University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the June 24, 2014 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Cohn, Fredenburg, Gaunt, Golden, Izbicki (phone), Just, Kuchi, Mullen

University Librarian’s Report - Gaunt

Gaunt noted that at the recent Board of Governors meeting the School of Nursing, Rutgers-Camden, and the legacy UMDNJ School of Nursing in Stratford were merged into the School of Nursing-Camden. She also reported on response and next steps in the VALID OLE RFP process, distributed and gave highlights of the recent CIC Library Directors meeting, and shared the compilation of media clips of the Libraries for 2013/14.

Cabinet discussed planning for the next six months before her retirement. Topics included personnel, VALID OLE, RCM, RUcore, space planning, technologies, policies, the strategic plan, and organizational changes. She asked Cabinet to consider system wide activities as well as unit activities to complete, continue progress, or put off. All agreed that it would be useful to have meetings for faculty and staff related to the upcoming change.

Faculty Positions “Wish List” – Mullen

Mullen presented the compilation of new faculty position descriptions that the Planning and Coordinating Committee has been working on the past year. It is a continuation of the previous list for which we managed to recruit most of the positions over the last six years. She noted that not all the descriptions were fleshed out completely, but they are meant to be indicative of what skills and responsibilities are needed in new areas. The titles of positions may change at the point of recruitment, and some positions might be combined with existing positions or other new positions. Comments were made about priorities for some positions as well as some title and language changes. We agreed that the list presented a good picture of what is needed. Based on the changing nature of the types of positions needed, Cabinet discussed the need for core competencies and/or core responsibilities of all faculty positions, especially as we take on new roles and deal with new issues. Cabinet asked Planning and Coordinating Committee to consider core competencies and core responsibilities of positions as we move forward.

Review of Strategic Plan – Boyle

Several more comments were received on the Strategic Plan and Cabinet reviewed them for changes. Overall, the plan looks good. The final review will take one more look at consolidating similar bullets, and we will be able to submit the plan. Thanks to all who wrote, reviewed, and contributed comments.

Meeting Room Policy – Boyle

The policy statement for use of meeting rooms in the Libraries is a brief general statement that applies to all libraries, so specific campuses are not noted. All the details related to specific meeting rooms in each of our libraries are documented and may change if necessary at the local level. Cohn and Golden will write the policies for each of their libraries. Boyle noted that on reviewing library policies we do not have one on “challenged books.” She and Izbicki will work on a draft policy for Cabinet review.

ARL DRAFT Proposal for Book Subventions – Gaunt

The AAU and ARL created a task force on scholarly communication to examine the changing landscape of scholarly communication and explore ways that digital technologies can increase access to and reduce the costs of scholarly publications. The task force focused on the economic challenges confronting the publishing of scholarly books, particularly the first books of junior professors in the humanities and qualitative social sciences. They developed a draft proposal that describes a system of institutionally funded subventions for faculty first books and have asked for feedback. The subvention would cover the first books typically required of tenure which is the greatest challenge in the current market model. University presses have reduced the number of books published due to library purchase declines and other market forces, reducing the outlets for junior faculty. The university press imprimatur on a publication carries weight in tenure decisions. By paying up front for the cost of publications, both the press and the author benefit. The proposal also calls for an e-version of the book available for free, opening up access to more scholarship, and helping to expand overall interest in changing the scholarly communication landscape. The proposal was very detailed, but Cabinet felt that faculty would still see this as pay to publish or vanity press; institutions may want to have the book royalties to pay back their costs; and the proposal is not addressing change that needs to happen in the academy. The proposal may have been more compelling if it had focused on what knowledge we are losing and how best to capture it in new ways. The administrative infrastructure implied in the proposal to oversee this seems too heavy for the project, and it’s very uncertain that a mass of institutions will agree to participate in order to make this viable. It was suggested that a program on the concepts in the plan might be an opportunity to engage the faculty in these issues.


Agnew – Ron Jantz was promoted to Librarian I and there will be a celebration after ALA; on Saturday June 28 the Libraries are hosting and co-sponsoring a conference on NJ: the State of Invention; University Relations will be filming it; Princess Elettra Marconi is the keynote speaker; there is now a website portal NJ Invents.

Boyle – Consuela Askew will be joining Dana Library as Director on August 24, 2014.

Cohn – Natalie Wadley has accepted a position at Stockton University and there will be a Health Sciences party on July 3; Cohn is working with Agnew on the transition of technical services activities; SFX has been phased out; users have been confused about the web integration on June 16 and we need more communication.

Fredenburg: The business office is working on closing the fiscal year; librarians and eligible staff should receive the $500 bonus in the first paycheck after July 1.

Just: The search for the Head of Access Services is almost finished, and with Wadley leaving, the Access Supervisors will report directly to her until there is a change.

Kuchi: Two Myanmar librarians will be visiting for a month in October as part of the University’s work with Myanmar under VP Regulska; Kuchi and Just are working on the program for the librarians and individuals outside RIS may be called on to give one of the program sessions.

Agenda setting: Update on graduate student conversations and business librarian position (Just).

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