Minutes of May 17, 2001 Meeting

B. Sewell, H. Dess, J. Nettleman, R. Becker, A. Montanaro, J. Boyle, V. Caldelhead, L. Vázquez (recorder), M. Page
  1. AUL Report

    Update on Vale Activities:
    We will be getting the general EBSCO database, Premier. This requires a transition period from Pro-Quest. Pro-Quest subscription ends in August. EBSCO will be available in Summer. Technical Services and Cataloguing will be able to work on the technical aspects on time. They are planning of buying the MARC records from EBSCO which will give direct title access.

    Vale-EBSCO is offering ERIC free with unlimited access. We will take advantage of this offer. ERIC Ovid invoice will not be renewed. We will investigate getting full-text (E*Subscription via EDRS). We current get microfiche.

    CINAHL subscription. We will go back to Ovid subscription. (Switching for current vendor ProQuest and not going with the Ebsco offer to VALE). Ovid CINAHL cheaper and includes full-text. (5 users).

    Metro selectors meeting. June 8th Friday a.m. Rutgers will be hosting this meeting.

    Faxon financial situation:
    Even though the service improved for some period of time there is still a troubled financial situation with this company and the service performance has begun to drop. There will not be time to switch to another vendor for renewals but will will insist that Faxon put our payment in an escrow account to secure our payment to publishers. We will look into switching vendor for 2003 renewals if the situation warrants it.

  2. Systems Report

    Database user statistics were distributed and discussed. It was agreed to increase five more users for Ovid and 2 more users to Newspaper Abstracts. IRIS (and other SIRSI modules will be in the Read-only mode on Wednesday and Thursday of next week or a SIRSI upgrade and the last two weeks of August for the Authorities loading.

  3. Acquisitions report

    Status on orders: Acquisitions is one month behind (around 1,000) on orders, and they could see the impact of the new heavy orders arriving.

    Unsolicited gift from publishers: We have no legal obligation to keep them or pay for them even if they are sent with an invoice.

    The May 16, 2000 network resources update handout was distributed..

    NetLibrary pilot project: We are acquiring the Computer Science and Information Technology collection from netLibrary. Since some of the books in this collection are update on a two or three year cycle we will weed the collection and pay for an annual access fee (9% of cost of book) rather than for pepetural access (one-time fee of 50% of cost of book). 400 e-books from very well known publishers on the topic. The MARC record will be obtained with a netLibrary interface. (See E-books Task Force Report). We found out we are not able to do the user-driven model for netLibrary unless we commit to a $100,000 purchase.

    E-Book Task Force:

    The E-book task force draft report was presented and distributed by V. Calderhead. The purpose of this report was to develop an e-book model for RUL and to recommend a pilot project. (The netLibrary pilot project discussed above.) V.Calderhead will develop an RUL e-book web page. The CDC should be considered the main point for new resources and ideas on this topic. The final report will be available on the CDC web page.

    Preservation Planning Task Force:

    "Reinvestment in Knowledge: The Preservation of Library Materials in the RUL" (Report of the Preservation Planning Task Force, May 2001) was presented to the Council by R. Becker and B. Sewell. (The report is available from the Staff Resources part of the Libraries Web page on the Collection Development Page under Committees (Preservation Planning Task Force) - report.) The Council reviewed the report and agreed with the recommendations. Some of the recommendations are that within six months from now an interim preservation position will be created, a standing committee on preservation will be established and within two to three years recruit for a permanent preservation administrator. In the next fiscal year we will take a comprehensive look at the binding contracts. The report has been distributed to Cabinet members but has not yet been discuss by them. The council members expressed support of the report and its recommendations, the need for RUL to begin a comprehensive approach to preservation issues. Mary Page stated implementing the recommendations require institutional change and we need to create a positive atmosphere to bring about this change. Jeanne Boyle said members of the councils are leaders in RUL and need to become advocates within RUL to help bring about these changes that the councils support.

    Big tickets items:

    B. Sewell distributed a list of big ticket item request that amount to $483,299. Sewell informed that about $200,000 is left to spend on these We will committed to about $10,000 for additional concurrent users for Ovid product , Wiley journal package $35,000 and Jstor, two science modules for $33,500. The Council agreed to subscribe to Academic Universe as well ($63,000-estimate) The Council agreed that B. Sewell will select the remaining big ticket items with the money that is left.

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