University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the February 10, 2015 Meeting

Agnew, Askew, Boyle, Cohn, Fredenburg, Fultz, Glynn, Golden (VC), Izbicki, Just, Kuchi

University Librarian’s Report – Boyle

Attended ALA in Chicago.

Deans Council was held Monday, February 2. The bulk of the meeting was spent discussing the New Brunswick Strategic Plan. Boyle distributed print copies and noted that the Libraries are mentioned on pages 18, 28, and 42 (the Rutgers Inclusion and Diversity Research Portal). As the university moves forward with the implementation of the strategic plan in New Brunswick, there are many task forces being set up. Boyle consulted with Just and has sent forward to Chancellor Edwards nominations for membership. Another agenda item was faculty productivity, which we will discuss in today’s meeting. Provost Lily Young, who is responsible for faculty development, passed out an agenda for a new faculty orientation in August, and the Libraries are included. There will be eventual accountability meetings with the units.

Just and Boyle are members of the New Brunswick Advisory Group on Academic Integrity that Gary Gigliotti is chairing, and attended the first meeting yesterday. This committee works with faculty on issues of academic integrity – such as how to develop good tests so it’s harder to cheat. One of the important topics at the meeting was the idea of having a testing center, possibly in a library space. Just is working on a proposal.

One of the handouts Boyle put on SAKAI for your information was ALA legislative issues. The other was an analysis of Obama’s budget for FY2016 prepared on behalf of the university by Lewis-Burke Associates.

Boyle, Fredenburg, and Matt Badessa met with our major gifts officer from the Foundation. We are working together to sort out how we’ll manage our smaller gifts since she works on $25,000 or above, and many of our gifts are much less. Routine processing is going fine; letters are going out. We made it very clear that we want and need our own development person in the Libraries; the Foundation is not persuaded we need our own person. We have asked for monthly meetings.

Boyle reminded Cabinet to have action plans done by the end of the month; there are multiple tabs in the spreadsheet. Boyle will let Cabinet know what will be required in mid-year reports.

Askew reported on the stabbing at Dana Library last Thursday. New security protocols were put in place very quickly. In order to get in, Rutgers faculty, students, and staff must show their Rutgers ID. Others must show their school ID or a government-issued ID and sign in and out. Entry doors on the east side of the building have been closed. Other topics discussed included: access for individuals with disabilities, panic buttons, issuing temporary IDs when a Rutgers person forgets their ID, privacy implications, when to call the police (at any sign of trouble), need for more security in other locations, access to the health sciences libraries, and cameras. Boyle said that this is a serious issue, and it was clear when she met with faculty and staff that people don’t feel safe and are very concerned. Fredenburg said that this is the time we need to have uniform policy.

Faculty Workload Template – Boyle

In the interest of time, this agenda item will be tabled until the next meeting.

Digital Humanities Lab Discussion – Just/Ron Jantz

Abby DiPaolo joined the meeting because of financial implications. As background, Just noted that over a year ago the campus Digital Humanities Initiative (DHI) wrote a report outlining the current and aspirational state of DH on campus. Among the recommendations in the report were goals to hire a DH faculty member in SAS and create a DH Lab in Alex. After library leadership discussed the DH Lab idea with members of the DHI, Cabinet approved the conversion of the SCC Seminar Rooms for this purpose. Jantz outlined a plan for the DH Lab including the background and progress-to-date, the goals of the project, the roadmap for Phase I of the lab, the configuration, details, equipment and software costs, Phase I outcomes, management and administration of the lab, the roadmap for Phase II of the lab, models of digital humanities resources at other CIC institutions. Jantz noted that the Digital Humanities Working Group was formed in April 2014; members include Fenghi Fan (Mary Ann Korouth was an earlier member from IIS), Francesca Gianetti, Ron Jantz (chair), Caryn Radick, Jon Sauceda, Krista White, and Zara Wilkinson. Just asked Cabinet to approve this phased model, which seems like an appropriate approach – a modest entry with a minimal cost requirement. The ultimate goal of the Phase I approach would be to turn the DH Lab into a more collaborative partnership before launching Phase II. In Phase II we could differentiate between different needs at different universities and include activities in Camden and Newark. Just also asked Cabinet to determine where in the organization it would live; it was agreed that Public Services would work on the front lines, and the technical behind the scenes would be managed by TAS. The DHWG would continue to lead the project, with Francesca Giannatti as permanent chair. Cabinet approved Jantz to move forward. DiPaola will be included in financial discussions.

Research Data Implementation Task Force Final Report – Just/Laura Palumbo

Palumbo presented the final report of the Task Force on Research Data Implementation, which outlined a phased approach to data deposits, and provided the policies and procedures recommended by the task force. Discussion included: timing and outreach opportunities. The report was endorsed by Cabinet.

Rutgers 250 Update – Matt Weismantel/Tom Frusciano

Matt Weismantel, Senior Director, University Communications and Marketing/Rutgers 250 joined Cabinet to give an overview of Rutgers 250. He passed around the second proof of the illustrated history of the University. The book deadline for ordering so one can be listed as a sponsor is March 1. The signature celebration period is from November 10, 2015 to November 10, 2016; the extended celebration is from August 2015- December 2016. They are working to avoid anniversary fatigue. Weismantel gave a PowerPoint presentation that showed all the ways the university is planning to mark and celebrate the anniversary. Weismantel observed that this is an exciting event from the Libraries perspective since we’ve been here since the very beginning. Special Collections and University Archives has been very helpful. A point of pride is that our age and history distinguishes Rutgers from everyone else. We are the first of the comprehensive research publics to hit 250! Weismantel and his group can be found through social media at and #rutgers250. Boyle is a member of the RU250 planning committee. Cabinet will have a discussion of what the Libraries can do – whether University-wide or specific to the three universities. This is an opportunity to market the Libraries and note how we have changed as user needs have changed over 250 years. Cabinet members should follow up with their units for ideas.


Askew: the Director of Operations at the IJS interviews are starting this week; will have dinner with the first candidate tomorrow evening; looking forward to wrapping up and moving ahead with IJS operations.

Save the date for May 18 and 19 fundraising boot camp to be hosted by Dana Library – the nuts and bolts and the A-Z of development – for those not familiar with the process and those who don’t have a development officer to work with.

Cohn: Two new librarians joined the Smith Library Information & Education Department on February 2nd. They are Mina Ghajar and Sarah Jewell. Earlier in her career, Mina Ghajar ran the Library at the Center for State Health Policy at the Rutgers Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research. More recently, she served as Associate Director at the Library of College of Saint Elizabeth. Sarah Jewell comes to us having most recently been a Clinical Medical Librarian at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

A recent article on announced that Seton Hall University plans to open a new medical school at the site of the former Hoffman-LaRoche facility in Nutley, NJ. A link to the news item can be found at:

Fredenburg: Amanda Presler will be joining the Libraries on February 23 as our new Financial Planning Specialist reporting directly to Abbey DiPaolo, Director of Financial Planning and Business Operations. This position was previously held by Donna Kessler but has been reconfigured to better meet the needs of the constituents of the Business Operations office.

Just: Please join us for the HathiTrust panel on February 24, after our next Cabinet meeting.

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