Minutes of September 21, 2000 Meeting

Susan Beck, Ron Becker, Jeanne Boyle (recorder), Veronica Calderhead, Joe Consoli, Howard Dess, Judy Gardner, Ann Montanaro, Jim Nettleman, Mary Page, Bob Sewell (chair), Jane Sloan, Samson Soong, Addie Tallau, Lourdes Vasquez
  1. AUL Report

    Bob Sewell announced that Rutgers would be getting access to Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe through VALE at no cost to Rutgers. It should become available sometime around November. Following discussion about new resources, Mary Page said she was compiling a systemwide ScienceDirect cancellation list that she will send to Bob.

  2. Representative to Coordinating Council

    Joe Consoli was selected by acclaim.

  3. Interlibrary Loan And Document Delivery Update

    Judy Gardner distributed a handout titled "Current Imprint/Priority Order Trial Survey" and gave an update about the project. The average turn around time has improved dramatically since Barnes & Noble began being used as the vendor. There was discussion about the relation of ordering to the approval plan and how the cataloged library is determined. The project has improved turn around time and fill rate, allowed integration with acquisitions, saved staff time, and been funded by the interlibrary loan portion of the collections budget.

    Judy proposed extending ordering instead of borrowing to dissertations using Dissertations Express. After discussionm the group recommended the extension. Selectors will be asked if ordered dissertations are wanted for the collections before they are given to the borrower. Dissertations have been ordered in paper, and Judy will verify that microform will save no money.

    Judy reminded everyone that the 1999 Copyright Clearance Center report has been posted to the staff resources pages following the path Access Services/Reports.

    Judy has received August statistics for UnCover document delivery and will provide a report after the first six months of use. The group requested more publicity. There was discussion about the relation of this service to interlibrary loan and about service limits. The group suggested that there be a link to UnCover on the online interlibrary loan form.

    Judy left the meeting.

  4. TAS Update

    Samson Soong reported that access to ScienceDirect has been activated ad records will be in IRIS by October 1, brief records are now being entered into IRIS for direct receipts and gift books that are priority 0, contingency plans have been completed, and authority control dates will be set. There was discussion about the status of Spanish gift collections, the background color on some ScienceDirect full text, the need for a timeline for all journal packages, and changes in Proquest. For a future agenda, the group recommended a discussion about including in IRIS titles from repackagers.

  5. Acquisitions Update

    Mary Page reported on current ordering and processing times and progress on various projects. A form for ordering monographs has been available on the website following the path Staff Resources/Acquisitions/Forms. At the same location, the old paper form is now available as a pdf for attaching to catalogs, batches, etc. It is not necessary, however, to use a form. It was suggested that the subject heading of the online form be changed from "completed form" to distinguish it from Ask a Librarian messages.

    Mary noted that Net Library is offering access to all RU Press publications with cataloging for $4,500. We are getting RU Press books as gifts as well as on the approval plan.

  6. Collection Development Plan

    Bob Sewell distributed a handout titled "2001 Collections Budget Plan". He reviewed figures for new money, inflation and new projects, the state allocation - systemwide and for the campuses, and the impact of ScienceDirect. New money in the amount of $189,179 is available for the campuses. Central acquisitions will manage cancellations and pass the information to cataloging for holdings updates. If allocations from true endowments are not committed, they go back to the principal at the end of the fiscal year, providing buying power of only about 5% of their total in the following year. It is, therefore, important to spend out endowment money the year in which it is allocated. Bob will circulate lists that show endowment statuses, i.e., true, quasi, etc.

    Ideas for the new campus money are: use more of the new $450,000 set aside for central purchases, get blanket orders from publishers for major presses, purchase duplicates for undergraduates, possibly in the form of electronic books. There was discussion about using collection money for purchasing electronic book devices.

    Projections for nonstate funds are needed ahead of the allocation from the Foundation. Bob, Mary, Joe Consoli, and Howard Dess will review how to do this and plan a workshop. Selectors on each campus can develop a plan for using nonstate funds before the actual allocation is made.

    The group in New Brunswick investigating electronic books will be invited to a future Collection Development Meeting.

    It was recommended that the $189,179 be allocated among the campuses according to the portions of the 2001 serials commitment with inflation.

  7. Goals

    Bob Sewell led a review of 1999/2000 goals and a discussion that set goals for 2000/2001. The results are recorded in "2000 Collection Development Goals and Accomplishments and 2001 Objectives".

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