University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the September 23, 2014 Meeting

Agnew, Askew, Baker (Guest), Boyle, Cohn, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Glynn, Golden, Izbicki, Just, Kuchi

University Librarianís Report - Gaunt

Gaunt reported on the September Deans Council meeting. The campuses are working through issues related to the university giving more autonomy to the campuses as specified in the merger legislation. If there are specific changes they will be reported.

The University Promotion and Review Committee for tenure actions will change its composition. Instead of the chancellors, each campus will be represented by its provost. RBHS has a provost for Newark and one for New Brunswick. All other membership remains the same.

EVPAA Edwards talked briefly about the dean and university librarian searches; chairs have been identified, and they are moving ahead at various stages of implementation. Kuchi reported that she had submitted a list of Libraries faculty members that include a diversity of representation from which they will choose; they have identified a search firm and will proceed with the hiring process.

The Board of Governors has asked the university to prepare a list of dashboard indicators that include the wide array of activities in which faculty engage.

We have until October 1 to submit final comments and changes to the New Brunswick Strategic Plan.

Work on the Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) project is moving ahead. A shadow system has been put into effect this year to track how the RCM financial models for each unit mirror current financial activities. The full system is expected to be in place July 1, 2015.

At the Senate meeting, President Barchi reported on his moving ahead on the initiatives for the first 100 days of the Strategic Plan. He discussed the recruitment of an additional 150 faculty over the next five years.

Budget Discussion Ė Gaunt/Fredenburg/Baker

Cabinet reviewed documents Boyle posted in advance on Sakai: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Comparison with Peers and Aspirants and NCES/Academic Libraries Survey Fiscal Year: 2012. The NCES Comparison with Peers and Aspirants is from the access we get to the IPEDs statistics through our LibPAS subscription. The second document breaks statistics down by campus. The documents compare our level of institutional support, and our service statistics compared to our peers.

Cabinet reviewed the reduction plans submitted by each of the units and discussed their impact. All vacancies were included in the plans so that we would have an opportunity to see what the impact would be. Baker reminded Cabinet that following the last Cabinet meeting, additional meetings were held with the selectors to detail the different issues we have to address. Collections already has an $800K shortfall due to inflation and eroding of gift funds for the approval plan. Izbicki noted that the Parents Fund, which has been used primarily for collections and has been declining over the last few years, brought in a little over $100K this year, and it is going to cease. The annual fund proceeds have also been declining. We received the $750K from the university related to cost of merging our subscriptions. That is a recurring cost and was added to our permanent budget. The selectors are working on the $800K collections shortfall separately from what we are working on today. When we received our budget allocation for FY15, it included both the addition of the $750K and a reduction of $1.3M in our overall budget, which equates to about 4%. In addition, we have a permanent increase of $500K for salary increase obligations. This brings us to $1.8M. We must also meet a $300K annual obligation to participate in the CIC; Gaunt agreed to continue funding the CIC expenses for one additional year from non-state funds. As we use these funds, it leaves less money for other activities or emergencies. We agreed to take a final review of the plans, get more specific financial data on some areas where we did not have time to do so, and try to put a cost on the one-time funds needed to implement some of the changes. We also noted that the formula for the RCM must build in the costs for inflation on serials and the increase in salaries. Without these very basic items, we will not be able to solve systemic problem.


Agnew: TAS is working at consolidating staff locations based on how work is accomplished; in January, DTS will move from Alexander Library to TAS.

We will be hosting a Visiting Fulbright Scholar from Belarus, Darya Zvanarova; a reception will be planned to welcome her.

The University of Michigan gave us a test site for HathiTrust; we plan to test access and functionality through Friday; will ask to move on to the main site next week if all works well.

Just: Please join us at 3:30 p.m. in the reference suite area to welcome Janet Croft.

Kuchi: The Myanmar librariansí visas are done, thanks to Michele Petosa. They will be arriving October 1.

Golden: The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the second floor of the Robeson Library is scheduled for October 9 in conjunction with a Board of Governors meeting; Gaunt will attend the ribbon cutting.

Cohn: RBHS Strategic Plan was approved; should be out this week; will send something to Cabinet after posting.

Fredenburg: Continuing with the consolidation of budget operations; very shortly Charlene Houser and her staff will be reporting to the budget office.

Askew: Marshall Stearnsí daughter visited the IJS archives, and was able to see the fruits of her fatherís collection, which was the basis for the IJS. Tad Hershorn did the investigative work and was able to bring her to the IJS; we had a reception for her. Hopefully, it will not be her last visit.

Yesterday the Rutgers University-Newark unveiled its strategic plan; while the IJS was mentioned, Dana Library was not.

From 5:30-7:30 p.m. this evening, the IJS is sponsoring an author talk with Barbara Kukla and a live jazz performance by the Leo Johnson Quartet; this is a free event.

Gaunt: With all the campus strategic plans now emerging, directors and AULs should look at initiatives in the plans and ascertain where the Libraries can be involved.

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