University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the July 17, 2012 Meeting

Boyle, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden (VC), Izbicki, Just, Mullen, Puniello, Winston (VC), Womack
Agnew (on vacation)

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Gaunt welcomed Laura Mullen as the new deputy faculty coordinator; Womack is now faculty coordinator.

The Steering committee for the UMD/RWJ merger is meeting this week to discuss plans for moving forward now that the proposed legislation, which the governor has not signed, has passed; the legislation calls for implementation next July. In our own deliberations we could be thinking about what we'd like to recommend; the report is talking about four separate chancellors, but there are a lot of unanswered questions at this point.

There will be a Digital Preservation Network (DPN) discussion on Thursday; open for everyone to come. James Hilton will be giving an overview of DPN – the goal of the discussion is for everyone to understand what DPN is about; a combination of what he did for the AAU presidents and ARL; we are interested in the structure and what it means to be a member. Gaunt invited other members of the University to attend. Approximately 50 universities are members of DPN.

CLIR has just released a great report entitled “One Culture: Computationally Intensive Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences” It reports on what was learned from the work of the 8 awardees in the Digging into Data Challenge grant funded by NEH, NSF, JISC, and SSHRC.

Annual Reports are due August 15; will send out an outline; please follow type font and size so we can merge documents.

Want to schedule the discussion of the digital priorities at the Cabinet meeting in August and will try to engage our facilitator from ODL. Agnew sent out a list of digital projects yesterday; review the list and if you have additions, please send to Agnew as soon as possible.

The Board of Governors is voting on tuition this week. This is necessary in order to determine our budget, which we may not know until sometime in September.

Collections Planning Update - Izbicki

We enter the 2013 Fiscal Year with a considerable challenge. Last year's billings went over the budget. Most of that was the result of inflation. As always we begin the year with last year's numbers. If we do not achieve economies, our current obligations will exceed the state budget by $500,000 in FY 2013. Big factors are serials pricing, serials agents, and monographic standing orders. Also, reserves exceeded the previous year's expenditures because of increased demand. At least one third of that expenditure (more than $30,000) was made of Media purchases. We need to make immediate cuts. This will include review of every continuing expense charged to the state budget. Most immediately all monographic subscriptions and standing orders will need to be moved off the state budget. Selectors will receive lists for their subject areas. The available options are to cancel a series or move it to non-state funds. Other areas under review include binding (most of which will cease) and orders for microforms. Memberships also will be reviewed.

Longer range we need to be hard-nosed in our renewal of existing subscription packages. The merger of UMD will necessitate a review and renegotiation of licenses to eliminate the very large duplication of titles which may free up money for a cushion against inflation and to meet other collections needs.

I welcome suggestions for other measures we might employ in this exigency. I am asking the selectors to consider what voluntary cancellations might be identified among the journals and subscriptions in all disciplinary areas. We will need to review the usage of our databases to determine if our money is well invested in them.

RU Supervisor Development Program – Fredenburg

University Human Resources has offered us an opportunity to participate as a group in the Supervisor Development Program in three all-day or six half-day sessions; we need to guarantee 20 participants, which is a large number. If we are unable to guarantee 20 participants, we can still take advantage of what's being offered. This is for staff and librarians interested in having administrative or supervisory duties. Would like to get some feedback on whether we think we can identify 20 people. Please send Fredenburg a list of who you would like to recommend from your units, and we'll begin negotiations with University Human Resources.

Gaunt and Fredenburg got notice yesterday that the university is going to be the subject of an audit by the office of federal contract compliance; an agency of the department of labor which monitors affirmative action contracts. Audit is either instigated by a complaint or a random audit. Most commonly you have to do quarterly or monthly reporting on hiring, promotion and retiring statistics. All your selection processes are reviewed very closely. When they come on site, they talk to employees privately. They also look at it whether we are meeting our obligations toward individuals with disabilities and veterans. Don't have info on when it's going to occur. We have submitted information for all three campuses.

Training and Learning Committee is now being chaired by Vibiana Cvetkovic. They are coming up with a learning curriculum and recommended that we should buy three licenses for, an online training library; this would give our staff members the opportunity to take online tutorials and develop their learning plan; a number of departments in the university have subscribed to it. The licenses are $375 per year; trying 3 this year. Will do publicity; in the interim, please let your staff know about it.

Strategic Plan Activities Review - Gaunt

Cabinet reviewed the Strategic Plan activities; Gaunt asked everyone to review the key goal for overlap; are there any that we should combine, re-describe or eliminate. We want the plan to be a stretch, but achievable. Everything we do will not be listed there. Recommended changes will be made; plan to release this month – at least the first two columns. Boyle and Izbicki agreed to do the first review based on discussions. Will also look at digital activities as a separate discussion on priorities.


Boyle: We finished our first instance of the MAAP data and making it readable; drew from Counting Opinions, SERU, Google Analytics, and New Brunswick statistics; doesn't yet address learning. The project principals are using our data in a conference. Many of our trends are down.

Puniello; Renovations at the front entrance and the street, and the new lobby tiles are moving along; carpeting at Douglass is almost finished.

Winston: We have hired a grant-funded archivist who will be starting on September 1; we are going to be making progress on the IJS backlog.

Izbicki: The appraisal of the Roman coins has been finished.

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