University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the June 18, 2013 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden (V/C) Izbicki, Just, Womack

New Website and Health Sciences Portal Demo – Tibor Purger and Judy Gardner

Purger announced that June 26 is day one for the new website. Gardner noted that in redesigning the website, the ethnographic study was analyzed and a usability study was done; relied very heavy on data about user behavior and experts in design principles and best practices; there was opportunity for librarian comments and participation. The ethnographic principles that guided the redesign were flexibility, integration, information literacy, simplicity, context, self-sufficiency, and process. Tibor demonstrated the website and noted that we need to find a new co-chair, since Gardner is stepping down. There will be training and two waves of enhancements for the new website. The Camden Library’s individual homepage will be the next to tackle; templates will be prepared after July 1. Glazer will prepare a news item before June 26 announcing that we will be going live. We will have a story on the Integration, and the FAQs will be included. Golden thanked Judy and Tibor and Judy for their assistance.

Gaunt asked if we have portal capability in the website to focus on various users or topics, such as distance learners. Purger responded that we do not have the portal technology that will make this possible. There is the myRutgers Portal, and the Libraries are present on that portal with three channels. We would have to choose a portal technology or provide more channels to the Rutgers Portal. The team is aware of this and will consider at a later time. The more we can integrate with UPortals the better; we could have our own Libraries portal page; make it possible to become a tab on the myRutgers Portal.

University Librarian’s Report - Gaunt

An announcement will go out shortly from UHR notifying staff of their merit raises, and where they can view it online. Cabinet members should inform their staff. Gaunt sent out letters to faculty administrators on Cabinet with their merit awards, thanking them for their work this year.

There will be an opportunity to network with our new library colleagues from UMDNJ and celebrate the Integration on July 23 at the Busch Campus Center.

Will be asking for volunteers for co-chairs for Rutgers Day for next year; Gaunt asked Cabinet members to permit staff chosen for participation in Rutgers Day to be given the time necessary to do their work.

Announcements have been made regarding new dean searches and changes: Richard DeLisi, Dean of the Graduate School of Education, will be returning to the faculty at the end of this academic year. Claire McInerey has been appointed acting dean at SC&I for a two-year term. Cathryn C. Potter has been appointed Dean of the School of Social Work.

There will be a full meeting of the Libraries integration teams on Wednesday in preparation for Day 1; looks like we are in good shape and everything is going as planned.

Just noted that the Integration FAQ is posted on our website; will send a message to rul_everyone asking if there are questions we haven’t asked. Also gathering information about who will be at all our service points that day so they can be identified. Jackie Mardikian is the point of contact for services; Judy Gardner is the main point of contact for access. We will know who is most likely to be getting questions. Golden will be added to the list of service points for the health sciences in Camden.

Core Reference Responsibilities Report - Just

The Core Reference Responsibilities Report has been posted on Sakai. Before Just came, Mary Fetzer created a task force under the auspices of the User Services Council to look at all the reference tasks public services librarians were performing. A group chaired by Natalie Borisovets examined the state of the art and how to fairly distribute reference hours and work. The group came to a logical conclusion that all reference librarians should participate in all reference tasks, other than when we make exceptions. Another report outcome is that reference responsibilities should be stated in our position descriptions. This is the practice we will be following going forward. We will adjust as needed.

Collection Development Strategies - Izbicki

Izbicki noted that the May 1999 document on collection development strategies needed to be updated; there was nothing about copyright or diversity; rewrote parts of it and updated other parts. The document is intended to be informational; would allow us to give a brief orientation to new hires about our approach. Has been through the LRC and is back with revisions; would like Cabinet input. Cabinet made several comments and Izbicki will revise and send out to Cabinet.



This is Womack’s last meeting; Gaunt thanked him for his participation as faculty coordinator and for his contributions to Cabinet discussions.

Next meeting is July 16.


Displayed RU LIbraries banners purchased for use with open houses at Kilmer; asked if others would like them for use in programs on or off campus. It was determined that we should re-consider the need for a logo, and therefore order new banners without any logo; will order banners for the campuses.

A limited number of places for CPR training will be offered in the Libraries; purely voluntary and for personal use.

Planning for Difficult Conversations, an ACRL e-Learning webcast, originally scheduled for Wednesday, June 19, 2013 is being rescheduled for late September 2013.

A review of coffee and water services was made; in tighter budget times, we pulled back on the purchase of water services. Effective July 1, it will be up to the unit whether they want to purchase water or coffee.

We have two new faculty hires; Leslin Charles will be joining us as Instructional Design Librarian, and Jonathan Sauceda will be joining us as Music/Performing Arts Librarian.


Librarians getting ready for teaching summer sessions as part of outreach on campus with the future scholars and rising high school students and seniors.

The Newark librarians had lunch yesterday with NJIT and the law library.


A few weeks ago we had a project meeting to finish integrating the Roman coin collection into a single sequence; this means we will have a strong pilot in place.


Met with Krista White and the Newark oral history faculty; they really liked the video analytic tool; made a strong case for this type of complex indexing replacing the need for transcripts.

Isaiah Beard and Agnew will be participating in a Beth Maudutho conference on Saturday.

We are getting new video conferencing capability in the Lecture Hall; can join in from an iPad, iPhone, Droid, or laptop; no longer chained to the meeting rooms in Newark or Camden; hopefully we can migrate everything to it; will ask Purger to demo; it is much easier to connect.

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