University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the April 29, 2014 Meeting

Agnew, Cohn, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden (VC), Izbicki, Just, Kuchi, Mullen

University Librarian’s Report - Gaunt

The Rutgers Day event was a great success. The weather was beautiful and our tables and tents were very busy. Rebecca Gardner coordinated the program with her team and there were staff and faculty volunteers. We added a Health Sciences Libraries table this year that attracted many. Gaunt encouraged Cabinet members to consider volunteering and publicizing this among their units for next year.

The University is sponsoring an Accessible Technology and Information conference on Friday, May 2, coordinated by the Executive Director of the University’s Office of Disability Services. Fredenburg and others will represent us there. Federal law mandates that we be accessible physically and virtually, and we will need to review our accommodations and services accordingly. We will report after the conference.

Last week the Libraries were well represented at the first University Diversity Conference under VP Jorge Schement’s leadership. It drew attendees from a cross-section of university academic and administrative offices. Since diversity is a major theme of the university strategic plan, the focus of the conference was on areas where the university can improve itself and where it can be a leader among our CIC peers and beyond. Some of the topics covered were mentoring new faculty, orientations for faculty and staff, better coordination among units and offices responsible for diversity, eliminating silos, and benchmarks and measures on the value of diversity.

Profs. Marty Gliserman and Martha Cotter are organizing an undergraduate conference for the fall. This has occurred annually and many librarians attend. This may be an opportunity again for us related to information literacy in the curriculum, transforming the student experience, and services; should make contact during the planning stages.

Jantz, Just, and Gaunt will be meeting today with several student leaders about their efforts in the area of promoting open textbooks. The meeting is exploratory to consider if the Libraries could/should have some role in supporting this initiative. CIC schools, as well as many other universities, are playing a part in this area, but there is no single path or initiative. Gaunt will report back following discussions.

Gaunt, Baker, and Fredenburg were part of the budget reduction scenario meetings last week. We reviewed our three scenario plan and explained the rationale for choices, as well as the need to not only maintain but expand resources. Data comparing RUL to the public CIC members was shared. The group of VPs and associates in the budget office of the University responded well to our information, but noted that they were meeting with all units and would not be able to give us any definite answer on the budget scenarios at this time. There is a separate planning meeting in mid-May, and Gaunt will have another opportunity to discuss plans.

There are open meetings scheduled on the NB Strategic Plan, and Gaunt recommended that everyone on the NB campus consider attending.

Reports on OCLC/CIC Shared Print Management Symposium and SXSW – Just

Just shared data from the OCLC/CIC print book collections comparisons that were done for the CIC before Rutgers and Maryland joined. Based on report “Right-scaling Stewardship” report from OCLC; compared print book collections from all CIC (pre-RU and Maryland) against each other, and against the collective CIC holdings. OSU used as comparator - typical or median CIC institution. The data did not reflect our collections. Nonetheless, much of the data would likely still apply. As an example of an average collection, Ohio State was compared to the CIC collection. They had an overlap of 14% which means that 14% of their collection is held by 10 CIC institutions. They had a unique amount (no more than 1-3 libraries owned a title) of 38%. When comparing all of the CIC institutions taken together, using the same measure, only 4% is redundant, and 76% is rare. This means that the CIC alone is not sufficient to provide all that we need. We need to review this data by collection formats/types. We also need to consider what type of repository we may want – virtual, dark archive, etc. – and the goals – better access or preservation, or other, in order to make good decisions.

OCLC did a run for each institution; including Rutgers, of the subject headings and identities that were the strengths of each institution and the percentage they held in OCLC. Our top headings were New Jersey–New Brunswick, and United States–Department of Homeland Security; and identities were New Jersey, and Heritage Foundation (Washington, DC).

The SXSW conference was thought provoking again, and one theme was the “Internet of Things” – anything that connects to the internet or things you wear (TV, Fridge, car, Fitbit, Nest, Google Glass, iBeacon, bathroom scale, kickstarter for IoT cat toy, healthcare/wellness devices, heart rate monitor, pulseox); 3-D printing in color was another topic, as was “image think” – someone records key take-aways from a presentation on a whiteboard as the presentation is being given and then turns it into a drawing to capture themes, thoughts, issues, and Oculus Rift -- available to developers only; like a modern day VuMaster; created immersive virtual worlds; just acquired by Facebook.

Planning Meeting Discussion – Gaunt

The Planning Meeting for the Libraries for FY14/15 is in mid-May. Gaunt reviewed the topics that are requested by VP Edwards to be covered by all academic units (planning/assessment, recruitment and personnel, major initiatives, particular needs, challenges). Comments concerning information literacy, open access, webscale/link resolver, space planning, preservation, and OLE were noted.

Report on CNI/DPN – Gaunt

Moved to the next meeting agenda.


Izbicki attended the CRL meeting in Chicago. There were two interesting developments:

Golden reported that the conference organized by Still and Wilkinson on women in science fiction “Buffy to Batgirl: Women & Gender in SciFi, Fantasy, & Comics” will be taking place this weekend with a very large international attendance.

Just reported that RUL has been accepted into this year's ACRL Assessment in Action (AiA) cohort. Leslin Charles is our librarian team leader and she will be working with administrators in the McNair Scholars program to measure library instruction impact on their students.

Fredenburg reported that there will be a university review of diversity in the recruitment process so that units will need to report on the rationale for selection of the finalist candidates.

Next meeting: May 13, 2014

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