University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the March 20, 2012 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Izbicki, Just, Niessen, Golden, Thompson, Winston (VC), Womack

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Spring break was last week; there will be a Deans Council meeting in early April.

Thanks to Niessen and the team that worked on the RULF resolution on the Camden merger. As Golden will attest, in a lot of articles, access to the libraries is being mentioned. Word has gotten out, thanks to Gary and his librarians who have done a wonderful job of communicating.

Have not heard from Vice President Edwards on our process for coming up with criteria for non-tenured faculty; will send email to Karen Stubaus today so we can start our deliberations.

One of the things that had come up at a previous Deans Council meeting is that David Finegold, who is now a Vice President overseeing all the work on Rutgers-China and doing a lot expanding access to Rutgers, is in charge of distance education programs. An RFP has gone out for a new library management system that will replace e-college for distance education; this will be university wide. The discussion at the last Deans Council meeting was interesting; only a few deans involved in the design of the RFP and concern about how this would affect the amount of money coming back to them in the process. They do their own recruiting and set their own internal enticements for faculty teaching. Not a clear definition of who would be teaching these courses; David will set up another meeting for the deans to go over more in detail about what is involved. The University is beefing up distance education programs; need a business to help them to do this. Gaunt will talk to Rich Novak, who is on the University-wide Libraries Advisory Committee about this.

The Celebration of Recently Published Faculty Authors will be held this Wednesday. Vice President Edwards will give remarks at the program; encourage all of you to attend and celebrate the scholarship of our faculty.

Guidelines for Vendor Contacts - Izbicki

As background, Izbicki has had discussions with Nancy Hendrickson and Mary Beth Weber about issues that arise in dealing with vendors; the document presented contains principles and recommendations for vendor visits to Rutgers Libraries; there needs to be an effort to make sure people are more cautious about how they do things. When you set up a vendor, there is a whole set of paperwork under collection development training; using a third party vendor when in doubt is a useful way to avoid issues.

The university has strict regulations when it comes to doing business. For the audit trail, keep separate the buyer from the payer, and make sure you are not feeding your friend. Also, you cannot buy things on your own expecting to be reimbursed.

Agnew suggested that it would be useful to have a page for vendors so we can point them to policies and procedures. Izbicki thought that was a great idea, and will talk with Hendrickson and Weber about it about adding it to the collection development section of staff resources. Boyle noted that it would be appropriate for that page to include the principles for acquiring resources, which we don't really have now.

Cabinet endorsed the Guidelines for Vendor Contacts.

Debriefing on Faculty Searches - Fredenburg

Gaunt introduced a debriefing on Libraries search experiences to identify aspects of the process that could be improved. Gaunt asked Fredenburg to focus on faculty searches, but comments on staff search process were welcomed as well.

Fredenburg noted that Libraries hiring activity has been focused on faculty searches with more expected in the next few years. The process begins with the position description; recently we have treated the position description as a draft rather than a final document until the search committee has reviewed it. Responsibilities and qualifications form the substance of the position description. The qualifications listed constitute our commitment. When we find attractive applicants, it is critical that those applicants meet the qualifications we have stated in the advertisement. This is important for affirmative action and other reasons. Cabinet members pointed out some confusion appears regarding the process from draft to final version specifically with whom the search committee should communicate regarding editing. Committees often bypass the unit director; this should be corrected. Search committee, Human Resources, and Gaunt must remain in communication throughout the process. Cabinet discussion included the various groups and individuals meeting with candidates as well as open presentations. There is a need to assess the results of the presentation. Fredenburg explained the Search Committee Reports; the report comes from chair and goes to the AUL or the director, and is to be comparative for the candidates; strengths and weaknesses should be delineated. If a candidate should not be considered further, that should be noted in the report. A report on the diversity of the pool should also be included. There should also be a report from the AUL to the University Librarian that should be more evaluative in nature and talk about recommendations, diversity of the pool, and give a definitive recommendation. Fredenburg said she would post some documentation on matters discussed this morning on the Cabinet Sakai site for further discussion at the next meeting.

Potential RU China Campus - Gaunt

This was discussed at the faculty meeting; unbelievably fast from concept to movement; President McCormick intends to take a proposal to the Board of Governors in April. The emphasis is on the financial plan right now. One of the things I think makes this relationship so important is there is plenty of money to get it off the ground; the university has to have a financial plan to make it sustainable There's a lot of detail we do not have at this point; doing our best to put a price tag with as much information we have, erring on the high side; wanted you aware of what is going on; going to China in April and will try to fit a trip to SCUT into my schedule; if not, at some point, we'll need to go over as a team; very complicated. I think we would benefit from an ARL or ACRL committee looking at intuitions constructing campuses in foreign countries; the complicating issues, what models are out there, and what is working best. Thanks to everybody who has participated on this incredibly short timeline.

Labor Agreement Changes - Fredenburg

Fredenburg reviewed the labor agreement changes. A summary was sent to all library supervisors; doesn't affect day-to-day operations. URA-AFT non-economic terms changes were in bereavement leave language, health benefits, leave of absence for personal reasons, distribution of agreement, union representatives, and successorship language added. AFSM (Colt) non-economic terms changes were in sick leave, changes in work shifts, layoff, resignation notice, grievance procedure, bereavement leave, and the following language will be added to Article 4: Commencing September 1, 2012 Rutgers will provide access to secure website listing all newly hired Classes 1, 3, and 4 employees who will be performing collective negotiations nit work and the employee's job title, department, campus, and date of hire. Rutgers will apply Rutgers University Policy Library Section 60.3.19, as may be amended from time to time, on the same basis as it is applied to non-aligned employees. Said policy does not apply to weather closings which are covered by Policy 60.3.16. Any questions, please contact Fredenburg.


Izbicki: Agnew and Izbicki created a digital preservation team to look at what we can do with existing resources; Janice Pilch is giving us guidelines on copyright; the group has met twice.

Agnew: RUanalytic has been awarded the NJLA Technology Innovation Award. Chad Mills is moving it now to a production server so we can use it with other video collections; being used in two graduate courses now; looking forward to making it available in other courses and campuses around the university.

Fredenburg: It's P4P time; there will be money this time; the increases won't happen until October; reviews need to be done by April 30. If you have new supervisors for whom you'd like a personal tutorial, please let me know.

Boyle: ARL best practices for fair use in higher education still up in the air at Rutgers; would like to have a discussion at a future Cabinet meeting. Pilch and I attended a NACUA webinar with Rutgers attorneys; also present was an adjunct faculty member and Rich Novak. Yesterday we got together to discuss what this will mean for us at Rutgers. There will be an intense popup of the Customer Satisfaction Survey on the Libraries' Web page until Friday morning at 10:30 a.m.

Golden: The opening of the new branch of the Camden County Library System at the Paul Robeson Library will be held on April 4. Gaunt has been invited to attend.

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