Minutes of July 19, 2001 Meeting

Ron Becker, Jeanne Boyle, Veronica Calderhead, Howard Dess, Nancy Hendrickson, Ann Montanaro, Jim Nettleman, Robert Sewell (Chair), Jane Sloan, Samson Soong, Ryan Womack, and Connie Wu

AUL Report

Robert Sewell introduced new Council members Connie Wu (Sciences elected rep) and Ryan Womack (Social Sciences elected rep). Tom Glynn (Arts and Humanities elected rep) was unable to attend because of a prior commitment. These elected representatives are now the chairs of the Network Electronic Resources Evaluation Teams in their areas for the course of their terms. The Public Services Council rep has not been determined. When that person is determined, he/she will be the chair of Generalist Team. Robert Sewell also distributed a list of meeting dates for 2001/02. The August 2001 meeting will be held at the Robeson Library in Camden. The May 20, 2002 meeting will be held at the Dana Library in Newark.

Robert Sewell distributed a list of "big-ticket" items purchased from funds left over from FY 00/01. There were some one-time acquisitions and some payments from ongoing databases. A large amount was available because not all orders and encumbrances were paid during the last fiscal year. We went through the list and determined who would write the descriptions of the new networked resources for the RUL home page.

Firm orders will be rolled over to FY2001/02. We need to go through our records and purge the older orders. Jane Sloan recommended that we move standing orders to the approval plan. Nancy Hendrickson discussed how the rollover process takes place. No activity (ordering or invoicing) can take place during this brief period.

Robert Sewell distributed the FY02 preliminary allocations base on what we know at this point. The initial allocation for FY02 is based on FY01 fixed-cost funds with an inflation factor built-in, plus 40% of FY01 allocation for non-fixed cost materials. Each unit will be able to reallocate among its funds within the initial allocation for FY02. Robert Sewell distributed a serials inflation chart that covers all fields in the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Nancy Hendrickson asked that these adjustments be made by August 31st. When the final university allocation to the Libraries is received, additional money will be allocated.

Acquisitions Update

As she was unable to attend the Council meeting, Mary Page submitted a report which was distributed. Highlights include the information that orders are backup up about five weeks as of July 15th. Labeling and processing is in very good shape and up-to-date.

The "old orders" project (deleting order records for firm orders created before 12/31/99 and never received) is complete for Camden and New Brunswick. Newark's will be cleaned up shortly.

The serials vendor transfer project is underway. The new vendors have all received preliminary title lists from us, and staff are now verifying the information and adding fund codes. The new vendors will receive the updated lists by August 15th. Cancellations will proceed as normal. We should have our final cancellation lists to vendors by September 15th. Meetings will be set up for RUL staff to meet services representatives from each new vendor. A list of networked resources acquired in the last year was attached to the report and distributed to the Council.

Systems Update

Ann Montanaro distributed a "database use" list and "licenses and number of times exceeded" list for 00/01. The RUL system has been vulnerable to emergency extended downtimes. It is sometimes impossible to have a read-only version available to the public. However there will be such a version available during the two-week downtime in August.

ARL Conference Report

Ron Becker reported on a working symposium on the future of Special Collections in research libraries consisting of ARL University Library directors and heads of special collections entitled Building on Strength: Developing an ARL Agenda for Special Collections. The symposium concentrated on new levels of collections and services and how the increased demands can be supported. Among the specifics discussed were communications and resource sharing between special collections and the library community, backlogs in processing, staffing and staff skills, providing space, preservation, providing unique materials for digitization projects, and relating collections and services to the academic programs while extending these services to new audiences. ARL will send recommendations from the symposium to appropriate committees within its structure for action.

E-Books Report and Implementation Plans

Veronica Calderhead had distributed the report of the E-Books Task Force. The committee has already received some feedback and is on standby to further refine it. The report contains the procedures for acquisition, partnering, evaluation, access, circulation, cataloging, and access. An implementation group is being formed.

Review of 2001 CDC Goals/Formulation of 2001 CDC Goals

Robert Sewell distributed the CDC 99/00 goals and accomplishments and the 00/01 objectives. At the next Council meeting, we will review these and formulate goals for O1/O2.


Even though it is being replaced with Ebsco, we will be extending Proquest Research Libraries for two months through the end of October to ease the transition.

Next Meeting: Thursday, August 16th at the Robeson Library, Camden Campus.

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