Minutes of July 18, 2002 Meeting

Ron Becker, Jeanne Boyle, Howard Dess, Tom Glynn, Ann Montanaro, Jim Nettleman, Mary Page, Robert Sewell (Chair), Ryan Womack, and Connie Wu (recorder)
Special Guest:
Ruth Bogan

AUL Report – Bob Sewell

Tom Glynn will continue to represent CDC at Coordinating Committee.

Glynn and Wu distributed the Final Report of RUL's Working Group on Liaison Relationships. The report was accepted by CDC. Sewell will post the report on the CDC's web page under Committees and Task Forces.

Report on Scholarly Communications Steering Committee Activities – Howard Dess and Bob Sewell Dess distributed the Final Report of Scholarly Communications Steering Committee.

The committee was formed for the purpose of "…leading a university-wide discussion of the changing nature of scholarly communications and its ramifications for the teaching and research faculty at Rutgers and beyond…" The activities included a variety of fact finding meetings with faculty and a university-wide symposium. The symposium was a huge success.

Systems Update

Ann Montanaro Montanaro distributed Use Statistics for Online resources and netLibrary. Beginning August 14th, the Unicorn will be down for re-indexing for 10 days. IRIS will be available in read-only format during this time.

Acquisitions Update

Mary Page There is no backlog in ordering.

RECON Planning

Ruth Bogan, Special Guest Bogan presented an overview on Retrospective Conversion at RUL.

There are three digital conversion options (see the handouts)

The plans for 2202/2003 are: restructuring Douglass Recon based on History/Annex model and examining workflow.

Members of CDC felt that Alex Library needs most attention for Recon. To help set priorities for further recon projects, several call no. ranges were suggested: B,D,E,F, P. Ruth all measure the shelve list in these ranages, so we can understand the size of the possble projects.

2003 Collections Budget and Allocations Plan – Bob Sewell Sewell distributed a working collections budget for FY02/03.

The planned carryover funds from FY2002 is completed and preliminary allocations for the FY2003 state collections budget have been entered into Workflow. The total state allocation that we know of at this time is $7,332,358 with $310,284 non-fixed state allocation. We must find ways to increase the non-fixed fund to approximately $600,000 .

The options that were discussed at the meeting includes: (1) cancellation of duplicate print journals prepared by Dess ($98,000); (2) cancellation of ABI/Inform titles prepared by Womack ($26,000); (3) cancellation of Project Muse titles prepared by Glynn ($12,000); (4) cancellation of Life Science Collection database prepared by Wu ($17,000); cancellation of Gale titles ($22,000); (5) cancellation of JCR database ($10,000); (6) cancellation of Newspaper titles ($8,300) (7) switch INSPEC from Ovid to Axiom ($4,400); (8) switch Environ. And Pullotion database from Ovid to CSA and cancel print abstracts ($8,500).

However, even if we cancel all above mentioned titles, we still face $200,000 shortage. NERL is negotiate with Science Direct to reduce the cost for the next year.

The deadline for cancellation notices to the vendors is the beginning of Sept. We have to send out cancellation lists by then.

Duplicate Serials Cancellation Project

Howard Dess and Mary Page Dess distributed a revised list of duplicate print journals whose cancellation will not jeopardize online full-text access. This latest list excludes several titles that could not be cancelled because of online restrictions. But it has also been expanded to include additional titles that have not yet been vetted by Page. The total saving is $98,000.


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