted for the lower tuition increase than had been expected. Edwards also noted that the state budget called for a reduction in line benefits to higher ed. The university is working on how this would be accomplished, so we may lose additional vacant lines but not the salary dollars.

The governor's committee examining how medical education is delivered across higher ed is expected to have its report completed in September, but it is unclear if the governor will make it publicly available immediately thereafter. He may wish to wait until he has an official response. The Libraries will provide an issue brief to Edwards outlining key points related to how a merger would affect the Libraries. While we will prepare a detailed document that would outline activities that we need to undertake, the report for Edwards will address context, organization, staff, collections, technology and services.

Outcomes metrics will be playing a larger role in how the university assesses its effectiveness. These refer primarily to undergraduate education and success and research impact. As the Libraries focus on our strategic plan, we should be thinking about how what we do has an impact in these two areas, and how we articulate the impact on students and faculty.

Gaunt noted the success of the visit of Chinese librarians from Jilin province and Jilin University for a visit last week. The tem that was coordinated by Tao Yang and Connie Wu involved all of our Chinese librarians and other librarians to present and overview of key areas of academic and public librarianship. The team will be conducting a de-brief to determine next steps in this collaboration. The University is encouraging all units to engage in international collaborations.

Communications Discussion - Fredenburg

This agenda items is tabled until next Cabinet meeting to include all members.

NJVid Presentation - Agnew, Otto, Sloan

The Libraries are a participant in the collaborative purchasing of video through VALE and the streaming of these videos through NJVID, a portal developed by Rutgers, William Paterson and NJEdge and hosted by NJEdge. NJVid hosts the commercial streaming video that is acquired by VALE libraries, as well as non-commercial videos contributed by others. Institutions can select to participate in one or both of the options. Rutgers is only participating in the commercial videos, which means we cannot contribute our non-commercial videos, but we do have access to those contributed by others.

Sloan demonstrated the site and Otto explained how the videos are processed and cataloged. Rutgers users can find the videos through our library catalog and link directly, or by going directly to the NJVid website. Sloan noted that we have a physical copy of all the videos for which we acquire streaming rights, but we may not purchase streaming rights for all videos we own because of the cost. She also noted that not all videos we acquire are accessed through NJVid. Some vendors handle streaming directly. The NJVid titles are primarily those for which vendors are unable to provide streaming from the source. She also noted that there are many government publications available by streaming.

Both Otto and Sloan discussed how demands for media is growing, and how the acquisition process is very different and complicated compared to other resources. We are unable to keep track of the order status in a public display because the activities that "trip" a change of status for streaming media are unique. All agreed that media is an area that requires our attention, so that we can coordinate acquisitions where possible across the three campuses, make processing changes as appropriate, and keep our users informed of how to find and use media.

Building Projects and Capital Bond Issue Update - Gaunt, Puniello

We are hopeful that there will be a capital bond issue for higher ed that would be voted on during the November presidential election. In preparation, all the colleges and universities are developing plans with their highest priorities. The Libraries have submitted our list that includes the unfinished floor of Dana and other renovations, the HVAC, roof and other external renovations at Robeson, an addition to LSM to accommodate branch libraries, and renovations in Kilmer, Douglass and the Art libraries; it is unlikely that all of these projects will make it to the final proposal.

In a related development, the university is funding either a new building or the renovation of an existing building to house the Records Management Program, which is coordinated through University Archives. When this is accomplished, much space in Alexander Library and the Annex will be freed for the use of Special Collections.

Puniello gave an overview of the many renovation projects that have taken place this year or are in various stages of completion. Almost all libraries have been touched by such activities. Much of this has been funded by the university or external resources, and have individual names associated with them, especially group study rooms. We expect that some of the renovations at Kilmer will be completed in early September to honor the De Chavez family's memorial to Jaycerell- the group study rooms and the seminar room. Other projects with OIT for the first floor computers at Kilmer are still in the works. The front patio at Alexander and the windows replacement should be competed before school begins again. The lobby floor will not be replaced until the January break. The cafe will open in early September, and additional offices in the SCC are almost completed. New carpeting has been installed at LSM, and a new door and painting has taken place at the Math Library. Plans have been competed for the moves at Douglass and work on the seminar room, offices, and collections shifts will begin in the Fall. Robeson Library is undergoing massive changes. The first floor renovations are almost done; the basement floor moves to accommodate the Camden Public Library are underway. The second floor renovations will begin once the others are completed.


Gaunt: the next Cabinet meeting will be on Tuesday, September 6. The meeting on September 13 is cancelled due to vacations and planned absences.

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