Minutes of July 20, 2000 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Susan Beck, Ron Becker (recorder), Harriette Hemmasi, Ann Montanaro, Jim Nettleman, Robert Sewell (chair), Addie Tallau, Lourdes Vazquez

AUL Report: Robert Sewell reported that the fiscal year rollover is currently taking place. It should be completed shortly. For the coming year, we will be consolidating all serials fund codes. This means the codes for non-per cur, per cur, and newspapers will be merged into per-cur. The encumbrance for serials will be much more accurate this year. On Unicorn, it appeared that there was a cash balance of State funds at the end of the fiscal year of $54,000 (only 0.8% of the materials budget), but university accounting reports revealed that we are completely spent out. We will post 60% of last year's allocation to each account to get the selectors' started early in the fiscal year. There is no word on the amount of this year's allocation other than we will receive $100,000 added to the base budget. We are hoping for recognition of our five year plan in the university's final allocation of the 2001 collections budget.

Annex Update: Ron Becker reported that a committee (library members include Ron Becker; Francoise Puniello, chair; Kristen St. John; and Farideh Tehrani) is working with the architectural firm to scope out our requirements for the construction of shelving and lighting in the back bay, a new HVAC system for the entire building; and improvements to the office area. Another committee to be chaired by Robert Sewell will soon be appointed to determine the allocation of space within the facility and plan for future growth. It is not yet certain if there will be space for collections from the Camden and Newark libraries.

TAS Report: Harriette Hemmasi reported that the new end-user document delivery service for faculty and graduate students will be up on August 15th. Updated tapes are going to UnCover and we are working on final documentation for this pilot project. In addition, TAS is catching up with end-processing so that we can begin the new fiscal year fresh. We also received a grant from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities to process and catalog the Showalter and Diamond Collections. We are currently engaged in the annual negotiation of our contract with the Research Libraries Group for technical processing and RLIN bibliographic files and databases public use.

Inventory of Direct Receipts and Gifts: Harriette distributed Rhonda Marker's memorandum of July 17, 2000 on this subject. There are now approximately 5,000 gift items awaiting cataloging. Brief inventory records will be made so that these can be found. Items will be arranged by date of record creation. We already have 125,000-150,000 brief records in IRIS, but given our commitment of rapid cataloging of newly purchased items, the brief records for the 5,000 volume will be useful. We will add ISSN numbers and series/volumes if they are obvious. We will review the project in six months to determine how many are done, duplications, dates of publication range, impact, number of patron requests, etc.

Systems Report: Ann Montanaro distributed the 99/00 statistics for database use. A discussion resulted on the possibility of bringing back General Science Abstracts. It was suggested that this be remanded to the General and Science evaluation teams for a recommendation to re-acquire it. VALE and Ovid database will have a new look as they will be accessed remotely in September. They are now available on trial and librarians are encouraged to review them before we go public. Comments should be sent to Linda York and/or Susan Beck.

Review of Current Electronic Resources: Robert Sewell distributed a list of the Year 2000 electronic resources at Rutgers Libraries showing how much we pay for each one and arranged by subject areas (arts/humanities, general, science, and social science). It was suggested that we need to implement a process for notification that an electronic resource request has been accepted or rejected. It was recommended that the chairs of the Networked Evaluation Teams inform requesters of the CDC decisions on databases.

Serials Strategies for FY01: Two basic principles should apply. For titles received electronically from "second party" vendors, we should cancel duplicate paper subscriptions. For titles received electronically directly from the publisher, we should consider canceling all paper copies after monitoring the electronic product for a period of time.

Robert Sewell indicated that serials inflation will erode approximately $380,000 of the RUL materials budget. To help compile lists of potential cancellations, user input will be sought again. We will ask faculty to indicate their top 10 and second 10 titles wanted, marking only what they want to keep. Possible benefits of implementing circulation studies were also discussed.

Next meeting: Thursday, August 17, 2000 Alexander Library

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Becker

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