University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the December 3, 2013 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Cohn, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Izbicki, Just, Kuchi, Mullen

University Librarian's Report – Gaunt

Gaunt provided updates from the recent Deans Council meeting. There is a dual career in STEM initiative funded by a federal grant and coordinated through the Office of the VP for Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics. The funding creates a coordinator position for the Dual Career program, and discussion ensued on what could be included. A website will be created that pulls together information about positions available, housing, and other information useful to new faculty. Models of how spousal hires could be funded were also discussed. All agreed that the initiative was important, and while it may start with STEM, it should be developed more broadly at the university.

The university strategic plan will go as a draft to the Board of Governors in December to allow for input and potential revisions. A final version will go to the BOG and the BOT for a vote in February. Deans will receive the final copy early in the New Year. Edwards emphasized that all four campuses as well as academic units will be required to create their own plans over the spring semester. Deans will need to develop metrics for their plan to monitor progress, and beginning next year deans will be asked to show how much they spent on strategic initiatives in their annual reports. Deans asked that unit strategic plans be shared so that all are informed and aware of opportunities for collaboration. As a result of the strategic planning process, two new task forces will be created, one on IT infrastructure, and another to examine the administrative and academic structure of the university. The later may take up to two years to complete.

The university will be undertaking another review of the centers, bureaus, and institutes to determine whether they are/should be at the unit, campus, or university level.

Recruiting for the new Honors College in New Brunswick will begin next fall. Matt Matsuda will be leading the development of the program for the college.

We will be receiving another communication on the weather policy that will provide better guidelines for deans and units. While the new guidelines will provide additional clarity, units will still have some discretion based on local needs and within union contracts.

VP Kukor discussed the purchase of Academic Analytics, which provides information on faculty publications and research/scholarly activity. Data for RU is now being entered, and Kukor reported that deans will be able to get data by faculty member, discipline or department when all the data has been checked for accuracy and completeness. His office is looking at PhD programs initially.

Special Collections Strategic Plan – Izbicki/Fernanda Perrone

Izbicki noted that the Special Collections and University Archives Strategic Plan is the result of nearly a year of work led by Jeanne Boyle with Christine Wolff’s help; it was based on the same planning she did for the IJS. Izbicki developed a PowerPoint that gave a tour of the plan; Perrone discussed the internal process indicating that it’s been about ten years since they had strategic plan; identified as the most important components of special collections were leadership, funding, people, special collection services, preservation, space, cataloging and exhibitions. Perrone was asked to write up a plan based on the input; the draft was circulated to faculty, staff and Boyle. The most important priorities were unique collections, preserving these collections, making them accessible, increasing outreach, and making special collections better known. Boyle said that there is a need to digitize and get materials out to the public; artifacts also have to be preserved. Perrone discussed support for genealogy in special collections. It was noted that this has general public interest but is not of prime relevance to RU teaching and research. Gaunt said that the strategic plan is very good and describes strategies. She noted that in the bigger picture when advocating for more space, staff must make the case based on how you support the university’s strategic plan, and consider options related to our CIC partners. When describing special collections, we need to articulate clearly the value to the Rutgers community; how we describe the collections, how they are used; and the return on investment the university will make. Cohn noted that the timing of the 250th would be a great way to showcase the materials; the history of medicine, the history of health sciences in New Jersey. Perrone will take back the recommendations for library space. Just noted discussions that she had with Gaunt about space planning in New Brunswick, and that this is a good time to think about space planning for RUL. Cabinet agreed and a task Force will be set up for this purpose. Gaunt extended her congratulations to the group and thanks to Boyle for the good effort that went into the plan.

Digital Priorities – Gaunt

Gaunt reviewed with Cabinet the draft priorities discussed at the last meeting. She asked Agnew to provide input on how these areas affect staff workflow, and add other items currently in the works. When finalized, these priorities will be reviewed every six months. Link resolver and web discovery are a top priority; they have the biggest impact on our users across all domains; those need to be at the highest critical list. We have a soft landing date for RUcore development for open access articles; need to have a detailed implementation plan. Gaunt has tasked Mullen and Otto will come up with a draft implementation plan related to specific deliverables. While data is a priority, it does not have the same time dependency (and therefore a key priority) as the faculty and graduate student open access publications; we need to complete the work on rights for data before we can accept any more than what we are currently working on. We need more discussion for determining a priority for video deposits. We have a process working well for ETDs, so we will add the Health Sciences as a priority. We do want an intranet, but we are willing to put that on hold as not to jeopardize other time dependent areas. As far as digital projects, we will continue to work on the yearbooks for the 250th, but need resources to complete the process. New e-journals and E-textbooks are on hold for now; will continue the case study in Newark on oral histories to determine the impact for working in tis area. This will be the plan for the next six months; at the end of May, we will review this list and determine if changes are needed.

Decision Making System-wide and Locally – Gaunt

Gaunt reviewed that policy decisions are the responsibility of the VP for Information Services and University Librarian based on recommendations or input from faculty and staff through Cabinet. Thought this was a good time to review policy issues that are local/campus responsibility and those that are system-die policies. She noted that we would focus on major policies; there is a difference among policy, practice and procedures. She distributed a handout with basic principles and Cabinet worked through examples to illustrate. Major library policy affects all units and all library users. Local decisions do not rise to this level. What is decided locally should not affect other campuses and their users. Unique or local decisions would be library hours, weather condition closings, or reference hours; dependent on campus and local programmatic needs. System-wide policies would be whether we charge fines for lost materials and what that charge would be. There was general agreement and clarity on differences. How we represent the Libraries in our web presence will be a separate discussion at the next Cabinet meeting.


Gaunt: An announcement will be sent out to rul_everyone later today asking them to review the university framework and our draft plan related to the strategic plan. Directors and AULs will call meetings with their units to provide feedback; we are interested in new ideas. You have until the end of January.

Boyle: Boyle and Pilch attended an Academic Leadership Program on Copyright with Gaunt; Pilch talked to the deans about copyright; faculty appreciate copyright information on the website and want more copyright initiatives/presentations for their faculty.

Our IJS Fulbright scholar, Gabor Turi, has gone back to Hungary; before he left he set up a videoconference with his home university; he is suggesting we continue having dialogues.

There will be a concert from the Great American Songbook Concert Series on December 10 from 2-4; On December 18, Tad Hershorn: The Archival Marshall Stearns; Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies archivist Tad Hershorn takes a fascinating look at the many interesting materials that make up the collection of IJS founder Marshall Stearns, who was also the author of two essential jazz text books: The Story of Jazz and Jazz Dance (which he co-wrote with his wife Jean).

Construction will begin in the reference room at Dana Library on December 24 when new furniture, carpeting, and computers will be installed.

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