University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the June 3, 2014 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Cohn (VC), Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden (VC), Izbicki, Just, Kuchi, Mullen

University Librarian’s Report - Gaunt

Gaunt asked Cabinet about continuing one of our memberships. We may be subscribing to some content. If so we will continue and reconsider next year. Gaunt will follow-up.

Gaunt, Fredenburg and Just met with staff in the university’s Office of Disability Services to discuss how we might collaborate. Their office is scanning textbooks for students who are visually impaired and we were asked about a scanning collaboration if we have better equipment. All students with disabilities should be registering with the ODS office so they have access to services and course materials that are scanned for them. Icons are placed on public computers for easy access to materials. Our public PCs should have them. We discussed the possibility of sharing a database of scanned books across institutions, and licenses for updated versions of Jaws and Kurzweil. We also discussed the variety of student services offered in New Brunswick and where they are physically located. As the University Capital Plan is in progress, it would be a good time to consider optimal physical arrangements for related student support services. We noted that Megan Lotts is our ADA liaison. Just will be the point person related to collaborations with ODS and will follow-up on our discussions.

New NTT Procedures – Fredenburg/Mullen

Cabinet discussed the NTT documents that had been posted on Sakai; it will also be an agenda item at Friday’s faculty meeting. Mullen noted that the procedures and criteria have been on the website since April and posted as a draft. A subgroup of Mullen, Kuchi, Fredenburg, Melissa De Fino, and Caryn Radick has been working on the criteria and have been open to feedback. Most of the feedback is related to the Form NTT 1-L. It was created to mirror the university’s form 1-L used for reappointment and promotion for tenure-track faculty, but does not have the section on scholarship. Evaluation for the NTT’s is on librarianship and service. Some NTT librarians may have scholarship, but promotion will not be based on that. Service is important, because the NTT are focused more internally – the Libraries and the university. The NTT Promotion Calendar is another new piece; the NTT faculty is eager to start using it. We posted the calendar based on the tenure track calendar, but it is much shorter. It begins with the HR office sending out letters of eligibility. The health sciences librarians are in negotiation about their status. Once that is settled, should they be NTT faculty, they are likely to follow these procedures, unless negotiated otherwise. On July 1, current NTTs will all be Librarian of Practice IV. Those with 6 years of service are eligible to come up for promotion. New appointments can be made at any level. An NTT is a contract position, unlike a tenured faculty member. It is based on the continued need for the position, availability of funding, and a positive formal evaluation. When recruiting for the NTT, position descriptions will be clear on expectations and scope of responsibilities as NTTs will be evaluated on that. The NTT document with our procedures will remain a draft until the faculty meeting; at that time, assuming no changes, it will be on our website as final. If there are personal questions after the Faculty meeting on Friday, they should be directed to the AULs/Directors or Fredenburg.

Digital Project Priorities - Gaunt

Gaunt reviewed the Digital Priorities document from December 2013. Cabinet had agreed to revisit the list every six months and reassess priorities. Each priority was reviewed based on its current status and potential change. Gaunt also asked if there were new things that should be on the list. All of these categories are important to us; it is a matter of prioritizing our workload to be able to accomplish them.

Digital Infrastructure

Link resolver – continues to be a top priority; it will be finished up by the end of June.

Web discovery – a high priority; leave as is.

RUcore development for open access articles – a major priority; on target for implementation as planned.

ETDs in Health Sciences – this is moving along. In October, the first school will begin deposit.

Rucore development for data – no change. Establishing a task force on research data implementation. University Counsel will develop data policy after examining our process.

RUcore video deposits – this was put on hold because we need more analysis of videos from other sources than the Libraries; we can continue videotaping and depositing SCC programs.

Intranet – this will be put on hold, even though we are working on various aspects. Getting ready to use Zimbra calendaring in BookRoom; adding the ability to report hardware problems; we are meeting tomorrow to discuss adding the tenure documents. We are not stopping everything to build an Intranet, but have been building it by pieces.

RUcore developments for NJDH and NJDL – if there are small things that can be done, we can go ahead; no major enhancements at the expense of higher priorities.

Digital Preservation of RU Collections – remains on hold; we need an overall preservation plan that includes the digital. Izbicki charged with developing the plan. As soon as an agreed upon plan is in place we can move forward.

OLE/Valid – working with the software as it is released, but not at the expense of other projects.

Digital Project Areas

Yearbooks – will continue to digitize as time and staff permit, especially for the 250th anniversary of the university, but must secure outside funding for a major effort.

New e-journals – continue with work on our current e-journals. Doing the history journal and CSC working on a proposal template for considering new e-journals; will put it on an agenda when ready to present the template and process.

E-textbooks – will consider a project with an engineering faculty member who has a text; based on the outcome we may determine of this is a priority for moving forward..

Special Collections/IJS – as part of our strategic plan we want to digitize our unique holdings; need Special Collections to prioritize what would be the most valuable collections; seeking new funds and grants for digital projects. They should go through the digitization process already in place.

Other individual digital projects in process will continue as they are.

There are other digital projects that may not be about digitizing anything, but are service or workflow oriented. We need to determine how they get implemented. Gaunt asked the AULs to determine a process/workflow for entertaining these types of projects/implementations. It would be useful to provide examples of such projects. We will put this on a future agenda when the AULs are ready to provide plans.

Gaunt will update the Digital Priorities list for June 2014 so we have documentation and send it out to you as draft.

Task Force on Research Data Implementation – Gaunt

Gaunt has been talking to Pilch about the University Counsel’s plans for a data policy; they want to know how we plan or have a process to implement data deposited in RUcore. She shared a list of activities that could be considered in a charge to a task force on data implementation. Cabinet reviewed the list and made suggestions for edits. The work of this team is to create a process by which we accept and deposit data in RUcore. It was agreed that CISC and the Office of the Vice President for Research and ORSP should be consulted early in the process, so that those who are most affected by this plan are part of the process and understand what we are doing. Cabinet made recommendations for membership, and the task force should be able to rely on others as needed in their planning. Gaunt will revise the draft charge, add the list of members, and share with Cabinet for a final review.

Strategic Plan Draft – Boyle

Boyle reviewed the latest draft of the Strategic Plan. Cabinet made comments, edits and corrections; Cohn agreed to rewrite the introduction in order to lead with a more futuristic statement; she will send to Boyle by Wednesday morning. Boyle will revise the draft and send to rul_everyone prior to the Faculty meeting on Friday.

CIC Debrief – Gaunt

This item is tabled until the next meeting.


Izbicki: Tim Corlis is going to receive the New Jersey Library Association's Susan Swartzburg Award at their annual meeting on June 3, 2014 in Atlantic City. The award is given in recognition of his statewide leadership and dedication to the preservation and interpretation of archival, library, or historical materials.

Agnew: There is still time to register for a very unique and entertaining half day conference, “New Jersey: State of Invention,” in the SCC of the Alexander Library, 1-4:30 PM, Saturday, June 28. There are talks on New Jersey inventions past and present and the opportunity to hear and meet an eyewitness to invention history, Princess Electtra Marconi Giovannelli, daughter of one of the most famous and prolific inventors of all time, Guglielmo Marconi. The conference ends with exhibits and food invented in New Jersey including the domesticated blueberry, the pork roll and of course, pizza, from the oldest pizzeria in the United States, PaPa's Tomato Pies of nearby Robbinsville. Register today at

Boyle: The jazz fellows are at Newark, and will be here for another week. Boyle noted that Nancy Cantor, Chancellor of Rutgers University-Newark is chairing the transition team for the new mayor. Clem Price is chairing the 350th anniversary committee for Newark. Krista White was invited to be a member.

Cohn: Noted that the Newark RBHS strategic plan focuses on three areas – clinical and research initiatives; enabling structures, and education initiatives. Final vetting meeting was last week; now they will assimilate the results. A new development is the feasibility study for an intra-professional building on the Newark campus; the Smith library has a piece of the building and is integrated into the concept.

Gaunt: The June 10 Cabinet meeting is cancelled; we will meet again on June 24. The open access journals proposal will be on that agenda. Library faculty meeting this Friday.

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