University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the November 19, 2013 Meeting

Boyle, Cohn, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden (VC), Izbicki, Just, Kuchi, Mullen

University Librarian's Report Gaunt

Gaunt attend the library director's meeting of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC). Topics included:

Review of Databases - Izbicki/Gracemary Smulewitz

Izbicki posed the question being investigated: Do we have what we need versus the potentially infinite demands of our programs? The first version of the review is being presented to LRC this week. Besides use, are also looking at indexing databases versus those with full text, images, etc. Smulewitz gave a demo of the spreadsheet being developed for the coming negotiations. The Collection Analysis Group is reviewing tomorrow and LRC on Thursday. CAG members will be going back to their selector groups, and individual selectors will look at their core titles. It was noted that vendors spend time and resources developing interfaces whereas researchers just want content.

RUL Strategic Plan Process - Gaunt/Boyle

Cabinet reviewed a chart created by Boyle, Fredenburg, and Gaunt that maps objectives in the Libraries current strategic plan to the university strategic framework. Gaunt added some proposed tactical activities. After discussion, it was agreed that Cabinet members will submit additions and updates to Boyle within one week. Unit discussions will be held by the end of January.

Digital Priorities - Gaunt

Cabinet considered two handouts - a draft listing of digital priorities and a digital projects report. This was the first discussion of a topic that will be continued at the next meeting. Gaunt noted that digital infrastructure development projects are more critical that other digital projects, with implementation of the link resolver as no. 1. Cohn noted that we are still working on developing one infrastructure for RBHS within RUL, and Golden offered that staff in one location could work on projects in another location since traditional work has lessened. Gaunt said that open access implementation is critical, and public services need to drive the process. Data is more complicated, and we are under no immediate obligation. She suggests that we let faculty know that we will be able to manage and preserve their data at some point. For now we should work with them on data management plans. The OGC has agreed that ORSP approved grants can be first, so we are not accepting any data to which we have not already agreed. Video conference deposits are not a high priority. ETDs for the health sciences may just be a workload issue and is a priority. Health sciences librarians are giving presentations to early adopters. Digital preservation is on a lower burner due to projects happening nationally and regionally. We will do OLE, but not until 2016. For digitizing projects - new e-journals and e-textbooks are on hold. We need to consider the amount of work and the national landscape for e-textbooks. We will continue developments for current e-journals (DOIs and archiving). An oral history case study is being done in Newark. We may need dollars to do these large scale projects and are currently not taking on any more. Special Collections/IJS will need grants to digitize. We will get funding to digitize yearbooks for the university 250th anniversary.


Just: Please join us for a brown bag presentation on December 4 by our visiting Fulbright Scholar, Victor Zverevich, who will be giving a presentation on "Recent Developments in Academic & Public Libraries in Russia." As the current Head of Research & Development Department for the Moscow City Library Center and the previous head of the Information Resource Center at the British Higher School of Art & Design, he has experience working in both areas. His presentation will be followed by Q&A and then an informal gathering where we'll get the opportunity to learn more about Victor.

Cohn: The Task Force on Health Sciences is having its first meeting on December 2.

Boyle: The Committee on Universal Inclusion had its first meeting yesterday; exciting work ahead.

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