Minutes of March 15, 2001 Meeting

Bob Sewell, Veronica Calderhead, Jim Nettleman, Ron Becker, Samson Soong, Jeanne Boyle, Lourdes Vazquez, Mary Page (recorder) Howard Dess, Joe Consoli

AUL report: Bob reported that VALE is considering a new general resource. VALE's Electronic Resources Committee's recommendation will go to the VALE Executive Committee next week. Also, we now have access for five additional users to Web of Science, for a total of fifteen simultaneous users.

Acquisitions: Mary reported that Acquisitions is behind on both ordering and labelling. The deadline for State fund orders is March 30, and Acquisitions is focusing on processing these orders first. Non-state fund orders will be allowed to accumulate until state fund orders are caught up.

Acquisitions will continue processing orders on state funds after March 30, but we risk not getting materials in and paid for by the end of the fiscal year.

Cataloging: Samson reported that nearly 60,000 EEBO records have been loaded to IRIS. If there is a record for a microform version, the online version has been added to that record.

It was noted that we've done a good job in making online resources available.

Electronic books task force: Veronica reported that the task force had attended one vendor demo and that another was scheduled for that afternoon. Tony Ferguson will be speaking to all who are interested on Columbia's experience with ebooks on 3/16, and CDC members were encouraged to attend both upcoming sessions.

New Electronic Resource Forms: CDC approved the new electronic request forms. They are live and ready to be used.

Acquisition of Large Gifts: Prior to the meeting, we had received a draft document prepared by Bob on guidelines for acquiring large gift collections. In principle, we all agreed with the guidelines presented in the draft document. Ron indicated that we should have an area to review large gift collections that is segregated from existing collections for processing and to prevent contamination or infestation. It was pointed out that RUL has not invested in preservation efforts. We have passed on donations of important newspaper collections because we lack preservation facilities. The lack of storage space for large gifts is an ongoing problem, as is the lack of personnel for processing large collections. Bob will bring these issues to the preservation task force, whose report will be completed shortly.

Online Resources: Mary presented three titles on behalf of Susan Beck for consideration: AP Photo Archive, Biography and Genealogy Master Index, and Gale's Ready Reference Shelf. All were approved for acquisition. There are some concerns about copyright issues and the AP resource, and we will be sure to review the licensing terms carefully.

The following titles were also reviewed and approved:

The following titles will be acquired pending further information from the selector:

Finally, Bob reported that NERL is close to a deal with Wiley Interscience, and also that JSTOR will begin adding science titles. He also noted that BioOne is ready to go live with about forty titles. Joe reported that we have a trial underway with North American Women's Letters and Diaries.

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