University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the July 16, 2013 Meeting

Cohn, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden (V/C), Just, Kuchi, Izbicki, Mullen
Agnew, Boyle

University Librarianís Report - Gaunt

Gaunt welcomed new members to Cabinet: Triveni Kuchi, as Deputy Faculty Coordinator, and Judy Cohn as Director, Health Sciences Libraries, and Laura Mullen as a continuing member in her new role as Faculty Coordinator.

Gaunt reminded everyone that staff and supervisors need to complete the Harassment Tutorial within 30 days after they receive the notice from UHR. Faculty will be covered at a later date. It is unclear when former UMD employees will be included. All those who complete the course can print out the certificate. If supervisors wish, they can ask staff to send copies to them so they know when everyone has completed the course. At some future time, UHR will be notifying units about who has/hasnít completed the course.

At a recent Administrative Council meeting, President Barchi announced that the Board of Governors is creating a task force to examine the governance structure of the University. There will be searches for the Dean of Pharmacy and the Dean of SAS in September. The search for the President of the Foundation is continuing, and the Chancellor of RBHS is almost completed. The University will be moving to an RCM budgeting process that will take two years and begin with the academic units. There will be new algorithms for allocating costs to the units. The amount of space for each unit will be factored in on the cost algorithm. The University was very pleased with the success they had in refinancing debt as a result of the merger that kept the total cost of debt payment level.

As a result of our Open Access Policy, the Libraries have joined COAPI (Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions), and we have also registered our institutional repository and open access policy in ROARMAP.

Gaunt asked Directors and AULS to please include their faculty publications in their annual report using the APA style for citations. Please be inclusive in the types of publications.

Gaunt asked Cabinet members to encourage their staff and librarians to attend the July 23 program to network and celebrate our Integration. It will be at the Busch Campus Center at 3 p.m.

Integration Debrief and Plan for First 100 Days of Integration Ė Gaunt

The University is asking for plans for the next 100 days of Integration; the Libraries will need to respond. Gaunt has asked the chairs of each of the Integration teams to provide a timetable for what they need/want to accomplish over the next 100 days.

The July 1 day one start of Integration was very successful. Most of the glitches we identified related to user inability to access databases due to the multitude of classes of individuals and situations in the Health Sciences, netID changes, proxy changes, and patrons not in the patron files. All were handled quickly and successfully. Cohn reported that many volunteer faculty were entered manually into the patron file when they contacted the Libraries. Health Sciences library staff are now in adaption mode, as they have many new things to learn about the Rutgers system. Many individuals both in RUL and Health Sciences were not intimately involved in the merger plans and need to be brought up to speed to be able to answer user questions. At the same time our website went live and the Health Sciences libraries website was linked to RUL, so there were added changes to finding things. We agreed that we need to be mindful of any additional changes that will affect users, so that we give our users a chance to acclimate to what has happened already, and think carefully about when we want to make additional changes. RBHS has different academic schedules than RU, so that quiet time for making changes is more limited and different. We also need to consider how change affects instruction Ė librarians canít plan instructional materials when a change is going to occur in the middle of a course. That does not mean we canít continue to make changes behind the scenes in our operations where necessary, as this will not change what users see or what they need to do differently.

Most database/subscription vendors were very understanding of our merger and did not ask for immediate renewals of licenses. As a result, we will be renewing all licenses on their regular schedules, which will begin shortly. We can prioritize those that would be the most complicated and where we expect to make content changes. We will also need to consider if there are any clinical titles that should be negotiated for Health Sciences only.

Training Health Sciences staff on RUL systems has been going well, and interlibrary loan will be starting shortly; we will be changing to Illiad for ILL, and we will be starting the CICís UBorrow system. A question arose about mail delivery among the campuses, especially between Camden and Newark. Melissa will investigate the delivery van cycle between the regular mail delivery and campus van.

We agreed that it would be useful to continue the various Integration teams, but expand the membership as needed, so that RUL and Health Sciences staff and librarians continue to plan and implement changes together. We also need to coordinate better how user questions get addressed. It was frequently unclear when a librarian referred a userís question to someone who was able to answer it whether the question was actually answered; we need a process that closes that loop. Melissa was tasked to work with Judy Cohn to see if we could identify a smoother process.

Potential Scope of Planning and Coordinating Committee Ė Mullen

Mullen shared some thought on the areas that she was going to discuss with the Planning and Coordinating Committee for FY13/14. She would be following up with any work that still needed to be done related to Research Services, that was a goal last year. Scholarly publishing is an area of interest, and the Libraries have recently joined the new Library Publishing Coalition (LPC). There may be some new ideas or relationships that the LPC will bring. We may also want to revisit the work that was done on Librarians for 2013 and revisit our list of desired positions when lines become vacant. A major focus will be on scholarly communication and the many facets of what that includes, especially now that we have an open access policy. There is the faculty Scholarly Communication Committee, but we may want to examine if a committee is the most effective way to pursue our agenda. Laura and Tom have already been discussing this.

Use of Librarian Titles Ė Gaunt

Because this has come up recently, Gaunt looked at the wording of our current policy and determined that it needed to be updated. References to University policy needed to be changed as the University has re-worked the RU Policy Manual with the Integration and section numbers have changed. She shared a revised document and noted that the substance was not changed. There are two issues with librarian titles. One is the official rank and title and their equivalents across the university. That is, Librarian I is the equivalent rank to Professor, but a librarian may not use the professor title and vice versa. The second is the administrative title given to librarians, such a Data Librarian or Instruction Librarian. These identify areas of responsibility and responsibilities may change over time. At any time a librarian may request that their title be changed to reflect new responsibility or changing nomenclature in the profession. The request is made to the Library Director/AUL and then to the VP/UL for approval. It was agreed to keep the approval at the UL level so there is a level of consistency across RUL. RUL/HR needs to keep a record of all librarian titles so that it can be referred to when making announcements, report, etc. within the university or elsewhere. Gaunt will share guidelines when thinking about title changes.


Fredenburg: We will have a discussion on diversity at the next Cabinet meeting; we want to have all members present at the meeting to have the most productive discussion and planning possible.

Fredenburg recently sent an email to AULs that in concert with the OFCCP audit, we have been advised that we will need to provide reasons for elimination of each and every applicant for each staff position recruited for and filled for the last fiscal year (7/1/12 to 6/30/13). By my count we have conducted about 20 such searches. We will be asked to select reasons for elimination from a pre-set list. Further direction on how we should proceed will be forthcoming from University Human Resources but we do know that we must comply with an August 1 deadline. We have since been notified that the deadline has been moved to September 1.

Mullen: Mullen and Otto gave a presentation on open access at the QQMLConference at La Sapienza University in Rome, June 3-8.

Just: We are ramping up the work on the closing of the chemistry library; Palumbo and Just met with Roger Jones, Chair of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, last week to discuss the timeline and the process; we have until mid-November; we will be moving items en masse to the Annex and processing them; waiting to hear from Facilities on the specific date. Roger Jones and the Libraries will send out a message under shared cover about the chemistry library closing.

Golden: The Camden Campus was allocated its first budget from Rutgers-New Brunswick.

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