Minutes of Monday, October 29, 2001 Meeting

R. Sewell (chair), H. Dess, C. Wu, M. Page, R. Womack, V. Calderhead, T. Glynn, J. Boyle, R. Becker, J. Sloan (recorder)

1. AUL Report RS

2. Acquisitions Report -MP

3. Systems - no report.

Database Use through September list distributed.

4. Access to E- monographs. RS

A "Discussion Points" draft prepared by Rhonda Marker for TSC was distributed. Brief discussion of intricate topic resulted in recommendation that a special task force combined of members from all councils be assigned to create policy in this area.

5. Networked resources. RS

6. Request to purchase newly published and bound serial set from Mary Fetzer was determined a good candidate for year end funds.

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