University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the March 4, 2014 Meeting

Agnew (phone), Boyle, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden (VC), Izbicki, Just, Kuchi
Cohn, Mullen
Abbey Baker, Kerry O’Rourke

University Librarian’s Report – Gaunt

Gaunt asked Cabinet members to attend the Libraries Faculty Meeting on March 7. We will discuss the AAUP contract for NTTs which was approved by members, and the few changes/additions to our proposed recommendations made in 2012. The open meeting following the business meeting will be an opportunity to discuss further our strategic plan. We will share information gathered from the units as well as any additional strategies and knowledge of campus plans.

Conversations have taken place between legacy UMD AAUP and RU Administration about the status of legacy UMDNJ librarians. We are hopeful that this may be concluded before too long.

CAPR – The Committee on Academic Planning and Review is considering how best to define its role related to program reviews—a new way of looking at what should be reviewed. The current accreditation and site visits need not be replicated by CAPR. Deans could suggest programs they think need to be reviewed; Kukor’s research analytics might suggest programs needing reviews. Edwards is seeking nominations to the committee. Candidates should be top faculty – PIIs.

Presidential Fellowships – EVPAA Edwards is charged with identifying the first 20 presidential fellows of the 100 recommended by the President in his first 100 days initiatives. If we want to take advantage of this during the academic year we need to act quickly. An email will be sent soon to the deans, which they can share with their doctoral program chairs to identify candidates. Each campus will get a share of fellows. NB will get 13. Edwards hopes to identify about 24 candidates and a committee, chaired by Kukor, will make recommendations. Areas of emphases identified in the strategic plans will be a priority. Candidates can be internal or externally funded fellows. It excludes GAs, TAs and Co-ads because of union contracts. The fellowships can last for five years, with annual applications. If the candidate moves to a grant, he/she will become ineligible.

Partner/Spousal hires – Edwards want to use the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 program he used at UNC for spousal hires. The process would require the requesting unit, the hiring unit, and the EVPAA to each contribute 1/3 of the cost (including benefits) to hire the spouse. If the spouse leaves for any reason, the funds revert back to the original units.

Diversity hiring – Diversity hires are funded for a 3-year period, with the EVPAA paying for 50% of the salary for that period. Edwards suggested that he will use the funds returning to his office after the three years have concluded to offer additional hires under the same terms. He encouraged the deans to consider the use of these funds for a target of opportunity recruitment, over and above expanding the diversity of our recruitment pools.

NB Campus Strategic Planning – No new members of the committee will be added at this time; the committee will be seeking ways to ensure input from the campus and vetting proposals. The NB campus issues are well imbedded in the university plan. Edwards asked Deans to have their unit plans by June 1, if possible. There will be a campus level $3M one-time funding to support strategic initiatives. These should cross unit/departmental lines. A website will be launched later this week with information about planning and opportunities to respond.

Searches – The following searches are underway: GSE, SAS, and Chancellor in Camden.

Next meeting of Deans Council – Kukor will present on academic analytics; deans will have their data sets in advance.

RCM - Gower and Winterbauer reviewed the new budgeting process for 2015/16, Responsibility Centered Management (RCM), at the Deans Council meeting. The handout that covered the basics was sent to Cabinet members. RCM is a work in progress. Gaunt is on the Advisory Committee and Baker will be on the technical committee, so we will have an opportunity for input.

Budget Request Preparation - Gaunt

Gaunt shared the memo from the VP for Finance regarding budget planning for FY 14/15. We are required to submit the Libraries plan for next year no later than March 14. Given the tight deadline, this planning exercise is a priority. Please provide your unit plans mirroring the scenarios outlined in the memo no later than March 7. As a central administrative unit there is an expectation that efficiencies and related savings have arisen from our recent merger with UMDNJ. In our planning we must identify both savings as well as costs of the integration. The university has not specified whether they are absorbing the one-time or continuing costs of the integration, therefore our scenarios must take this into consideration and describe the impact.

As stated in the memo, the budget planning scenarios are as follows:

General guidelines included reviewing functional areas where data suggest that savings should be possible. Please analyze your overall operation for possible consolidations and eliminations; this includes reorganization, closing of branch libraries, elimination or reduction in particular operations or services. Please also be sure to consider other inflationary costs your unit must cover outside of the general 1.25% inflation factor. This includes annual increases in the cost of subscriptions, warranties, other contractual obligations, etc. Salary increases for FY15 are unknown at this point but should be considered as covered by the 1.25% general inflation factor for the purpose of this exercise.

You will need to work with your unit business person and Abbey Baker to develop your budget, staff and cost data necessary for your plan. We will handle the worksheets and rosters referred to in the memo. If you find your internal budget data insufficient to complete this exercise, please contact Abbey as soon as possible. The planning for collections needs to include the deficit spending for this year of $500K, inflation for next year, and the merged collection cost increase of $750K.

Until we have more definitive information regarding the future of our budget, recruitment for all vacancies not currently posted are placed on hold until further notice.

After this exercise of budget reductions has been completed, I ask that you revisit your planning process for future unit needs, as we will also need to provide information on what we are unable to provide with a reduced budget. Boyle and Christine Wolff are simultaneously working on data comparing RUL to our peers, as was requested in the VPs instructions.

We will gather all the unit plans over the weekend and meet again next week to review strategies, make changes in our reduction plan, and consider the benchmarking data to support our case. Please remember that this is scenario planning, and we will not know if any of these scenarios will become our final budget. We will have an opportunity to present our needs in a meeting with the VP.


Just: Francesca Giannetti, our new Digital Humanities Librarian, started yesterday; please join us on Thursday, March 6 at 3:00 PM in the Alexander Administrative Suite to welcome her.

Boyle: Elizabeth Surles, Institute of Jazz Studies Archivist, was accepted into the Institute for Research Design in Librarianship (IRDL) residency and networking program.

Izbicki: The final candidate for the New Jersey Regional Studies Librarian and Head of Public Services position will be interviewed on Monday.

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