Minutes of July 17, 2003 Meeting

Page, Dess, Nettleman (recorder), Sewell, Boyle, Denda, Glynn, Calderhead, Montanaro, Mardikian

AUL Report

1. Bob welcomed Kayo and Jackie as new members for this FY

2. A brown-bag for selectors regarding e-resource technical considerations (browser requirements, helper applications, etc.) is being discussed. There was agreement that such a session was needed, and that Systems and Acquisitions should be fully involved. Jean recommended that Marilyn Wilt be included in the planning. (It was mentioned during this discussion that Factiva is not Open-URL compliant.)

3. The latest issue of the Journal of the Rutgers University Libraries (a special issue on "The Book as Art, Literature and History") was recently announced on the RUL web site and a copy was passed around.

4. A final decision on a binding contract is imminent following a thorough and highly useful process of evaluation based on responses to the original RFP.


1. Mary passed around sample spine labels from Yankee's pre-processed books program, which will be utilized beginning with a sample of firm orders from a single library during the fall semester. CDC agreed that the labels were satisfactory, and access service staff will also be solicited for their opinion. Pre-processing will include spine labels, bar codes, tattle tape strips and stamping. This project will be done in conjunction with OCLC "prompt-cat" for which training is anticipated in August.

2. Mary expressed the view that we should revisit the issue of approval vendors, with an eye to make a change if decide upon for FY 2005.

3. Ingenta for document delivery and user profiles works well. However, Ingenta Select as a platform for the content of e-journals from numerous publishers has been problematic; with changing URL's, mirrored servers which seemingly aren't, and inadequate technical support. Mary recommended, and CDC concurred, that we would only include links to Ingenta when absolutely necessary until these issues have been resolved.

4. Net Library needs refreshing.

5. There may be inadequate voucher funds for student workers this FY.


1. Open URL Working Group decided to test Ebsco=s Link Source software.

2. SIRSI rollover went smoothly and faster than projected. SIRSI will be down beginning after the last Summer session exam for the index rebuild. If the new server is in place and ready this may take less time than in prior years. LinkPlus (binding software developed in partnership with SIRSI) is almost ready to be introduced.

3. Ann reported that DAWG has been looking at criteria for vetting digital projects, and the use of FEDORA, U. of Virginia's Open Source Digital Repository Management System.

2003 Budget Wrap-up

Bob distributed documents for total expenditures and for each major unit. There was concern for the continuing need to clean up encumbrances, including those for firm orders. Encumbrances remained for too long into the fiscal last year, and we should try to pay our major serial invoices (Swets/Blackwell, EBSCO, Harrasowitz and Everett) before October 1.

2004 Budget Scenarios

Bob distributed additional documentation. We were able to reduce 2004 expenditures from Central funds by %250,000 through some membership prepayments and early payment for substantial discounting of "PCI Full text", "New York Times Historical", and "Evans American Periodicals".

Preliminary state fund allocations have been made for approvals ($60,000), ILL and Document Delivery at 50% of last fiscal ($52,000), REMX ($13,000) and thesis binding ($5,000). There is nearly $160,000 in firm order carry-over and over $6,000,000 in fixed cost encumbrances. All this results in a negative current free balance of over $200,000. Non-state funds carried from FY 2003 (including allocation of $25,000 from the Van Wagoner bequest) show a positive balance of $96,000 after adjusting for a fixed cost encumbrance of $333,000.

We were able to carry $600,000 from FY 02 to FY 03. This money will not be available in FY04. A reduction in our base of $200,000 is the target from Cabinet as the collections share of the total RUL reduction. (The balance will come from personnel line adjustment, as well as a small amount from below-the-line funds.) We anticipate receiving during the fall term some additional one-time money under a new program, but this is likely to be less than the $600,000 AReinvest in Rutgers@ we received in FY03.

All this leads to a number of scenarios for our FY04 materials budget ranging from a best case of an 8% shortfall to a nearly 21% shortfall when fixed cost inflation is included.

After lengthy and intense discussion during which many suggestions were explored, it was decided that Bob would send a message to CDC members with campus targets for reductions as well as the range of possibilities for reduction between fixed and non-fixed costs. He will also prepare a less detailed description of our budgetary plight and what sorts of actions are necessitated which selectors can share with faculty in the various colleges and departments. Bob also agreed to convene the heads of the four e-resource committees to explore reductions in central electronic commitments.

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