Minutes of November 16, 2000 Meeting

Lourdes Vazquez, Joe Consoli, Ron Becker, Susan Beck, Addie Tallau, Ann Montanaro, Jim Nettelman, Howard Dess, Veronica Calderhead (recorder), Bob Sewell
Jeanne Boyle, Samson Soong, Mary Page

1. Corrections for October meeting will take the form of a re-issue or a final draft.

2. AUL Report

Allocations have been made to all campus libraries. Camden and Central funds have been allocated and entered into IRIS. NB and Newark continuing to work on allocations.

System wide electronic resources expenditure will increase from 12% (99/00) to approximately 27% in 2000/01.

RGS distributed some graphic information summarizing the 1999/2000 expenditures. Discussion on resource sharing and increased borrowing followed. Possible reasons for increased borrowing included: increased access to networked indexes combined with years of cancellations.

Discussion on DDS dissertations and what to do with them after borrower use; to save, to de-select, to transfer cost to user etc. RGS will speak with Public Access group about CDCs concerns with dissertation acquisition.

Serials Price Projections. Ebsco predicts a 7%-9% increase and RGS has been using 8.8%. Networked resources are projected to increase by 7.5%.

Additional cancellations still to take place as a result of new networked resources. Also some discussion on viability of serial vendors such as Ebsco, Faxon etc.

JN reminded everyone to enquire about service charge reimbursement for late cancellations. The reimbursement is not always available, but check.

8. Systems Report

Ann reported that RUL will need new funding to replace aging computers database usage reports not yet available.

Web of Science is often busy from early in morning through afternoon. RGS will enquire about an academic password for WoS. The password will be reserved for BI sessions and other teaching uses.

3. Networked Electronic Resources


RGS to hold back 50K and possibly to be used toward an ebook service. A charge will be set by RGS and given to task force in short order. The sub-committee will investigate the technologies and companies playing a role in ebooks, particularly those of value to large academic libraries. Suggested names for task force are: Joe Consoli, Ron Jantz, Mary Page, and Veronica Calderhead.

Allocations to 4 different area groups were distributed at Sept meeting and groups have submitted databases for acquisition.


It was suggested that the e-resource selection/acquisition process needs to be tightened. There are new personnel involved with the process, the process is moving a bit slower than anticipated but getting better.

Important that the SELECTOR be listed in Item 1 of Networked Electronic Resource suggestion form.

Item 9 - User Documentation. The submitter should pay attention to the categories and fill out after reading options and balancing publisher's documentation against RUL patrons' needs. Don't leave blank and submit the printouts from publisher's web page. Some analysis and considered remarks about the database should be included.

LV stated that the forms are incomplete. Her remarks were further supported by the other team leaders.

Question of cancellations resulting from database/ejournal package acquisition was raised. Who is supposed to compile or coordinate the list of possible cancellations; the selector, the team leader, the submitter etc.

Team leaders to meet with RGS and MP to make the e-resource acquisition/selection process as effective and efficient as possible.

4. Presentations from Networked Electronic Resources team leaders

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