Minutes of October 15, 2002 Meeting

Robert Sewell, conducting; Grace Agnew; Ka-Neng Au (for Ryan Womack); Ron Becker; Veronica Calderhead; Tom Glynn; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Kevin Mulcahy; Jim Nettleman (videoconference); Mary Page; Farideh Tehrani; Connie Wu.

AUL Report

Budget allocations have been made to campuses. Non-state funds from last year can be spent but the Foundation has not yet reported on funds for current year. A quasi-endowment (approximately $120,000) announced last year for American history has not yet been received. A $300,000 one-time award has been received from Reinvest in Rutgers and options for using the funds were discussed, including:

The Council recommended the priorities be recon with a preservation component, contingency, and ejournal back files. A working group was formed to review issues related to recon and preservation in LC classification F, New Jersey documents, and New Jerseyana. The proposed members are Ruth Bogan, Bonita Grant, Farideh Tehrani, and Mary Fetzer. It was recommended that they also consider digitization of some of the materials.

New Jersey is floating more bonds for capital projects and an Annex addition possibly including a digital preservation lab is being considered as a project.

Mary and Bob met with the Elsevier representative to review contract options. Some NERL members are now making individual contracts with Elsevier. No decision has yet been made between two options but Option I (access to same titles we have now including the access to titles subscribed to by other NERL members) would mean about a 8% overall increase this year and 7% in the next two years. Option II (E-choice) would give us access to only the titles we previously subscribed to in print. We are also considering only taking a one-year contract (Option I) and renegotiate for 2004 contract with better terms.

A scholarly communication event focusing on social sciences is scheduled for November 19 at 4:00 p.m. in the SCC. Economist Manfredi La Manna will discuss digital journal publishing, peer review and competition in the scholarly market place.

Grace reported on a conference she will be attending sponsored by the President of Penn State and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting on Public Service for the Future. The attendees include representatives from universities, libraries, museums, and broadcasting and they will be discussing building next generation web services.

The NSF recently awarded $900,000 for the Moving Image Gateway designed by Grace. A database programmer is being hired for the project who will be a permanent addition to the Systems Department.

Ron announced the receipt of a General Operating Support grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission that will be used for cataloging Rutgers University monographs and serials and upgrading the preservation lab.

Acquisitions Update

Orders are being received and processed. (So far, now blacklog.) A test is underway with 3 selectors. Their initials are added to their new orders and they receive copies when the orders are processed.

The serials cancellation project is nearly complete.

The Netlibrary updates are complete with 158 new titles in computer science and technology and 90 titles removed. The records will soon be updated in IRIS.

Orders for non-state funds created prior to 2001 have been cancelled. Reorders must be placed is the item is still needed.

Systems Update

The database use statistics were distributed. The E-journal Use Working Group has met and begun reviewing title use within four packages.

Evaluation Questions for Collection Development Librarianship.

The Council reviewed and modified the following questions:

  1. What has the selector done to improve access to the collections, such as developing and updating subject guides and finding aids?
  2. What has the selector done to improve the quality of the liaison relations with the constituencies s/he serves?
  3. How has the selector worked with donors to improve collections through accepting gifts of books?
  4. How has the selector been involved with the budget process, budget allocations, etc. to improve his/her understanding of the process and to plan for maximum utilization of funds?
  5. How has the selector been involved in evaluating electronic resources and advancing sound recommendations for new resources or cancellations?
  6. How has the selector been engaged in fostering cooperative collection development within RUL and with other relevant libraries?
  7. How active has the selector been engaged in collection management, including cooperative collection development, evaluation, and weeding?

Proposal to catalog documents

Tom presented a request from Mary Fetzer and Ellen Calhoun to catalog New Jersey, federal, and international documents. The previously named working group will evaluate the proposal and incorporate it into their work.

Proposal to acquire CRL cataloging

Tom submitted a proposal to consider acquiring CRL catalog records to be added to IRIS. A joint committee from Public Services Council and Collection Development will be asked to study the feasibility and impact of the proposal.

A number of catalog record sets for materials held in the libraries are available from OCLC. Selectors should review the list of uncataloged microform sets and send priorities for cataloging to Rhonda Marker. The attached list was from a 1991 report and includes the available cataloging and prices as of that date.

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