Minutes of January 20, 2000 Meeting

S. Beck, R. Becker, J. Boyle, V. Calderhead, J. Consoli, H. Dess, H. Hemmasi (recorder), A. Montanaro, J. Nettleman, M. Page, B. Sewell, J. Sloan
  1. AUL/CDM Report, (B. Sewell).
    • welcomed J. Sloan as newly appointed member of CDC in her capacity as Head of Multimedia and Digital Library Services in NB; J. Sloan briefly described the many facets of her new position.
    • announced funding of Capital Campaign for Libraries: $8.5 million for RUL; $7.8 million for Robeson (from Camden provost); $3.280 million for Dana (from Newark provost)
  2. Update on Document Delivery Task Force, (J. Boyle): report forthcoming
  3. Systems (A. Montanaro)
    • ongoing review of problems faced during attempted implementation of authority control
    • all Unicorn software upgrade issues being managed, have been resolved, or have been sent to SIRSI for further work
  4. Acquisitions (H. Hemmasi)
    • total orders on hand: 835 (of these, 563 are on NB state fund codes (still being held) and 272 are ready to be processed)
    • reserve orders to be input: 19 (oldest date = 1/10/00)
    • titles waiting to be received: 600
    • 4 shipments of Blackwell records not loaded
    • all processing up to date
    • Hemmasi brought set of brief statistics; CDC asked for stats to include: # of orders made (by library); # of items received; # of items cataloged; # of items in backlog
    • all serials cancellations have been entered in Unicorn
    • allocations for all NB funds have not been entered
    • pros and cons for purchase of EEBO records are being reviewed
  5. Networked Resources
    1. Sewell provided update on recent purchases:
      • expanded coverage of Project Muse
      • purchase of Philosopher's Index
      • additional simultaneous users to be purchased for Dow Jones
    2. Hemmasi reported that updated networked resources interactive web forms are being worked on by Sam McDonald
    3. discussion whether percentage of print cancellations should go to central fund if central fund is paying for online version
    4. Social Sciences Networked Resources Team, L. Vasquez presented three titles for CDC's review:
      • Library Literature: recommended to purchase full text version for 2-4 simultaneous users [recommendation was accepted and will be purchased]
      • Social Sciences Index: recommended to compare titles contained and manner of indexing with Web of Science and determine availability of SSI titles in ProQuest (S. Beck indicated that SSI may be part of ProQuest module) [RS followed up after meeting: may SSI via ProQuest MAY be available in March 2000]
      • Impact/ACCESS GDCS: recommended not to buy online version; send request to Government Documents Group for further evaluation
    5. Generalist's Networked Resources Team, S. Beck reported:
      • no requests from selectors received
      • team will review ProQuest and compare with EBSCO Host and similar packages
      • reviewed comparison of free and paid versions of Britannica Online; CDC recommended to cancel paid version (effective 5/00) URL for free version: http://www.Britannica.com; Generalist Team asked for money saved from this subscription to use for other networked resources
    6. Humanities Networked Resources Team, Joe Consoli reported:
      • few requests from selectors received
      • purchase of EEBO
      • decision to purchase Philosopher's Index
      • availability of ArtBibliography Modern. (Joe agree to prepare description of produce for Web Page)
      • Historical Abstracts (currently available via America, History and Life even though we do not have subscription to HA)
    7. Sciences Networked Resources Team, V. Calderhead reported:
      • availability of: Beilstein, GeoRef, American Chemical Society journals
      • B. Sewell noted ISI Journal Citation Reports under negotiation by NERL
    8. J. Boyle raised questions about documentation for networked resources:
      • accountability for documentation now part of revised networked resources form
      • question about where to place documentation on Indexes pages
      • training issues involved in presenting new networked resources
      • J Boyle will bring topic of research guides to later CDC meeting
    9. CDC reviewed database usage statistics; suggested that RLIN databases be grouped separately, with composite price and total searches; requested that VALE statistics be added when available
  6. Last copy policy (J. Nettleman)
    J. Nettleman has distributed to NB librarians call number range of 60,000 unique titles held at Camden; some of which will be discarded and some will be transfer to other libraries in the system; N.B. Collections Group is meeting to finalize plan for accepting these titles
  7. Review of Recon Plan postponed until next CDC meeting

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