University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the January 10, 2012 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fetzer, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Izbicki, Niessen, Puniello, Thompson, Winston (VC), Womack

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Cvetkovic cannot make the meeting; will let you when we will get together to thank her.

Welcome to Gideon Thompson, our intern resident; this is his first meeting; he is doing a three-month rotation working with Gaunt, Boyle, Pilch, Fredenburg, Troy and Hendrickson; he will be attending several meetings with me.

Deans Council will meet next Monday.

The joint committee work related to implementation planning continues. The facilities committee toured Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and discussed the facilities. The committee came up with a lot of ideas; their report will be transmitted to university. One of the things that committee suggested is that we have a meeting with the RWJ/UMD librarians and faculty members from RWJ so they can talk to us about what they do. Conversely, we will do the same program for the RWJ staff.

Electronic records management has come up as an issue at the university; Paul Clemens, faculty member in the history department is concerned that a lot of the history of Rutgers may be lost because we no longer have print records; he is wondering whether anyone is saving email, where it is saved, and how anyone would find it; he has had discussions with the president and me. There is a records management policy at Rutgers; talked with Bernice Ginder and Don Smith to see if they are doing anything related to it. We will have a preliminary meeting on January 26; Izbicki, Radick, Boyle, Agnew, Dalina, Gorder, and Gideon will attend; have asked Gideon to take a look at our peer institutions and best practices erlated to electronic management programs. This is a fact finding discussion on what's out there; if it turns into something that would affect the entire university, we would expand involvement to Newark and Camden.

Received an email sent to the ARL directors updating them on the ARL LYRASIS licensing initiative; sent it to Izbicki. ARL has contracted with LYRASIS to act as its agent for a licensing initiative for ARL libraries; an ARL working group will advise LYRASIS; LYRASIS will negotiate on databases on behalf of ARL.

Nancy Kranich sent an email about a program being streamed this afternoon from from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM EST. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, other senior Obama Administration officials and civic education, government, business and philanthropy leaders will participate in a national convening at the White House - "For Democracy's Future: Education Reclaims Our Civic Mission." This event will bring together higher education and K-12 leaders as well as policymakers and stakeholders to discuss the importance of civic learning and engagement in democracy for the 21st century. The event is being live streamed at

Winston noted that the interim chancellor is in place; will be meeting soon. The cooling tower on the roof of Dana is being replaced.

Inclusion of a Data Mandate as Part of the Open Access Policy for Rutgers - Womack/Mullen

Womack noted that Senate has basically expressed interest in the issue of open access through the University Senate's research and graduate and professional education committee; Mullen and Otto involved in actually preparing open access policy for the university through that group, working on drafts; that was where this discussion item arose from; talking at VALE and the issue of whether data could be included in the potential Rutgers policy. This is the initial draft that will go through the Senate committees. In talking to Agnew, we realized we should bring to Cabinet for discussion; if goes in, implications for us, general policy is on the issue of open access, but essentially no other university has a policy that mentions data; we think if there's a chance to advance the awareness of this and also make data more available. The draft report will be finalized this Thursday and we will roll out to other groups.

Update on Personnel Issues Including Type 3 & 4 Employees - Fredenburg

Fredenburg reviewed with Cabinet the new Class 3 and Class 4 Employment policy that has been developed which recognizes the important role temporary positions play in fulfilling the casual, seasonal, and short term employment needs of the university. The new Class 3 and Class 4 Employment Policy, 60.1.5, will become effective January 1, 2012, and replaces the Type 4 Employment Policy, 60.1.5.

The new policy provides a centralized approval and monitoring mechanism to facilitate consistency in position and employee classification, and delineates three distinct temporary position categories:

The terms of the new policy will apply to new temporary employees hired as of January 1, 2012. All current Class 4 employees will be transitioned to the terms of the new policy in accordance with a phased implementation schedule. The schedule provides for a staggered implementation across four consecutive pay periods during the spring of 2012. This will allow sufficient time for departments to review rosters of current Class 4 employees, and work with their designated Human Resources representative in determining the appropriate transition options given individual departmental needs. The implementation will be initiated with a pilot group comprised of academic and administrative units, then rolled out to the University starting in January 2012.

Meetings with HR Liaisons were held to explain the policy roll-out, the new hire process, and the implementation timetable. UHR will also be conducting more detailed Information Sessions on the New Brunswick, Camden and Newark campuses to assist you with understanding the new policy and the transition process. In addition, during the upcoming weeks, a Human Resources representative will be scheduling individual meetings with your units to discuss the new policy, and to provide guidance regarding implementation questions specific to your area. We encourage you to register early for the information sessions.

The Class 3 and Class 4 Employees website has been created to provide departments with access to the policy, guidelines, project schedule, and registration for the Information Sessions, as well as other essential information and resources. If you have any questions, the HR consultants in New Brunswick, and the HR offices in Camden and Newark, are available to assist you.

Following the reports of the tragic events at Penn State and then Syracuse University, President McCormick asked the Department of Risk Management, the Division of Administration & Public Safety, and the Office of General Counsel to undertake a risk assessment and review what kind of procedures are in place and what training Rutgers provides as it relates to the area of reporting suspicions of child abuse or neglect.

These offices will be collecting information from all departments at the University that have staff who are involved in supervising, instructing, or otherwise serving minors (minors being defined as all those age 17 and under). These areas would include, but not be limited to:

In order to start this review, McCormick asked that we forward the e-mail message and Survey Template to the appropriate units in our areas with staff who regularly supervise minors in their programs. Please note that the survey is intended to capture information about programs run by Rutgers as well as those run by an outside entity in space rented at Rutgers. As explained in the e-mail message, we are asking your units to respond to the questions by entering their responses directly on the Survey Template. It is especially important to list the primary Rutgers contact person for each program.

Based on the information collected, in early 2012, McCormick will appoint a university-wide task force to review the risk assessment and make recommendations for improvement in order to ensure that we operate these important programs prudently and safely.

The new costs for benefits began on January 1, effective with the January 26 paycheck. One slight change is that dependents up to age 26 can be included on employees insurance; there was some question on that before.

Update on Strategic Plan - Boyle

Thank you everyone for all the work you did cleaning up our suggestions; have to give a shout out to USC who sent in a whole list of wonderful public services initiatives we could undertake; combined them and included on the long chart; today want to think about moving into Phase IV. Gaunt looked at it overnight and has corrections. She noted that Boyle did a terrific job pulling information together and getting it ready for Cabinet. Boyle noted that we are now in Phase IV of the strategic plan, and thinks it's ready to be shgared within the libraries and outside the libraries. Boyle noted we have two timelines; first, filling in the blanks on conveners, and second, what is the timeline we want to ask the conveners to help us prioritize, and can we manage to pull it off? If we want the report done by the end of the academic year, we need to hear from the conveners by May, and Cabinet needs to finish in May or June. We have to take Phase IV and write in the form of a charge; Boyle will draft and Gaunt will approve, we have all the wording; it's more factual rather than what's to be done next. It will be a general charge. Inform us if you think a pilot is needed. The timeframe for identifying conveners is by Friday. We could also ask the individuals who worked on sections to act as convenors and ask for volunteers. Boyle is prepared to put a news story up about this.

Potential Grant Opportunities - Agnew/Gaunt/Womack

Agnew distributed to Cabinet an overview of RUcore grant activities and the tools being developed for use with RUcore - RUResearch, RUAnalytic, RUMosaic, and Ontology Builder. She noted that RUcore was started with grants, and supports faculty in their research. Current grant activity includes "Video Mosaic Collaborative: Leveraging a Major Video Collection on Children's Mathematical Thinking to Enhance Teacher Reasoning," with Carolyn Maher at the GSE; other grants have been submitted.

Gaunt reported that Dan Morgenstern just got a CLIR grant for processing hidden collections; the competition was keen. Vincent Pelote is the PI on that grant. It fits in our strategic plan with making our resources more available. We had submitted an NEH challenge grant on British studies in collaboration with the British Studies Center, but it was turned down. We have reviewer comments, and if it is still a priority we will resubmit it. We talked about the possibilities for going after a challenge grant; looking for fundraising for collections that fits in with our strategic plan.

We will continue to look for grants as we think about our strategic plan what we want to do. In order to do it, you have to write a story around it - what you are doing to use it, what you're developing, what is the impact? Gaunt noted that we will periodically put grants on the agenda and find out where we stand as we move forward.

Discussion of Food and Drink Policy - Fetzer

Fetzer noted that the food and drink policy, as revised by USC in December 2011, is to provide a more positive tone and to bring it into more current day reality. There aren't that many changes from the existing policy; you can see that the original took our side of looking at things and wanting to preserve collections, but threw in that we wanted to provide an environment respectful of all students' study needs. A lot of food is brought in; we noted that food is allowed only in designated places in the library, for example cafes and lounges, and we changed the drink policy to specify all computer areas, in addition to the other posted areas where drinks, regardless of container, are not allowed. The existing line about unattended food and drink in unapproved containers will be discarded is awkward and will be removed. Winston noted that we need to add allowing food at designated events to the policy. It was decided we should say designated spaces or at library-approved events. It was also decided that we should change"water in capped plastic water bottles" to "drink in capped bottles." Gaunt thanked Fetzer for working on the policy, which was approved in the spirit of the revisions.


Izbicki: Next week LRC will be looking at instructions for subject librarians on vendor negotiations; easy to get over-committed; need to make it clear how you deal with these things and how roles are defined.

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