Minutes of Thursday, March 21, 2002 Meeting

Grace Agnew; Jeanne Boyle; Veronica Calderhead; Howard Dess; Tom Glynn; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Jim Nettleman; Mary Page; Bob Sewell; Ruth Simmons for Ron Becker; Jane Sloan; Ryan Womack.
Connie Wu

1. AUL Report

Bob announced a half-day program "Scholarly Communications-New Challenges, New Directions" being planned for May 9.

Jeanne reviewed issues raised at the March 18 conference "Privacy in Cyberspace: New Challenges for Higher Education."

The Metro selectors meeting will be held at NYU in late May. Topic will be selection for remote storage.

Paul Conway's preservation report has been received and will be discussed at Cabinet.

The budget report is not final but the libraries will probably return approximately $500,000 both this year and next. We have been given approval by the university to carry over collection funds into next year to soften the blow. SMLR has received one-time funds that will be used for collections. SMLR librarian, Mary Frazer, will use the funds to acquire ebooks on labor and management from netLibrary and a limited site license (departmental and SMLR use only) initially.

2. WAC Update

Tom reported that more selectors are still needed to prepare research guides.

3. Systems Update

Ann distributed database use statistics and discussed the preliminary results of the Assessment Committee's e-journal survey. A total of 141 responses were received and the final report will be issued by the committee. She distributed a list of e-journal titles requested by survey respondents.

4. Acquisitions Update

Mary reported a one-month ordering backlog. Acquisitions is working on streamlined processes for handling Strand and RRS orders (ILL new imprint project). The process established to make payments on overspent funds is not working well and needs to be reevaluated. There are too many small transfer of funds. Need for a review of fund codes to look into consolidation of fund code into more general and larger categories. Acquisitions is planning an open house for selectors to be held after the semester ends. Mary is investigating purchasing pre-processed spine labels for firm orders from Blackwells, and she brought samples for CDC to review. CDC approved the use of the Blackwell labels, pending input from Access Services.

5. E-Resources review

Sciences. Each selector has been asked to review and rate science databases used by their communities. The ratings will determine which resources are critical to the discipline and which may be cancelled . Web of Science, Science/Direct, and Wiley package are not being considered at this time for possible cancellation.

General. Reviewing the resources and looking at content alternatives for Academic Universe. Alexander will keep the New York Times microfilm subscription and Camden and Newark will cancel their subscriptions.

Arts and Humanities. The database list was sent to the humanities list and the members ranked the importance of each database.

Social Sciences. Reviewed the ABI title report and will cancel most duplicates. They are still reviewing the databases.

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