Minutes of March 16, 2000 Meeting

Ron Becker, Veronica Calderhead, Howard Dess, James Nettleman, Harriette Hemassi, Robert Sewell, Chair, Jane Sloan, Adeline Tallau
  1. AUL Report

    A brochure from ARL entitled "Create New Systems of Scholarly Communication" was distributed. It was suggested that it should be distributed at the March 23rd copyright meeting. Ken Crews has agreed to speak.
    1. Fund Balance 2000- These need to be reviewed closely so that funds can be shifted to cover overages. The Faxon invoices are entered, but Ebsco is not yet totally entered. A table of fund balances, by campus, as of 3/15 was handed out.
    2. Budget Request 2001 - Bob needs information by April 30th regarding E resources, i.e. Web of Science back files, conversion of paper to electronic and/or add on costs for electronic access. changes in programs, inflation, etc. Elsevier is still not affordable and some publishers are still insisting that we are three sites not one.
    3. Allocations 2001 - We will plan for the same as this year and make allocations on this basis early in the new fiscal year. We can make adjustments when we get the university' actual allocation.
    4. Core Serials: Tuesday April 18, 2:00-5:00 pm - This forum will feature presentations from Howard Dess, Ann Watkins, Kevin Mulcahy, Ryan Womack and Bobbi Tipton. It will discuss what is a core collection, it's purpose, and how does one develop one, etc.
    5. The Metro Selectors Annual Meeting - This meeting will be held on Friday May 12 at New York Public. It will begin between 9 and 9:30. [THIS HAS CHANGED SINCE THE MEETING. IT WILL BE RESCHEDULE IN JUNE.]
    6. Survey on Collection Usage - Ann had stated what statistics are available from Sirsi. She needs to know what types of reports are wanted. Database statistics were distributed.
  2. Systems and Acquisitions Update - An Liu has been hired for Vale. The Acquisitions Search Committee has agreed on a short list of three candidates. The new SIRSI upgrade has created problems with the serials vendors key which are being resolved.
  3. Thesis, Dissertation Policy - The current policy on Ph.D and some Masters has been to have both copies bound, one goes to the appropriate library and the other goes to Special Collections. This entails considerable costs in binding and storage, some in off-site, commercial facilities. There are about 200 Masters and 400 Ph.Ds added each year. Since we now have Digital Dissertations, the digital copy can be the archival copy for the Ph. Ds. We would send one copy to University Microfilms and have the other one cataloged as soon as it is bound. We would ask UMI to not return their Ph.D. copies. After we have determined that we still have a paper copy in the library system, we could ask the departments if they want the older ones. We would still have to keep the extra copy of the Masters theses.
  4. Periodicals Duplication Policy Statement - A draft was distributed by e-mail. This document arose out of the need to eliminate broken holdings in New Brunswick due to cancellations or the move to Chang. It is confusing to our users to find part of a run in one place and part of a run in another library.

    Users have assumed that "we" no longer received the title. New Brunswick will be moving to consolidate with holdings in New Brunswick with the expectation that volumes, not needed in New Brunswick, will be offered to either Dana or Robeson. The cancellation to one paper copy of electronically received titles needs to include a discussion of which library is to continue to hold the archival set. At this point in time we are not talking about immediately withdrawing titles to which we have electronic access.
  5. Overview of Networked Resources Acquisition (E-Journals and Indexes) - Although it often seems as if we are inactive while users are pushing for availability, in fact, the publishers are often unresponsive to memos, e-mail and phone calls. The process for acquiring networked resources was reviewed. A Networked Resources Authentication Check List was distributed. At the moment for example, the ACS (American Chemical Society) package does not allow us to cancel any item. To do so would make the current contract invalid. Therefore, when cancellations are being considered, check on the electronic status with Harriette. Lists of current Indexes and Electronic Journals, Paid and Free, were distributed Many of the 2,873 periodical titles come as packages or from specific publishers for titles we receive in paper. A number of titles previously granted for free are to become add on costs.

Respectfully submitted,
Adeline Tallau, Secretary for the day

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