University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the August 14, 2012 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden (VC), Izbicki, Just, Mullen, Puniello (VC), Winston (VC), Womack

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Kudos to IIS and RIS staff who did an amazing job providing alternative access to core library services during the ASB-related Internet connectivity downtime planned by OIT for Sunday, August 8, which cut all access to TSB. The solution consisted of two servers built for this purpose and placed in the RUL Secondary Data Center (server room on the 4th floor); this was an excellent solution to maintain services for our users in a short time frame.

Dr. Kenneth J. Breslauer, Dean and Vice President, Life and Health Sciences, announced that Dr. Linda Brzustowicz has accepted appointment as Acting Senior Associate Vice President for Research and Economic Development.

Professor Richard S. Falk has been appointed as Acting Executive Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS).

We have been approached by Google to participate in the Google Maps project for interior locations; Just will be the point person for the discussion to determine what is involved.

Strategic Plan – Boyle

Boyle noted that the Strategic Plan, 2012-2015 is the result of our discussions over the last two years; it's time we issue it. We were able to make all the revisions at the last Cabinet meeting. We had several groups reviewing the goals, and some have been removed. The next step is to have all of our groups to develop goals, and we want an action plan to address these; Gaunt will send out an email asking that goals be submitted by the end of September. Gaunt noted that we will invite President Barchi to visit us in the fall and it will be good to have the plan in place.

Principles for Prioritizing Digital Projects - Boyle

Boyle asked Cabinet to review the draft principles for prioritization of digital projects that resulted from the previous Cabinet discussions. She noted that she made minor changes to more accurately reflect the value, rights and means criteria. In addition, it was agreed that there should be an opening sentence stating “Within the context of our strategic plan, our priority digital projects derive from the following principles of value, rights, and means:” The document will be dated and sent out.

Agnew then reviewed the list of digital priorities that was compiled using project management software maintained by Peter Konin in the SCC. Agnew indicated that the projects are all in different stages of development, and quite a few have significant rights issues. Related to rights, Boyle indicated that Janice Pilch has agreed to attend the next Cabinet agenda to talk about rights in digital projects to help us understand the issues so that when a librarian or faculty member comes to us, we are prepared to ask appropriate questions. We need to determine a process for prioritizing digital projects in the context of both our principles and Strategic Plan priorities. Not everything will be a priority, but it doesn't mean we won't do it. Cabinet needs to know all the projects in order to have a real comprehension of the variety of things that are in planning, underway or proposed; consider what staff and librarians are involved; and assume when we are talking about rights, Some projects on the list represent real commitments to existing faculty. Proposed means we haven't met or come up with a strategy; in planning means we have met at least once and assigned a person to the project.

Cabinet members should now review the list and determine if the principles could be easily applied. Then decide which are most valuable and important to be on the list. Cabinet should vet the list and then determine a process for moving forward. Agnew will add additional projects that were discussed in Cabinet and re-distribute an update.

Planning and Coordinating Committee Goals – Womack

Planning and Coordinating Committee had its first meeting of the new academic year in July; will be meeting again tomorrow and finalizing the goals for the year. One of two goals we are pursuing are the research services of the libraries. The committee will discuss which research services are important for the Libraries to provide or participate in. Research services may include data services, scholarly communication, open access e-journals hosting, scholarly networking and discovery tools, and RUcore. The discussion will start in the Committee and will move on to the Cabinet and the Libraries faculty. The second goal is faculty lines over a ten-year horizon. The committee will discuss the Libraries overall need for faculty positions in different categories and/or skill groups, with the categories/skills to be determined by the discussions of the Committee. Womack stressed the need for long-term planning. The outcome may be some general recommendations. Want to think about the research services goal for the October faculty meeting, and the lines goal for the March meeting. Fredenburg indicated there has been a lot of discussion within personnel officers groups on positions, so she offered to help if needed.

Collections Update - Izbicki

Since the last Cabinet update, lzbicki noted that FY11/12 ended with problems on the state funds side of the budget; starting this year with the same concerns. On non-state funds, will have a second look at the way central funds are allocated; have been using the proportions that had been used in the past, and want to revisit to see if proportions are right compared with actual needs. On the state side starting with last year's allocations; taking a two-stage approach for getting through this year; looking at standing orders, microforms, and duplications, The second phase is dealing with the major vendors. Each has its own approach. A major issue for LRC and NBCG is the policy on consolidating the print runs of journals and indexes in terms of reducing our holdings in some ways. It will cause some impacts elsewhere, so that a journal may shift location which will impact the Annex. Most urgently we have to look at the print resources we have. Current thinking on collections this year, and with the merger, means we will have to do major negotiations with vendors. Gaunt indicated that we have not gotten a confirmation on our budget for the year, so until we hear otherwise, we are assuming a level budget. Since tuition wasn't raised, we could expect a cut. The first Deans Council meeting is in September so hope to hear something at that meeting.

Merger Planning Update – Gaunt

The Governor has not signed the legislation yet but predicted he will fairly soon; boards have not voted on the legislation. The University and UMD are proceeding as though this will happen. They are moving forward on the planning. There are 12 committees; the libraries are a subcommittee of the Academic & Education Programs sub-team. Gaunt is chairing the libraries sub-team, and the leaders met yesterday for the first time. We agreed that Judy Cohn could co-chair. Pricewaterhouse Coopers is handling the process. Key people from Rutgers and UMD will meet with Tony Armstrong, PWC liaison to the AEP sub-team, at the end of the month to go over the process. Membership on the Libraries sub-team may change now that the merger has expanded to UMD from RWJ. The facilities working group of the libraries sub-team may be eliminated as this will no longer be a negotiated issue; we will be asking for each of the sub-committees within the library to review their work in view of the expanded charge. The AEP committee sub-team chairs are planning to meet every Tuesday from noon-2. At the first meeting, there was a progress report of the sub-teams and a review of the major issues identified thus far.

The significant issue is the Stratford Campus, which is where the School of Osteopathic Medicine, nursing and other UMD programs are located; they share a building, the libraries, and services. Some will report to Rowan University and others to Rutgers. We will probably create a Libraries sub-team looking at the Stratford Campus and other campus specific issues.

Another issue is the organization of the libraries; can we remain a system in light of the new legislation which provides more autonomy for the three Rutgers campuses and creates a new Chancellor position for the life sciences. We will seek approval to continue as a system, but because of the complicated issues of the merger, we may not hear for some time. As a result, we will be planning as a system until we hear otherwise.


Fredenburg: After 36 years of service, Sandra Troy is retiring; effective date is January 1, but with vacation will be leaving around mid-October.

Agnew: Grace Elizabeth Leister is retiring as of September 1.

Boyle: Looked at the ARL membership criteria rankings from 2010-11; we are number 31 out of 126. The annual statistics are late, but still waiting for ARL to issue definitions. The Strategic Plan is adopted; thanks to everyone who contributed; will do PR and get it out.

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