Minutes of October 30, 2003 Meeting

1. Judy Gardner presented updates on following: Current Imprint Project, Ingenta, Palci E-Z Borrow.

Current imprint program: Over 200 books purchased via Current Imprint Project in 2003; total cost was $10,500. Criteria for converting current imprint title ILL requests to purchase are: no greater than $100, no textbooks, and appropriate to a research-level collection. CDC members reviewed the list and determine for the vast majority the titles were important research-level material that had been screened on each campus by an appropriate person. It is almost impossible to borrow current imprints from other libraries so this is an important service. Ingenta (for document delivery): Ingenta is not showing increased use. It is being used by a stable (albeit small) group of users. PALCI, E-Z Borrow. Proving to be a huge success. Although RUL is showing a net borrowing, we are not outside the normal range of use given our time in the program. There are no price/unit data available yet. There are faculty-on-site reciprocal borrowing privileges underway. Discussion of journal article request service via PALCI also underway. Missing Books. Judy distributed report for missing books. (Also available online at Libalex\Vol 1- Common Missing Book Reports [Gardner], The title reports are listed by unit -Word files- and a statistical summary table is also give in an Excel file.) There was a discussion on format and frequency of the report. This discussion was followed by suggestions on how to use the RPLX fund to replace these books; which titles and distribution amongst the units were discussed. Criteria mentioned were last copy, circulation statistics, publication date. Judy will generate a new lists of missing books three times a year on the following schedule as agreed at the meeting: December, May, September. In July, there will be a cumulative list for the previous year.

2. AUL Report

Triveni Kuchi (Kilmer) will be attending CDC in Spring '04 for Kayo Dendo who will be on sabbatical leave

CDC members were reminded to register for the VALE Electronic Resources Usage Statistics workshop.

RGS summarized the proposals submitted by RUL for the Academic Excellence Funds (formerly SROA). RUL submitted proposals in spite of the early deadline (Nov. 15):

-Grid Computing: Collaboration with Philosophy Department; Improving Access to Library Resources in British and Medieval History and to Advance the Libraries' Preservation Program; Digitization of the Institute of Jazz Studies Photograph Collection.

Electronic Resources: All state allocations must be submitted before RGS can determine what is available for new e-resources.

3. Acquisitions Update

State allocations not yet completed.

Selectors interested in receiving email notification of firm orders must ask Mary Page to set up procedure.

Approval Plan Task Force. The task force has met once and will arrange for presentations from companies in early January.

4. Database Cancellations Process

Members of the Public Service Council (Sara Harrington and Natalie Borisovets) drafted a template for procedures announcing database cancellation, as well as offering alternative resources.

5. Surcharges how to handle e-journals that used to be free with subscription to print

Mary Page announced that certain print journal renewal forms are accompanied by an announcement of print surcharge. If it is more expensive to have print in addition to the electronic (the electronic version is RUL default), then any additional charges must come from the selector's own fund

6. Data Gathering to Update DLI and 2005 Collection Budget Request.

Selectors/library liaison will be involved in gathering information for DLI and Collection Budget Request. A series of questions is being developed to frame discussion with departments.

Recorded by Veronica Calderhead

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