Minutes of September 18, 2003 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Ron Becker (recorder), Jeanne Boyle, Veronica Calderhead, Howard Dess, Kayo Denda, Tom Glynn, Jackie Mardikian, Ann Montanaro, Kevin Mulcahy, Jim Nettleman, Mary Page, and Robert Sewell (Chair)

Associate University Librarian report: Robert Sewell reported that we don't yet have final word on the FY04 budget, but that once this information is available it will be shared. We may have a special dedicated meeting to discuss it further. [Since the meeting the VP for Academic Affairs has given the Libraries $750,000 in temporary funds to eliminate the need for extensive cancellations of databases and journals. The University Librarian has also contributed $250,000 for the collections budget this year.) A new descriptive brochure from The Center for Research Libraries was distributed. The brochure explains the Center's resources for advanced research and teaching.

The binding committee's report has been completed and now resides on the collection development page on our website. Library Binding Company of Pennsylvania is the successful bidder to assume responsibility for all of RUL's binding needs. A rigorous RFP process through Rutgers Procurement Services was used. The approval plan task force will use the same process.

Acquisitions update: Mary Page distributed the NERL options for Science Direct. RUL's options included commitments for 1 year or multiple years up to 5. After a discussion, it was resolved to continue to acquire Science Direct and to pursue the 5 year commitment which guarantees a greatly reduced annual inflation factor (called price protection by Elsevier) among some other more favorable provisions.

The freeze on the use of non-State funds will continue awhile longer.

The University is committed to the use of all funds budgeting, a system where all sources of income and all sources of revenue are viewed together in a single system. We will be learning much more about this in the near future.

Systems update: Ann Montanaro distributed database use statistics for July/August 2003.

Restructuring (merger/separation) activities: Robert Sewell reported that Grace Agnew, Jeanne Boyle, and Jim Nettleman have been intensely involved in the information gathering process. Reports have been compiled for the entire system and for the Newark (North), New Brunswick (Central), and Camden (South) campuses. The overall vision appears to include three semi-autonomous universities. However, all have proposed that the Libraries continue to operate as a single system. The North report suggested a federated system. The final report containing values and principles is now being compiled.

Cancellation reports from science, social science, arts & humanities, and generalist teams: Robert Sewell distributed the online resources proposed cancellations list as revised on September 17, 2003. We are working on print titles as well. [VP for Academic Affairs funding precluded the need for extensive cancellations.]

Goals setting: Robert Sewell distributed a draft document for discussion. The document details six goals for 2003/04. Generally speaking, these are:

To establish a new allocation process in accordance with University's new budgeting procedures.

To improve financial management of collections budget.

To improve liaison relationships and general communications with users about collections.

To expand and improve collection development and management policy documentation.

To improve workflow between selectors and acquisition department.

To continue to support the Digital Library Initiative (DLI).

A lively discussion resulted in adding some additional sub-activities within each goal. For example, under the first goal, it was resolved to revisit and perhaps revise the timetable for allocation of expenditures to keep it flexible but firm; and to revisit the large number of fund codes with the goal of cutting that number. Under the second goal, it was resolved to work on strategies for outside fundraising to increase the base budget. Under the third goal (liaison relationships and communications), it was resolved to develop user survey information to increase our understanding of user patterns and needs.

A seventh goal to pursue the preservation plan and continue strides towards a system-wide program was added. The preservation taskforce could be reconstituted to look at minimal care and standards across formats, determine what a system-wide facility would look and operate, and develop a timeline and funding priorities for each step in a five year plan.

(see attachment for the formal CDC goals statement)

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Becker

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