Minutes of Oct. 19, 2000 Meeting

Susan Beck; Jeanne Boyle; Veronica Calderhead; Joe Consoli; Bonita Grant; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Jim Nettleman; Mary Page; Bob Sewell, conducting; Jane Sloan; Samson Soong; Addie Tallau; Ryan Womack

  1. AUL Report

    Bob distributed statistics on database, circulation, and interlibrary loan use.

  2. Database use.

    Ann distributed reports on database use and the number of users per database and number of times licenses were exceeded in September.

  3. Serials Management Reorganization and Acquisitions Update.

    Mary reported on changes being made in serials processing in New Brunswick. Unicorn serials processing is complex and the work is being taken out of the branches. Starting in January receipt and management of serials will be in LSM and Alexander. Two exceptions to this are newspapers and serials received at Alcohol Studies. They are currently cancelling a lot of serials and changing the mailing addresses.

    Acquisitions is ordering books from Barnes and Noble and receiving them in days.

  4. Networked Printing

    Jeanne reviewed the history and current state of public networked printing in the libraries. Fee-based printing has been implemented in all libraries except Chemistry, Physics, and Alcohol Studies. The implementation is still underway and some problems need to be addressed but the vendors have been responsive and software changes have been made.

  5. Allocation 2001

    The allocations for 2001 are difficult because the influx of new funds, the shifting of Elsevier journals, covering serial costs, buying new networked resources, and the uncertainty of the costs of document delivery. Bob will send allocation by email to the directors and copy and the campus Collection Development Coordinators.

  6. Networked Resources Funding

    $350,000 is available for new networked electronic resources and Bob suggested the following percentages be used to allocate the funds. He is reserving $50,000 for contingencies. The council agreed with his recommendation.

    45% sciences		$135,000
    35% social sciences	$105,000
    15% humanities	 	$45,000
    5% general		$15,000

    Jim Nettleman requested the percentages currently being spent in each area. Several resources were discussed: NERL is investigating Wiley Science; JSTOR back costs are still be negotiated and General Science cannot go ahead until the negotiation is concluded; TableBase and Business and Industry was provided by funding from three campuses and will be funded centrally in the future.

    Each of the Networked Resources Teams reported on the products they have reviewed. They will purchase the top three databases if they fall within funding guidelines.

    Science Team:

    • ACM, International Pharmacy Abstracts, and JCR (a joint recommendation of the Science and Social Science Team) were approved. The next two titles, SciFinder Scholar and Biosis will be purchased if the prices can be afforded.

    Humanities Team:

    • AMICO - $9,500 - American museum image consortium
    • ALTA - $3,000 - religion database
    • Grove Art Dictionary - $1,500, 2-3 users
    • LUMA
    • Middle English Compendium - $750

    Social Sciences Team:

    • African Studies Biblioline - $1,865, 2-5 users
    • Dun and Bradstreet Million Dollar Database Premier Version - $10,000, 2-5 users
    • FIS Online - $6,000, 5 users - company information. Print can be cancelled

    General Team:

    • Columbia Granger's Poetry Online - $1,400 (referred to the Humanities Team)
    • BIP Plus - $2,875, 5 users
    • Government Publication Universe. (Overlaps with Academic Universe)

    Ron Jantz will be asked to demonstrate electronic books at a future meeting.

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