Minutes of Thursday, April 18, 2002 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle (chairing for Bob Sewell), Ryan Womack, Jim Nettleman, Ann Montanaro, Veronica Calderhead, Tom Glynn, Grace Agnew, Bonita Grant, Jane Sloan, Howard Dess, Mary Page (recorder), Connie Wu. Guests: Rhonda Marker, Harriet DeCeunynck

Jeanne distributed the RUL response to the 1998 Middle States Accreditation report's recommendations. The report outlines how we have acted on the recommendations and the improvements we have made.

Howard reported on his findings regarding duplicate print subscriptions. We need to determine if we can cancel duplicates without affecting online access. A task force comprised of Howard, Veronica, Jim, and Mary was formed to investigate.

Rhonda Marker and Harriet DeCeunynck were in attendance to present their recommendations for cataloging monographs in digital format. RUL has well-established policies and procedures for cataloging e- journals. E-monographs present a set of different questions that need to be addressed by CDC. For example, e-monographs can be less stable than e-journals, and there is a wider range of information about the availability of e-monographs.

We agreed with all of the recommendations in the report, highlighted as follows:

Systems report: Ann distributed use statistics for online resources, and also a report of NetLibrary turnaways. The most turnaways are for a reserve item, suggesting that this might be a useful format for reserve materials and that multiple copies could be considered. Ann reported that ELF PC's are being installed. Documents and images have been sent to Luna for testing. Luna staff will be at RUL in early June to assist with implementation.

Acquisitions report: Mary reported that there is a five-week backlog in ordering. Extra staff have been added to the ordering detail. PSC and Access Services agreed to accept Blackwells spine labels for pre- processed materials. We will begin pre-processing for firm orders this summer, starting with one or two collections at a time until we are confident in the quality of the service. The chronic problem of overspent funds preventing previously ordered items from being received is again inhibiting the Acq workflow. We find ourselves emailing and calling selectors to arrange for the transfer of minimal amounts. This issue must be addressed in next year's allocation process; one option might be to consolidate funds with allocations under a certain dollar figure. The report prepared by the Electronic Resources Integration Task Force for PSC was distributed. Journal WebCite was recommended as the resource we should acquire to assist with e-journal management.

WAC: WAC is contacting individual selectors regarding the development of research guides, which will aid CDC in meeting its goal of providing research guides for all disciplines. Thus far, few selectors have volunteered for those disciplines that are without research guides. A "how-to-do-it" program is being planned for May 31.

Ranking of databases for cancellation consideration: Connie presented the findings of the Science Resources Team. They recommend keeping just the primary resource in each discipline, and a list of candidates for cancellation was distributed with the report. Other recommendations include switching selected low-use resources such as JCR to CD-ROM format and eliminating low-use RLIN databases. Other suggestions from CDC were to consider cancelling titles that are available through VALE and cancelling print subscriptions when this action would not affect online access.

Ryan presented the recommendations from the Social Sciences Resources Team. They include the ARL Directory of Scholarly Listservs, CountryWatch, Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, and NJG Policy Central.

Tom reported that the Humanities Resources Team continues its ranking process. One item for consideration is the cancellation of the print versions of titles included in the Gale Literature Resource Center. He also asked if Academic Universe should be transferred to the Social Sciences Team.

Budget figures are needed before a final decision can be made on any of these titles. No action will be taken without specific direction from the team leaders.

Last copy policy and the Douglass weeding project: Douglass withdrawals need to be reviewed for relocation. Last copies not selected for Camden or Newark must go to the Annex. Items that fall into one of the designated categories for withdrawal are excepted. Last copies that are being withdrawn must go to DBM/TAS to be removed from the system.

Liaison relationships: Tom reported that his survey of the History department resulted in a low response rate. This topic will be discussed again next month.

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