University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the February 14, 2012 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fetzer, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden (VC), Izbicki, Niessen, Puniello, Winston (VC), Womack
Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

The RUL/RWJ/UMD presentation will be held on March 1 at 9:30 a.m. in the Pane Room. Judy Cohn expects about 20 RWJ librarians. Gaunt is working on an outline of the program, which will last about two hours. She has asked people to respond if they are able to do a presentation for their area. It will be an overview of libraries; concentration of things different from RWJ.

Deans Council: Vice President Edwards spoke a little more at length to the work going on with the presidential search and to the opening of the campus at a university in China; two locations are being considered - Shanghai and one off the coast of south China. Both of them seem to include investment by Chinese government and outside agencies to build a campus. The Chinese government is very interested in having U.S. institutions there. Rutgers is also considering having Chinese students come to the U.S. as part of this arrangement.

Brief report on the presidential search; the Search Committee thinks they will have someone by July 1, 2012. About 200 persons applied or were nominated; about 60 were deemed qualified; 20-25 were deemed viable candidates. Committee is currently in the second round of interviews. No public presentations are planned. We should hear who the finalists are when they are sent to the Board of Governors.

The Council discussed the mergers for implementation purposes; if both are approved, they would be on different timelines; if Camden passes, it will not be on a fast track.

As a result of the discussions that came out of the negotiated agreements, the AAUP is talking about a way for non-tenure track faculty to be promoted. Of the various units that would fall under this, we need to consider how to do something that is equitable for all of them.

We had to do a report on our vacant lines but we still don't know the status.

Gaunt sent Cabinet the recent ARL Weekly Update; interesting to note that library expenditures as a total of university expenditures since 1982 have declined sharply. Would be interesting to see what is happening with IT.

Some of the principles from the Kuali OLE project are going to pay us and our VALE colleagues a visit as they try to see if we can join for this phase moving forward.

Today is Fetzer's last Cabinet meeting as acting AUL/RIS; has been wonderful; will have a thank you reception for her and Judy Gardner on Friday. Gaunt is delighted to announce that Fetzer will be the deputy AUL/RIS for Melissa Just. Developed such an expertise; not in our best interest not to take advantage of it.

Golden discussed with Cabinet the proposed merger of Camden and Rowan. The Board of Governors is meeting tomorrow in Camden, but no vote on the agenda. Boyle gave kudos to Cvetkovic for the merger fact sheet she prepared, and expressed the importance of writing to our state legislators. Golden said that the merger talk has already affected Camden's enrollment. Winston noted that in Newark, there has been an effort undertaken to help define what enhanced research collaborations mean; we have addressed having the libraries as part of the discussions. The Camden County Library will be dedicated at the beginning of April; hopefully renovations will go in a faster mode after that. Head of OIT in Camden is retiring; Joe Sanders is coming down here. The OIT presence in our building has been a success; worked really well; busier than we've ever been.

New Media Services - Agnew/Judy Gardner

Agnew noted that in 2010, Jane Sloan chaired a Video Reserves Working Group; looking at technical procedural legal issues of adding video content to current audio services; it was remanded to a new group - RUL Media Team - at that point mention of NJVid annotation service; that team chaired by Jane Otto; coordinated collections acquisitions rights. There are well over 100 represented in the catalog and streamed from the NJVid platform. In 2011 there seemed to be some movement of distancing ourselves from the NJVid platform. Investigation started for our own streaming media platform. Meanwhile, we continue to get a lot of demand and requests from faculty for this service. There is a great demand to have little sections to demonstrate or illustrate. This demand has grown; there was a meeting in October and commitment on the part of IIS to stream videos from the existing server we are using; low key type of work. Started talking in media services about how; we now have process and workflows in place; done with freeware; an interim solution. It very much follows the whole process that the audio reserves service does; it has been in existence for about 10 years. Local service offered to music faculty in New Brunswick, now we are ready to offer audio and video streaming; I thought first I would go through a simplified workflow so you would understand.

Faculty submits their requests on a new request form, which l linked to on the Reserve Services, a Guide for Faculty. It will be used by faculty on all three campuses; go to a group account in media center in New Brunswick. They can be drawn from media collection here or in Dana. Any issues, staff will be in personal contact with the faculty. Once the item is in hand, if it's a DVD, will rip the section and will be in mp4 file format; if from VHS we convert it and rip the section. At that point we need to convert the mp4 file into real media. We FTP to the server. At the same time, we request a password from IIS staff for the course and we create brief records. Once posted, fill in the URL. Tested, and then contact the faculty and let them know ready and give them the password to issue to their students. Hope there is a current exception for legal DVD ripping from the Library of Congress. We have been in contact with Janice Pilch throughout the process; advised us on language, copyright statements, etc. and incorporated into workflows. Current exceptions need to be looked into. It will also be linked from the Faculty Services page. Gaunt suggested that, assuming we verify the copyright issues, would we want to consider it a pilot rather than actually doing it; will send to Agnew and Boyle to review, and Boyle will follow up with copyright issues, and bring Counsel into it. Agnew and Boyle will also investigate what our peers are using. If we are able to do so legally, we will move forward with a pilot.

Update on Planning and Coordinating Committee - Niessen

Niessen reviewed the two documents he posted for Cabinet: New Committee Proposal: Leadership Education and Development Committee (RUL LEAD) (which is meeting any day now), and Planning & Coordinating Committee Goals, 2011-2012. RUL LEAD was formed from a charge from Gaunt in the spring to address the support of leadership development, and the previous Planning & Coordinating Committee worked on it. When Niessen became faculty coordinator, the committee continued to meet in the summer to come up with the new committee proposal. Special elections were held and the new committee that will be vetting applications for grants to support leadership development programs outside of Rutgers and then make recommendations to Gaunt, who will make the actual awards. That document was the product of several months work. The discussion at the business meeting in November included recommendations and ideas about revising the procedures; we agreed when the committee meets, it will work out practical procedures using the recommendations that were made. Niessen also noted that Jane Otto was elected to Senate. Representation on University Senate is not work of the committee per se, but has a big impact on the committee. The size of our faculty makes a difference in terms of representation in the university.

Niessen reviewed the committee's three goals for the year: to assess the organizational structure and appropriate bodies for understanding user needs and expectations and implementing technologies for library services and make recommendations for appropriate changes; to facilitate the implementation of the four emerging roles of liaisons adopted by the RUL faculty in 2010/11, in consultation with appropriate Councils; and to conduct an assessment of the RUL faculty mentoring program. The plan is to prepare a new report about mentoring that will look at the original recommendations, current procedures, and say how it relates to the futures group as well. Gaunt noted that planning and coordinating discussions have been very good this year. For next year, we hope to look at personnel priorities; in thinking about retirements over the next few years, what are the things that would help us.

Learning Outcome Assessment Activities - Boyle

Boyle shared with Cabinet the email that went to the deans from Vice President Edwards asking us to prepare to get ready for an annual request to report on learning outcomes assessment need. He also sent an outline of the kinds of things we need to consider as we do the annual report; the checklist was developed in November. Now is the time for us to get ready. Boyle is open for suggestions on how we will get it done. This is coming out of the Middle States standards; there is a document on faculty services that outlines the standards. Fetzer asked if this is something we can share with our librarians, and the answer is yes.

When we had our Middle States visit last time, Boyle did a survey of our librarians who teach to ask their learning goals, and we had lists of learning goals that varied from teaching people to how to use our Web site to helping people.

Budget Update - Fredenburg/Hendrickson

Fredenburg noted that our budget on a good year stays level; only thing that saves us from paying the increase in salaries, which will go up each year, is the increase in enrollment and tuition. Salary savings is what keeps us operating. Hendrickson will talk to each of you about how much will be apportioned to your unit and will get this out to you this afternoon or tomorrow. Budget Office is also asking you to do your projections and return to Nancy's office with a bottom line. Cabinet members were advised to include what they will have to spend by the end of the year. The budget office will also be sending out travel allocations reports. All should also prepare a list of special needs that can't be covered from current funds or anything already given to Puniello in the facilities plans she has already requested. Agnew will provide an assessment of what the Libraries needs in the way of computers. Please list requests by category - e.g., public PCs in instructional labs -and in priority order. Requests should be turned in by March 1.

Budget office is also taking a look at what we have in salary reserve to see if there are sufficient funds to support reclassifications. Any reclasses or in-grade increase requests should be submitted by March 1; there is no guarantee that funding exists for this.

Hendrickson recently attended a business manager's meeting where the new head of purchasing spoke. All should have seen a memo about upcoming purchasing policy and procedures workshops. These workshops are important for everyone. There are a lot of policies and procedures - not new ones - that nobody has enforced. The state auditors are here and enforcement is now a priority. Agnew noted that it's very hard to find the appropriate policies and procedures, and asked if Hendrickson could provide a link of common ones.


Boyle: Mid-year reports are due March 1; will be sending out action grids.

Gaunt: Boyle and Gaunt attended VP Jerry Kukor's presentation and discussion about the services that Academic Analytics can provide to Rutgers.

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