Minutes of June 15, 2000 Meeting

Susan Beck (recorder), Ron Becker, Jeanne Boyle, Veronica Calderhead, Howard Dess, Mary Fetzer, Harriette Hemmasi, Ann Montanaro, Jim Nettleman, Bob Sewell, Addie Tallau

AUL/Report (Sewell)

EEBO Cataloging Records (HH) - Electronic access fields have been added to the records. The customization of the record features was discussed. After positive comments from CDC members, Technical Services will continue with the revisions and purchase the records.

Systems (AM)
Systems is in the process of removing the criminal justice library's monograph records form IRIS. Ann will put a web page up which lists the 700 titles that have recently circulated from this collection.

Acquisitions (HH) Acquisitions is using Barnes and Noble for Rush Orders. The turnaround time had been a week. They will also be testing Baker and Taylor's rush services to compare costs and performance.

Blackwell's is creating a file of unfilled orders over the past year. It was agreed that a report of unfilled titles would be created either quarterly or biannually. for the benefit of selectors.

Science Team (AT) received six requests for next year (The first three titles total $12, 695) (monetary figures represent system cost after cancellations)

General Electronic Resources Team (SB) has received a request for Books In Print. This team also tested the Uncover Gateway for Document delivery.

Oxford English Dictionary will cost around $8000 for us as part of the PALINET consortium

There will be a special CDC meeting to discuss electronic resources issues on June 28, 2000.

Cancellations 2001 (CDC)
End of year serials collection balances were discussed.

2000 Serials Expenditures was $ 4, 450,000, $85,000 of that was spent on periodical binding which is not as impacted by inflation. Bases on the figure of $4,365,000 our anticipated inflation increase at the rate of 8.7% is expected to be $384,120.

What cannot be canceled because of license agreements (RGS/HH)

We cannot cancel American Chemical Society titles or titles related to Matematical Reviews.

Cancellation criteria will be established based on inflation, Uncover, University disciplinary priorities, and serial impact factors.

Howard Dess distributed the document Development of Cancellation Guidelines for Science Journals Based on Cost Per Citation.

A special meeting on budget, networked resources recommendations, and cancellations will be held on June 28.

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