Minutes of December 18, 2003 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Ron Becker, Jeanne Boyle, Veronica Calderhead, Kayo Denda (recorder), Howard Dess, Tom Glynn, Jackie Mardikian, Ann Montanaro, Jim Nettleman, Mary Page, Bob Sewell (editor)

1. AUL Report

Restructuring aftermath:

Research Guides:

Collections Budget Request Proposal:

RU "All Funds" Approach:

The white paper "Funding Rutgers Libraries Collections: Needs and Challenges" was submitted by H. Dess on behalf of New Brunswick Collections Group.

Three Part Budget Request Strategy Outlined by B. Sewell:

Overall need for greater predictability and adequacy in collections budget. The new university administration recognizes these budgeting principles and goals.

  1. Increase to and stabilization of base budget. For most of the 1990's the base/permanent budget remained unchanged and beginning in FY 1999 there have been increases and decreases each year in the base budget. Since FY2000 the base budget has been supplemented annually with one-time/temporary funds ranging from $500,000-850,000 from the Office of the VP for Academic Affairs. The budget request will ask that an amount at least in this range be incorporated into the base. (Base budget should reflect the cost of support for ongoing programs serial subscriptions, memberships, monograph purchases, the approval plan, etc.)
  1. Agreement for annual percentage increase to base budget. Most academic libraries have agreements with universities for annual % increases to base budget to reflect inflation in library materials. There has not been such an agreement at RU.
  1. Requests Reflecting Special Needs. These requests will be for strengthen collections in specific fields to support new programs, new hires, areas target for excellence, and past gross inadequacies. These will require detailed justification. A recent example of these types of requests was the N.B. Department of History submitted to P. Furmanski targeted proposals for South Asia and African history collections to reflect new hires and new areas of academic strength in the department. RU Admin released an additional $3,000 for each of these areas. The university librarian matched the fund this year and will continue this support ($3,000.) for additional 4 years. (The N.B. FAS office has also agreed to contribute $9,000 for two years to help build up the South Asian collection.) The need for a South Asia Research Guide was mentioned.

(It was noted that The School of Social Work has contributed for the last 3-4 years $10,000-$20,000, annually, for collection.)

B. Sewell will appoint a CDC advisory committee to work on the budget request consisting of at least the campus collection development coordinators. He will also consult with campus directors. He will institute "mini-grant requests" for collection funding in which selectors will submit targeted proposals that can be used in the budget proposal as well as to inform campus fund code allocations.

RUL will work with university administration to get much early notification of annual collections budget allocation, hopefully in July.

Fund Code Task Force will be established to recommend improvements that will facilitate the allocation process, fund monitoring, and fund utilization.


Problems with over encumbrances and overspent funds:

* Over spent funds have not be a major problem since each campus has established "transfer funds" to cover over expenditures.

B. Sewell distributed an analysis of the encumbrance problems: foreign materials funds, funds of less than $1,000, periodicals, monographic series, publisher package funds. It was noted that while a number foreign materials funds had high encumbrances last year, one reached the encumbrance threshold to cut off ordering and receiving. Funds with allocations $1,000 or less were problematic. Various issues related to periodicals (subscriptions), mono series (recurring or standing orders), and publishers packages were noted. Further discussion will result in recommendations to address these issues.


K. Denda is leaving for sabbatical for the spring 2004. Triveni Kuchi will replace her during this period.

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