Minutes of December 19, 2002 Meeting

Montanaro, Dess, Womack, Boyle, Becker, Calderhead, Glynn, Tehrani, Nettleman (recorder), Page, Sewell, Niessen (guest)

1. Jim Niessen and Jeanne Boyle presented a report from the RLG/OCLC Reference and ILL Working Group. You can read the report under: staff resources--public services--committees and task forces.

Among points made were:

The working group will discuss with E-resource team leaders the composition and specific charge to a CDC subcommittee to further study collection ramifications.

2. AUL Report

A. Budget issues Continuing to look at costs re. UMDNJ/NJIT merger issues. Internally, SIRSI encumbrances are still problematic. Proposal for state funded STM (Science, Technology and Medical) databases was distributed. Comparisons with other states' initiatives were especially interesting. Next year's University asking budget contains a request for $1.75 million (non-salary) additional dollars for the libraries under the heading "Enhancing Academic Quality".

B. Science Direct-The negotiations with Elsevier (AKA The Monster) have been completed. We settled for a one year NERL contract with a 5.8% increase. Given that this year's subscription was nearly one million dollars, this is a substantial increase. Negotiations will begin practically at once for the next contract and, we're still determined to break Elsevier's hold on us.

C. Binding RFP has been completed and will be sent to Purchasing along with a list of six potential sources.

D. Recon Ruth Bogan's report was sent to RUL_EVERYONE.

3. Acquisitions - Mary reported that the backlog for plain vanilla type orders is about two weeks. Foreign orders, of course are farther behind. The annually expected flood of end-of-the-year orders may change this situation.

4. Systems- Ann distributed the usual use statistics for e-resources. Nearly all public ELF machines have been installed.

5. Vendor Statistics Working Group Howard reported that the group met with representatives of Elsevier to try to understand the complex statistical reporting system for Science Direct. Impression was that clearly something is lost in the translation from the Dutch masterminds who designed the system to the American representatives trying to understand and explain it! The problem of the lack of standards and the variation between vendors in statistical capabilities/reporting will continue to be a primary focus for the group.

6. E-Resources Bob announced that he's set aside $150,000 for new e-resource initiatives. Of course in a time of budgetary uncertainty, preference will be given to those items which are either one-time (or virtually one-time, with a small annual fee following a larger up-front cost) or which can produce savings from cancellations closely equivalent to the cost of the new resource. He agreed to send this information to RUL_EVERYONE with a request for proposals by January 20.

CDC approved the acquisition of JSTOR Arts and Sciences II and the NewsBank New Jersey Newspaper Collection plus the Philadelphia Inquirer. Kevin will notify Mary of the cancellations factored into this new acquisition.

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