Minutes of February 17, 2000 Meeting

Beck, Boyle, Calderhead, Dess, Grant (for Becker), Hemmasi, Montanaro, Nettleman (recorder), Page, Sewell, Vazquez (Consoli and Sloan notified RS they would not attend)
  1. AUL Report
    1. Last copy policy and Camden project

      Council concurred with the principle that with the exception of a few specific categories of material (textbooks, superseded editions of non-fiction, material in unusable condition not worth preservation) deletion of the last item on an IRIS record should not be done unilaterally. It was further agreed that such material properly belonged in either the relevant research collection or in the library ANNEX. Committee of NB librarians (Tehrani convening) would work out procedures with Camden for transfer of material resulting from collection downsizing.

      New Brunswick efforts to study serial back run duplication etc. (Ben Beede overseeing) was mentioned. This issue resulted in considerable discussion and consensus that the problem should be studied system-wide. A working group of Page, Beck, Calderhead and Tallau was asked to puruse this issue. Addie's summation follows:
      1. Coherent runs of journal are to be located in the Library with the current collecting responsibility. The archival paper version should be with the current paper version where possible.
      2. Electronic packages need to be reviewed package by package with respect to retention criteria.
      3. Back runs of canacelled titles need retained, but considered or discard where duplicated.
      4. Back runs of current duplicate titles need to be reviewied for cancellation. In some instances, duplication may be required, but the back run should be reviewed in terms of Length of time held and whether binding is needed.
      5. Back runs of microfilm need to be reviewed in terms of duplication of microfilm, with consideration to future discard of paper version.
  2. Jewish Studies Consultant's Report

    Ms. Linda Lehrman (NYU) recently completed a collection assessment with recommendations. She was as specific as recommending individual titles for recon, and as identifying "broken" sets that could be consolidated into a complete set at a single location.
  3. Elsevier Subscriptions

    RS distributed a list of Rutgers (more than just RUL) Elsevier subscriptions to the three campus rep's. And asked them to verify the accuracy for their location. This is part of the on-going process for "Science Direct" currently being pursued via VALE.
  4. Major Review of Acquisition of Networked Resources

    Impetus for this item came from Tuesday's Cabinet meeting. RS described the vagaries/complexities of licensing agreements. For journals, many require keeping current hard-copy subscriptions with an "add on" for e-access of 10-30%. We face licences for individual titles of journals, for packages of journals (whether from the publisher or a repackager), for indexes which may include actual text content, and imminently for monographic material.

    To top this all off, Harriette described some of the actual implementation problems that she has experienced. These result from idiosyncrasies on the part of either or both of the parties. She offered to hold a "brown bag" to further elaborate.

    Howard reported on his analysis of science journal impact rankings versus Rutgers holdings. It became clear that the development of core lists in all areas would be useful, especially in guiding decisions as to the justification for duplicating hard-copy in electronic format. Tools for analytically determining such lists are less than comprehensive even in the sciences. The process for development of such lists was suggested as a topic for a CDC Forum tentatively proposed for the afternoon of April 18.
  5. Acquisitions/TAS

    Harriette distributed a report describing the status of Recon at RUL. As it is soon to be posted as a web page in a slightly abridged format, she asked for comments as to accuracy and inclusiveness. She continued by distributing the latest interactive version of the "Networked Resources - Central Funds Request Form" with a sample of the e-mail response which will be received by the requestor. Ann distributed monthly database use statistics.
  6. Document Delivery/ILL Issues

    Jeanne distributed the report of the "...Document Delivery Task Force which was composed of members from both PSC and CDC. It is also posted on the RUL web site. Uncover (now owned by Ingenta) was recommended as the source for this service which will be made available to faculty and graduate students on a trial basis beginning later this semester. On the ILL front, she reported on our use of ARIEL for RRS, our participation as a beta site for the RLIN ILL manager, and exploration of end-user request possibilities via CRL and/or Worldcat. There will also be a pilot (proposal from Judy Gardner distributed) to automatically convert ILL's for current monographs to acquisitions utilizing a portion of the $75k allocated for document delivery enhancements from this year's book budget.

The meeting adjourned at 12:15 PM

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