Minutes of August 21, 2003 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Jeanne Boyle, Veronica Calderhead, Tom Glynn, Bonita Grant, Ann Montanaro, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Jim Nettleman, and Robert Sewell.
Ruth Bogan
Grace Agnew

1. Retrospective Conversion Update and Recommendation. Ruth Bogan.

Ruth reported a 200% increase in retrospective conversion in the past year. However, if current procedures are followed, the Alexander Library retrospective conversion will require six years. She would like to streamline the process and complete retrospective conversion in 2-3 years. Ruth proposed no longer checking the shelflist card against the shelf to insure the book is available in order to save time. Kevin Mulcahy asked what percentage of books are missing. Ruth replied that a sampling indicates a missing rate of 10%. Kevin asked if missing books will be identified through a follow-up inventory. Ruth replied that this is the plan. Standard Access Services procedures for missing books will immediately apply however.

Decision: CDC unanimously supported the new proposed retrospective conversion procedure.

2. AUL s Report. Robert Sewell

A. Budget

Bob reported that we have a working budget that shows a budget reduction of 1.98% of last year s base budget, so the calculations CDC has been using to recommend cuts are correct. Bob provided a report that tracked funding and spending from 1990-2003. Our base increased by 6.7%. Our ARL ranking in materials (i.e., collections) budget dropped from 9 to 34. Our total collections expenditures increased by 21.5% The increase in non-state fund spending increased 231.6%. This report will be provided to Dr. Furmanski. Bob discussed other potential funding avenues for collections, including ICR (indirect costs charged by RU to granting agencies) targeted for collections.

B. Rutgers restructuring. Jeanne Boyle, Grace Agnew and Jim Nettleman

Numerous committees have been established to examine different aspects of the proposed research university restructuring and make recommendations for accomplishing this massive undertaking. Marianne Gaunt and Robert Altenkirch, President of the New Jersey Institute of Technology are co-chairing the Libraries/IT Committee, to examine needs for library and IT services in the restructured university system. They established four working groups, with representation from RUL on each:

South - Gary Golden and Jim Nettleman
Central - Jeanne Boyle
North - Lynn Mullins
Systemwide - Grace Agnew

Jeanne noted that Rutgers New Brunswick is represented by three participants Jeanne Boyle, Bernice Ginder and Chuck Hedrick, who also served as working group convener. UMDNJ was represented by Frank Sonnenberg from Medical Informatics and Carrie Wouk from the UMDNJ libraries. The committee is identifying and compiling a list of assets, a vision statement, a description of what is needed to bring the new central university to the top tier in libraries and IT, as well as examining intergroup relationships and the differentiated mission of the central university. A critical issue is maintenance of the clinical medical software in use across UMDNJ. With regard to the top tier issue, Jeanne noted that our current ARL ranking is 27th and that the New Brunswick Libraries alone would be between 50th-60th. (It would have been 59th in 2002).

Jim reported that the South group met the previous day. He noted that the issues for the South are somewhat different. For example, there is a certain lack of synergy between the osteopathic program in Camden, which is heavily practice oriented vs. the research orientation of UMDNJ in Newark and New Brunswick. He noted that the South working group broke into two groups to examine the issues, and that the Camden Law Library was being included in their asset count.

Grace noted that the Systemwide working group is supposed to focus on high-level integration needs across the three campuses. Her working group has not met.

The report from each working group should be 3-5 pages in length and is due September 10.

C. Digital Collection Development and Management Criteria. Robert Sewell

Bob distributed a draft criteria list for selecting digital collections for development that require RUL resources. It was felt by the attendees that the digital rights issues needed further development.

Action item: Robert Sewell and Jeanne Boyle will revise the rights criteria.

3. Cancellation recommendations.

Cancellation recommendations were based on the principle of honoring full-text over abstracting and indexing only services. Also, each group attempted to provide core coverage across the disciplines within each broad subject area.

Science and Technology. Jackie Mardikian noted that they have done the best they can in recommending cuts to electronic resources but cannot meet their target. Beilstein is and Web of Science are on the cancellation list. Marianne Gaunt has mandated that the W of subscription continue through September in order to provide returning faculty with a transition period, particularly those who may have included Web of Science in their course syllabi, etc. Questions were asked about multiple databases in a single discipline, such as Biosis and Bio One and Engineering Index and Compendex. Jackie responded that when duplicates occur, there is a different focus and little or no overlap across the resources.

Decision: Science may elect to shift the balance to cuts in paper subscriptions or books but Science must meet its cancellation target.

Social Sciences. The question was raised that most disciplines reduced their electronic resources to one per discipline but the Social Sciences are including more than one business resource. The business selectors will be consulted about this issue since no business selectors were available to justify the decisions.

Arts and Humanities. In addition to the subject group s recommendations, other possible cancellations were discussed, including the AMICO database, which would be difficult politically since Luna was largely purchased to support access to the AMICO database, and the Art History Department contributed substantially to the Luna software purchase.

General. NetLibrary was also discussed and recommended for cancellation, but Ann Montanaro raised the caveat that some titles have been purchased by other departments. The software to view those titles might not be available if the contract is cancelled. Ann also noted that computer manuals are very popular and are purchased in no other form because they are so ephemeral. Other titles discussed for cancellation included the Oxford English Dictionary, which is heavily used in all libraries but also available in all branches in print form. The online OED is updated annually so some content would be lost. Academic Universe was also discussed since RUL doesn t support a law school, but the database is heavily used by Political Science and is a key newspaper database.

The question was asked about whether subscription period is readily available for each database, to aid in decision-making. Ann stated this information is available in the order record and that she would work on generating a SIRSI report providing this information.

Further discussion centered on mitigating the information access issues that arise from cancellations, including more reliance on Dialog searching, reliance on existing paper subscriptions and increased document delivery across campuses and Interlibrary loans from other universities.

[Since the CDC meeting, the RUL Cabinet has had a discussion with Dr. Furmansky about the adverse educational impact of the cancellations. Cancellations have been suspended for the time being, but when and if they occur, will be advertised expeditiously to users via the libraries website.]

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