University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the November 15, 2011 Meeting

Boyle, Cvetkovic , Fetzer, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Izbicki, Niessen, Winston (VC), Womack
Agnew, Puniello

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Gaunt announced that the Rutgers University/Robert Wood Johnson merger discussions are now open; integration teams of University and UMDMJ faculty have been formed to discuss the key processes; a committee on Academic Affairs has been formed; the library issues are affiliated with this committee. They will be meeting every two weeks. Judy Cohn and Gaunt have been asked to identify the key areas of integrations, such as collections, access, catalog, HR/staffing, services, facilities, IT, and a communication plan. We have been asked to identify the issues, and make recommendations on what needs to be implemented (including timing and cost) by July 1. For their November 17 meeting, we will be providing an outline of the issues and recommendations on a general process to address those issues. Cohn and Gaunt will be meeting regularly as the committee desires bi-weekly progress reports. We will likely have subcommittees/teams to work on each aspect of the plan. The governor is planning to effect the merger through an executive order that will take effect July 1, 2012. The second report of his task force is due in mid-December.

Cvetkovic noted that in Camden the faculty are very concerned about the proposed merger of schools in south Jersey. The Camden Senate encouraged everyone to let Rutgers Board of Governors know that they wish to remain a part of Rutgers.

The deans were invited to speak with members of the Presidential search committee and conveyed the challenges of the position, why it would be of interest to a candidate, and what would be the ideal characteristics of a candidate.

Professional Development - Fredenburg

Fredenburg reported on three professional development programs she attended recently. A few weeks ago went to the New Jersey state chapter meeting of College and University Personnel Administrators (CUPA) meeting at Princeton University. There were good takeaways from that meeting dealing with recruitment resources and diversity training. She also attended a mid-Atlantic regional library residency meeting held at Towson University. Fredenburg posted a list of attendees on the Cabinet's Sakai site because both the institutional representatives as well as the residents themselves were so impressive. Rutgers' own resident Gideon Thompson couldn't attend this meeting but he sent a very thoughtful and analytical letter to read that discussed the practical aspects of library school education. Fredenburg also attended the TaIga 7 Forum in Baltimore. Discussion centered on competencies needed for libraries of the future.

Communications - Fredenburg

Cabinet engaged in an exercise which discussed principles already agreed upon and those still being considered. The centerpiece of the discussion was communications commitments Cabinet is willing to make, and if so, how the commitment should be implemented. Items discussed included open Cabinet meetings, role of Cabinet members sitting on various councils and committees, and communication flowing from councils and committees. This discussion will be continued at a future meeting. In the meantime, Fredenburg will provide information about communications initiatives at peer institutions.

Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives Review - Boyle

Boyle reviewed the proposed strategic goals and activities/projects that resulted from the Cabinet retreat and requests for contributions from the councils, CSC, and unit discussions. The five draft strategic goals were generally acceptable to everyone, and 93 strategic activities/projects have been proposed. She has started working on grouping similar activities/projects under each strategic goal. What she hopes for today is approval of the five goals and a process for considering the activities/projects. She has received details for many, though not all, of the proposed activities/projects and will be sharing those. Many of the details will be vetted in Phase IV of our strategic planning process. The possibility of prioritizing online was considered and determined to be premature. It was decided that Boyle, Fredenburg, and Izbicki would work on grouping similar activities/projects and distribute a revision to the group as soon as possible.

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