Minutes of March 20, 2003 Meeting

Ron Becker, Jeanne Boyle, Veronica Calderhead, Howard Dess, Mary Fetzer, Judy Gardner (guest), Tom Glynn (recorder), Ann Montanaro, Jim Nettlemean, Bob Sewell (chair)

AUL Report - Bob Sewell

ABI/Info- They've now added the Wall Street Journal, 1985-present

VALE's executive committee is encouraging its electronic resources committee to begin evaluating new databases. At present the committee will be looking at:

EBSCO Business Source- at this point it appears unlikely that we would drop ABI.

LION- From ProQuest/Chadwck-Healy, a fulltext source for poetry, drama, prose, and criticism.

In the future the committee may look at Wilson , CountryWatch, IEEE, Wiley Interscience, and others. Even if we already subscribe to the database, we can often negotiate a better price through VALE.

Mary Page will replace Bob on the electronic resources committee. It is good for selectors and reference librarians to be aware of what is going on with VALE. Bob recommended RUL librarians to sign up on the VALE listserv: http://corrado.rider.edu/archives/vale.html and to look at the VALE website at the bottom of the RUL Webpage.

Jeanne and Bob have prepared draft charge for Marianne for a RUL Networked Electronic Resources Review Task Force. Marianne will be inviting people to serve on the Task Force. The task force was one of the recommendations of the RLG/OCLC Reference and Interlibrary Loan Working Group's final report last November. (RLG.OCLC Report is available on Staff Resources/Public Services/RLG/OCLC Reference and Interlibrary Loan Working Group/reports.) The Task Force is charged with examining current platforms for our databases, such as OVID and SilverPlatter, and see if we want to retain them or to consolidate our database platforms by moving more to OVID or moving as much as possible onto OCLC's FirstSearch. The TF will also look into what functionalities are available in the databases and determine what best serve RUL needs.

Ann and Howard have been pulling together and analyzing Science Direct user data for 2002. Science Direct operates on the theory. About ten percent of the titles account for seventy percent of the usage. With the budget problems we are anticipating next year, we are looking at a significant reduction in our payment to Science/Direct. How we cut back will be based on the user data. This effort is part of the CDC's Working Group on Usage of Journals in E-Journal Packages. The other members of the working group are Veronica, and Ryan.

Missing Books - Judy Gardner

Access Services is looking at procedures for reporting books. This is an important public service and is critical to, among other things, RDS and our participation in PALCI. Reference librarians should be directly involved in this. They should work with a patron to make sure she is looking in the right place, even going up to the stacks to check, if possible. Once its determined that a book is indeed missing, the patron should go to the circulation desk to have it declared missing. Then the reference librarian should discuss alternatives with the patron. In particular, PALCI will not block loans of books that IRIS shows as missing, and it's usually faster than an interlibrary loan. (*PALCI will also not block requests for books we own, but are checked out. Judy pointed out that PALCI is usually much faster than recalling a book and encouraged us to encourage patrons to use it.*)

Access Services is also working on "Guidelines for Reporting Books Missing," copies of which Judy circulated to the Council. Judy would like to hear input from selectors regarding when reports of missing books should be generated, what those reports should include, and how they should be made accessible.

Systems Update - Ann Montanaro

Ann reported that the OCLC reclamation project should be complete by April 21. She also handed out statistics for database use and NetLibrary accesses.

Acquisitions Update - Mary Page

The oldest orders waiting to be processed are dated March 3. This includes foreign orders. The deadline of March 17 for orders to be processed by the end of the fiscal year naturally resulted in a flood and there are now about 1,300 orders in the queue.

In addition, Mary reported:

She is trying to arrange for a Blackwell's rep to meet with individual selectors to discuss their approval plan profiles. Selectors should contact Kevin, Mary, or Howard if they'd like to make an appointment. Bob stressed the importance of having updated profiles.

The default price for an order that comes to acquisitions with no price is fifty dollars. Sometimes this can result in an unnecessarily overencumbered fund. To avoid this problem, selectors can make a reasonable estimate of how much an order might cost.

We are being courted by Barnes & Noble. If we can iron out a few problems, using them for ordering patron requests generated from the current imprint ILL procedure and certain other rush orders, could be a sweetheart deal. We get twenty percent off, plus free shipping, and they're very fast.

The IP address changes from RUCS a while back are continuing to cause problems. We've been in touch with all of our database vendors to resolve them. The remaining problems are just within a small numbers of IP ranges and with a small number of vendors, those which are host sites for publishers, such as HighWire press. If a user has a complaint that seems to be related to this, he or she should be directed to Ask-a-Librarian.

E-Books and further one-time purchases - All

There was an extensive discussion of e-books, prompted by the Shared E-book Collection offered by PALINET and NETLibrary. Since we have most of the titles in question, we declined to participate.

Bob reported that we cannot prepay the approval plan for next year. This means that we still have monies to spend this fiscal year. The figure of $150,000 that we had discussed earlier is now down to $80,000. A spirited appraisal of our options ensued. The main points and decisions were as follows.

ProQuest is offering the option of purchasing a perpetual license to Historical Newspapers: The New York Times. The new arrangement would still include an annual subscription fee. Mary and Bob will do the math on this and choose whichever option is cheapest for us.

PsychArticles offers fulltext of articles and book chapters from APA chapters. It costs $24,500 per year. Laura Mullens has determined that canceling our multiple subscriptions to the journals will nearly cover that cost and it may be possible to negotiate an even lower price. The Council decided to subscribe. These full text will be cataloged and available through links in PsycINFO.

Readex is offering a special deal on Evans Bibliography to NERL libraries. This includes the fulltext of all the titles in Early American Imprints, Series I, (1639-1800), essentially all of the titles published by American presses during that period. The initial offer was $64,750 for perpetual access, but additional charges have been set for multi-campus institutions. The Council decided in principle that we would like to buy this, and Bob will look at our remaining monies to see if it's feasible. (This resource and cataloging records for it have since been ordered using both state and non-state funds.)

Thus end the minutes.

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