Minutes of September 20, 2001 Meeting

R. G. Sewell, R. Becker, V. Calderhead, M. Wilt, J. Nettleman, J. Sloan, Ann Montanaro, M. Page, Ryan Womack, Tom Glynn, H. Dess (recorder).
Jeanne Boyle, Samson Soong, Connie Wu

1. Presentation by Marilyn Wilt, Training and Learning Coordinator.

Outlined and discussed plans to initiate various training programs for RUL personnel under the general rubric of "Explore, Discover, Learn". Handout was distributed that listed the various aspects of the training agenda that has been proposed. Major building blocks of this training program are:

  1. Team development series, which addresses training at all levels.
  2. Formation of the Institute for Leadership and Development
  3. Construction of the "Appreciative Portrait" which defines job functions and responsibilities and helps delineate how they relate to the organization as a whole.
  4. Establishment of a training and development website (already operational).

CDC members suggested areas where they would like training, including basic statistics, and fund management. Sewell said he and Nancy Hendrickson would be giving another fund management workshop this fall.

2. Demo of ProQuest "Historical Newspapers" database

Two representatives from ProQuest made the presentation, which highlighted the New York Times. However, the database will also include the Wall St. Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, and the Washington Post. Their plan is to make available the full text of all these journals as an image file as well as an ASCI file with records going all the way back to the first issue in all cases. The demo for the New York Times highlighted search flexibility, high quality of the reproductions and general user friendliness of the database. CDC was favorably impressed by the product and will seriously consider purchase. Some other specific points:

A variety of search and display options were demonstrated. Handout was distributed that provided more detailed operational and descriptive information.

Pricing: Annual fee will be based on FTE , with unlimited number of simultaneous users. Prepublication price offered to Rutgers for NYT was $13,500 first year (25% prepub discount) and $18,000 for second year.

Organizational note: ProQuest is the umbrella company for several other organizations, notably UMI, Bell & Howell, Chadwick Healy, and Publications Systems Co. The latter is now renamed the ProQuest Information & Learning Co.

3. Systems update---Ann Montanaro

Usage statistics for the RUL databases were distributed, plus a new report which showed access statistics for the newly acquired NetLibrary computer science collection.

It was gratifying to note that numerous netLibrary titles had experienced multiple uses during the brief introductory reporting period covered (Sept. 1-17, 2001).

4. Acquisitions update---Mary Page

The order backlog is gradually being worked down and now stands at approximately one month.

The program to purge old, unfilled orders is progressing well and will be ongoing under the following set of rules that was approved by CDC:

** Domestic orders unfilled after a three month period will be claimed once and if not filled after another three months will be cancelled.

** Foreign orders unfilled after a six month period will be claimed once and if not filled after another six months will be cancelled.

** Lists of cancelled orders will be compiled and sent to the designated campus contacts who will then redistribute to individual selectors for review. Selectors will have discretionary ability to reinstate orders, preferably through alternative sources.

** This process will be conducted on a monthly rolling basis.

Collection Manager training:

Oct. 3 was set as date for a training session on Collection Manager. A follow-up training session will probably be set for later in the year. Details to follow from MSP. Anyone interested in obtaining a personal account that will permit access to Col. MGR. Should contact Mary Page who can set it up.

5. Purchasing e-books title by title via netLibrary---Veronica Calderhead

Selectors have the option of ordering e-books available from netLibrary on a title-by-title basis. These books do not have to be related to computer science. VC noted that such acquisitions also involved decision whether to purchase title for perpetual access or whether to provide access via an annual fee (the former choice is considerably more expensive than the latter). Presumably titles in the latter category would be of more limited time value. Various issues raised by these options:

VC and MSP will look into these matters and report back to CDC with recommendations. In the interim, it was agreed by CDC that selectors be allowed to place orders for individual netLibrary e-titles, with payment via annual fee basis.

Finally, recommendation was made that training be offered covering the use of netLibrary.

15. AUL report---Bob Sewell

A secretarial position has been approved for assistance to the AUL/CDM, and recruitment is now in progress.

The CDC annual report is in process of preparation. Bob noted some highlights.

Collection development plan for 2002

Key elements:

** Consolidate and strengthen our current program with particular emphasis on DLI.

** Provide greater publicity for library programs.

** Examine liaison relationships with academic departments and establish criteria for effective operations.

** $100,000 has been budgeted to acquire new e-resources in 2002. Priority will be given to purchased recommendations already submitted through the e-resource evaluation committees. We will also initiate a review of current e-resources to determine whether any substantial duplication or overlap exists among the various products we have acquired, as a basis for possible future weeding.

** It was agreed by CDC that we retain the same e-resource expenditure guidelines, by broad subject discipline, as was established last year:

Science 45%
Soc. Sci. 35%
Arts/Hum. 15%
General 5%

** A new emphasis will be placed on preservation. RGS and the preservation committee will make presentations on the three campuses in the near future explaining goals and proposed programs.

Respectfully submitted by Howard M. Dess
Sept. 20, 2001

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