University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the December 9, 2014 Meeting

Agnew, Askew, Cohn, Fredenburg, Fultz, Gaunt, Glynn, Golden (VC), Izbicki, Just, Kuchi
Rose Barbalace, Gracemary Smulewitz

University Librarianís Report - Gaunt

Gaunt, Fredenburg, and Baker have a budget meeting with Gower and Winterbauer today at 11 a.m.; hopefully, we'll have a final answer today. Had Boyle been here, she would have joined us.

The announcement that Boyle will be the Interim went out on December 3; Boyle will take my place on all the committees on which I serve; we have been talking regularly and involving her in all the issues.

Today is the last Cabinet meeting I will be chairing; my last day in the office will be December 18. I will be available for any contextual questions, I'm handing the operations over January 1, 2015.

The retirement celebration was fabulous. Thank you all for everything. I will put something out to rul_everyone announcing plans.

There was a Deans Council on Monday. At that meeting, Edwards announced that Boyle would be appointed Interim.

Jerry Kukor gave a handout on how schools rank in the disciplines; Rutgers has a custom taxonomy that was done for them. The taxonomy is the taxonomy the AAU uses to rank disciplines.

Edwards mentioned that the strategic plan is done and would be going to the board soon; will be available on the web the end of January; he suggested we check out the items that will be funded. Faculty with common interests will be contacted.

There was a call for international symposia; nine proposals have been submitted; the deans were asked to provide names of people who could serve on the committee. Submitters need to be notified by February 1.

According to Edwards, they have moved to small group bargaining; hopeful they will come to a decision soon.

Continuing with the presidential fellows program for doctoral students across the university; the number will be based according to the numbers in each of the universities. An announcement will go out to the chancellors this week.

Henry Rutgers Chairs and Henry Rutgers Term Professorships will be awarded again.

Discussed sexual assault on campuses and how to handle it; the university will be looking at the issue of crisis communication.

From the CIC Fall Library Directors Meeting:

CIC Membership Dues: Directors approved a stepped increase over the next three years (2016-2018) adding $5,000 per year to top out at $20,000 in 2018. CIC will report back on how this impacts the Provost membership dues. Directors agreed for the coming year (FY 2016) to increase their central fund commitment from $150,000 to $200,000. Opt-in funding will remain at the existing level of $50,000. Maryland will contribute $200,000 to central spending with a "virtual" commitment of $50,000 for opt-in. Rutgers and Ohio State will stay at the 2015 level of support. CIC is to query Michigan following the meeting.

Review of SPR: All approved the proposal to conduct a program assessment in the coming year with the addition of Sherri Michaels to the proposed committee.

CLI 2015 Conference: Directors approved a program around the theme of communications, public relations, and strategies for engaging the campus. The CIC is to follow up with a draft abstract that the directors will review and approve prior to convening a conference planning group.

Geospatial Data Discovery Project: Eleven schools (potentially twelve) committed to participate and invest in the proposed pilot. Those institutions opting in were Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue, Penn State, Michigan State, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio State. Indiana will potentially participate. Rutgers and Maryland were unable to commit at this time. Chicago will need to report after the meeting.

The CIC Library dean/directors reviewed the Open Textbook Initiative proposal and support the objectives and goals.

CIC-CLI Committees: General consensus was to allow groups that choose to meet at ALA or elsewhere to continue to do so. Groups with a specific charge or expectation of a deliverable should have a charge and a Director liaison. The Directors will have spring conversation about programmatic collaboration principles that might further address questions about CIC committee activities.

The directors discussed the Humanities without Walls initiative and the Avalon media preservation system.

Marketing and Public Relations Committee Update - Fredenburg/Barbalace

With the departure of Harry Glazer, the chairmanship of the Public Relations and Marketing Committee became vacant. Gaunt asked Rose Barbalace to assume the position as chair, and invited her to come to Cabinet and discuss the mission and plans of the committee during the interim period without a Communications Director and a permanent University Librarian. Barbalace noted that the committee has worked on branding exercises, the Libraries promotional video, maintains very active social media pages, has been involved in Rutgers Day, alumni weekend and the new faculty orientation. Barbalace thought it would be good for the committee to take a look at event planning and create a standardized approach; would like to see more consistency in what we are doing. Barbalace and Just discussed blurring of the lines; thought it would be great if we focused PR and marketing on system-wide and outward-facing events. Would be helpful if the marketing team offered and marketed itself as a server to event planners internally; create a packet of information that says what they can offer, but also what the expectations are for event planning, event tabling, etc., how to maximize your events. Barbalace noted that Glazer developed a sheet listing communication items that needed to be known six-weeks before being published; the team could write a newsletter or put it on an events calendar; would like to post digital signage that the Libraries could share. Barbalace noted that Glazer was responsible for the Faculty Author's event, and the Marketing team was peripherally involved. Would it happen this year? In the past, the EVPAA and one author would speak; this year it should go to the Chancellor. Based on this discussion, Fredenburg will put together an enhanced charge to the marketing team, effective January 2015, highlighting the additional goals in the Marketing Plan for 2013-2015, and get it out to the committee. Gaunt thanked Barbalace for her willingness to serve and her ideas.

Proposed Change to Access to Library Resources and Services Policy - Just

To address the Libraries policy that only persons with a University ID are admitted to Alexander Library after 10:00 p.m., a paragraph needed to be added in the section on Access to Collections that stated that members of the publics who are unaffiliated with Rutgers and who wish to use depository materials during hours when a Rutgers identification card is required, may gain access by contacting the depository coordinator at least 24 hours in advance.

Immediate Handling of Communications/Development Functions - Fredenburg

Fredenburg provided an update on communications and development functions now that we are down those two positions. Matt Badessa has been changed to a Class 3 employee and is reporting to my office; he will handle communications, marketing and PR. We are working with the Foundation to determine how to handle development. Although he is not a development person, Badessa will handle some donor communications; he is responsible for continuing the stewardship and his role is communication in acknowledging our donors We are working with the Foundation to figure out how to cover development; Andrianni Vollas has been assigned to the Libraries; we think it is important for us to have our own development officer. Erica Parin will also spend time on marketing and PR. If you have any questions Matt is unable to answer, please contact Fredenburg or Boyle. DePaolo will handle the budget questions related to grants.

Acquisition and Retention Policy for Journals in Print and Electronic Formats - Izbicki/Gracemary Smulewitz

Izbicki reviewed the revised policy dated November 2014 with Cabinet. Appended to the document is an excerpt from the October 18, 2012 LRC minutes, and his own notes on future directions and issues. We have to make sure we adequately record any decisions; they need to be updated and more visible. These are things that will need to be dealt with. We will do more consolidation as we need more user space; Smulewitz noted in 1C it's not clear if all those conditions need to apply, or one needs to apply; the policy needs to say whenever one or more of these conditions apply. There are some journals that are only electronic. Print journals carry a wealth of obligation on our part; they should get more scrutiny for purchase. A print journal should be a high leader in the field; we should not purchase unless one is highly rated resource. Two important points in print - the management goes on and is limited in access; how can we justify buying it? We also are no longer binding anything; things are piling up. Just asked for clarification in 3D - when cancelling other multiple print subscriptions, can we just recycle those? No print subscription will be kept unless a library is willing to make a case; then put the onus on the library. Smulewitz noted it doesn't function that way; it lands on Izbicki's desk where the decision would be made. The real criteria have to be strength of the collection or user needs, which are minimal. Take it out; we don't need the energy that is put into it. Cabinet liked the idea of leaving it with the AUL with the understanding of the criteria; it has been difficult to make these decision based on logic. The policy needs to go back for a second review. The only thing that makes it easier is the print is less important now than it ever has been. There is no wrong decision. Do want to mention in 1B that CRL issued a new license template. We should acknowledge that; but it might require Cabinet discussion. As much as possible we are looking for the standard accepted practice for print. This needs to go back saying we prefer electronic; need to justify print usage. Izbicki will take the policy back to the LRC and work up a new draft with revisions for Cabinet to review. Agnew will assist in reviewing the revised document.


Agnew: Darya Zvanarova, a visiting Fulbright scholar from Belarus, will be at TAS until the end of February; Agnew will be bringing her to meetings.

Just: Just attended the planning forum on Monday to learn about the master plan process at Rutgers New Brunswick. She reported that it was an interesting presentation; nothing in particular directly affects the Libraries, and it is a fifteen- year plan. They reported on the final result of all the work they have been doing over the last 1.5 years. There will be similar reports for Camden and Newark. The key driver in New Brunswick is transportation between campuses; the Rutgers bus system is the second largest in the state and largest in academics. The general theme of the plan is that each campus - they kept calling them districts - each district will have a transit hub; Busch will have two; each hub will have key features within a five minute walk of the bus hub: student centers, dining, recreation, meeting space, lounge space, study space, commuter touchdown space. How will we fund? With grants, public/private partnership; and new debt for building as old debt expires. On campus and off - trying to create dedicated bus lanes on all the streets, including George and Neilson between CAC and Douglass They are overhauling housing; they are creating faculty and staff housing on the Cook Campus; co located with married student housing; help build a community feeling. Plan to build a whole research park between the Livingston ("the business campus") and Busch ("the science campus"). Want to bring in a private company to build a hotel and convention center on Livingston. The college avenue hub will be located on this block behind us. The deck, the physical plant, Brower, Records Hall, the center River Dorm will all come down. Want to build the transportation hub and pedestrian overpass where the central river dorm is now. On that new quad will be the rec center at one end, the transit hub at the other, student center, lounges, and a boardwalk along the river from the Rutgers Club to Boyd Park; a pedestrian path over the river from here Livingston. The immediate plan is a "jump start" affecting the current ASB I on Busch which will become the student services building. Moving people out of other buildings (like Records Hall) so they can start tearing those down, expanding housing and approving the spaces they will have. Goal for housing is to "densify" - the idea is that they can't build low buildings anymore; have to be high-rises; the business park and the hotel are examples of potential private/public partnerships.

Just asked Calcado about the Libraries; in a previous plan, Alex was part of the hub and had a separate entrance; he said that because of the limited time and the scope he didn't talk about the Libraries in his presentation, but that they were key elements of the new plan. He envisions the libraries having a much different role than they do now; a place for socialization and computing.

Fredenburg and Just had a meeting with campus facilities yesterday morning to talk about the space plan; seems like they are ready to move forward on RFP.

Izbicki: The LRC adopted a policy on moldy items; it includes a clause on not trying to remediate something on which we have a good copy. We will be doing training for the new interface page. Everyone will be invited to the training.

Cohn: A life sciences retreat symposium was held December 1 at the Busch Campus Center; Cohn and Ann Watkins had a Libraries table; there were ten breakout rooms; talked about the signature areas in the life sciences; it was a big networking day. David Kimball from ORED gave a keynote on all the core facilities available; had 20-30 people come up with pointed questions.

Just: Our diversity intern, Manuel Jusino, is finishing up his reference rotation; Cohn and Just are meeting to discuss his spring semester rotation at RBHS. In the summer, he will be assigned to Central Administration.

Golden: Happy Hanukkah, Marry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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