2003/04 Libraries Goals and Responsibility

1. Strengthen the Library's Overall Effectiveness Using the Excellence in Higher Education model

2. Build a Strategic Plan for the Next Five Years - Cabinet

3. Develop a Sustainable Information Technology Infrastructure - AUL for Digital Library Systems and AUL for Collection Development & Management

4. Enhance User Services and Support - AUL for Public Services & Communications

5. Strengthen Collection Development and Enhance Access to Collections - AUL for Public Services & Communications, AUL for Collection Development & Management, and AUL for Digital Library Systems

6. Continue to Engage Faculty in Issues of Scholarly Communication - SCC Committee & AUL for Digital Library Systems

7. Continue to Invest in Human Resources - Training & Learning Coordinator

8. Improve Communications

9. Increase External Support

Last updated: 11/04/03
URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/cabinet/reports/goals_03-03.shtml
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